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GOOD MORNING Countdowners

It is going to be another hot one in the neighborhood today. It isn't even 9 am yet and it is 70 degrees with 80% humidiity ~ and it isn't even summer! Go figure.

GERI it is a wonderful feeling being in control. I congratulate you for planning ahead before you at Mexican. That is the key here to our weigh loss is planning and being prepared. At least it is for me. I have been in control this week and am loving the feeling it gives me. Seems like everything is falling into it's proper place. I got an e-mail from my WW leader this morning and she said what I am trying is a good thing for me. Somehow it is nice to have her stamp of approval. And remember if you read Dottie's letter she started at 25 points because that was where she was going to end up so "got used to it." Hummm.....

Everyone have a nice OP day and drink up that water!

Maggie sipin' ice water in Tennessee
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Ok guys, got real long. I'm starting a new thread. Don't post here. Go to 'Countdown to 250....June 15 And Beyond!
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Good Friday evening ladies, the rains came last night and cooled things down a bit. Whew! That humidity, combined with the temps in the 90's, was getting pretty unbearable! I'm continuing to journal everything and drink lots of water. Last night, I didn't do so great with the points, but I know that it was still better than what I had been doing in the recent, off-program, past. So far, I'm on track for today and have plans to end the day within the range. Will be leaving in a few to eat dinner out so I'll keep the points in mind. Hooray, the weekend is finally here. We have plans to gather together on Sunday for a Fathers' Day dinner out at a restaurant. Dad likes one place that has a pretty large variety of meals so I know that I will be able to stay OP at the restaurant if I can keep my focue. Here's hoping that each of you lovely ladies has a wonderful OP weekend! Cindy

Maggie, I know what you mean about the non-summer heat and humidity! Hopefully, you will be getting some cooling rains before too long. Thank you my dear for such a kind welcome back. It does feel great to be back and "talking" with you again. I know better, this time around, than to think that I can instantly fall back into the program groove. The latter is proving a bit harder than I would like, but I know that I have made the first, most important step by coming back here. I will keep working at it AND improving my act. You have a great evening.

Geri, I'm so glad to hear that you had a fine time at the Mexican restaurant and are doing a fabulous job at staying OP. ^5 Geri. You are a great role model! Keep up the great work. Have a good one.

Terri, hope that you are having a good OP day. I know that you are super busy, busy, busy. You're doing so well OP. Keep up the great work.
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