I'm a newbie!!

  • Hello everybody!!

    I'm a newbie here!! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 19 years old, I've been doing WW since January 16th of this year. So far I've lost almost 35 pounds. Hopefully at my weigh in tonight I'll hit that mark, but I'm not sure.

    Anyways, my first question for this board is this: In the newsletter a few weeks ago there was a link to a website featuring the truth about nutritional foods. I think it was called Food Porn or something like that? I deleted the newsletter from my inbox without saving the URL. I was hoping somebody could help me with this? Thanks!

    I look forward to meeting you all!!
  • KissMeImIrish,
    Welcome to the boards, we are glad to have you. Glad to hear that you are doing so well with the program! So, did you hit that mark last night?

    Sorry, don't know anything about the Food Porn URL.

    Again, Welcome!

  • Hi and welcome! Just wanted to say what a fabulous job you've done so far in your weight loss journey!

    I don't know anything about that website and sure wouldn't want to do a search on it either!!!
  • Hello from Wisconsin. Welcome to a wonderful bunch of people who are soooooo supportive. I would be lost without this site and the fabulous people who come here to visit. You are on your way and hope to hear more from you, Patti
  • Hi and welcome,
    Unfortunately I don't know either, but I have an idea. www.ediets.com allows you to log in as a guest. They have a continuing series of foods that are unbelievably loaded with fats, sugars, etc. Maybe you'd like to try that site?
    Good luck and continued success.