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lalala 02-16-2001 07:35 AM

Oh my, the weekend is here again! :D

morningstar ham and cheese thing 5/5
citrus splash v8 1/6
1.5 just 2! pts bars 3/9

roasted beets 0/9
green beans 1/10
turkey meatloaf 4/14
chips(baked asian) 3/17

rice pudding 3/20

luna 4/24


exercise: snow fight :) and gym, if it
warms up

water: si, si

vitamin: si, si

snack: something during board (bored?)


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TonyaLyn 02-16-2001 07:51 PM

Good morning lala and everyone else!

I am so glad it is Friday!

bagel/rf pb (5)
coffee (0)

?? (I am leaving work at noon to go clean my house, may not have time to eat!!)


Exercise: Besides cleaning, that is it for today! Tomorrow I will be going to the gym.

Total= 18-20 pts.


Jamie 02-16-2001 09:37 PM

-1 c. Raisin Bran w/1/2 c. skim milk(3/3)
-1 small banana(2/5)
-1 c. skim milk(2/7)
-1 large slice pizza hut thin crust pepperoni pizza(6?/13)
-small salad w/ f.f croutons(1/14)
and 1 tbsp. parmesan(1.5/15.5)
-2 slices lite bread toasted w/ICBNB spray(1/16.5)
-2 slices lite bread toasted(1/17.5)
-1/2 c. egg substitute(1/18.5)

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saskie 02-16-2001 10:09 PM

Good morning, everyone!
Today I am saving 8 pts for the end of the day to spend on a sundae...i've never saved pts for anything like that, so i am not sure if i am excited or just wasting pts!! My goal is to not be so anal about things now that I am officially a LiftimeMember, though!
Lala- does Morning Star make lots of different products? I have only seen/tried the veggie burgers.

1c All Bran+ 1/2c skim milk (2/26)
baked apple (3/26)

salad w/ 2 TB dressing (4/26)
2 slices WW toast (5/26)
bowl soup (7/26)

low fat pudding (9/26)

stir fry (14/26)
boca burger (15/26)
2 WW bread (16/26)
1 slice skim chz (17/26)

small sundae!!!!! (26/26)

45 minutes weight training & abs
60 minutes moderate cardio

start 201/WW 148/present 140.8/personal goal 130-135

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Jamie 02-16-2001 11:07 PM

Saskie, :)
Just to let you know I've tried a few of the Morningstar Farms products and I really love them! I use their veggie crumbles all the time either with pasta or marina sauce, or in place of hamburger in a hamburger helper mix. My husband is a meat lover and even he likes this stuff! The chik nuggets are also really tasty. Sometimes I buy the Banquet or Tyson fat free chicken strips instead, and I think I actually prefer the taste of the MF Farms. The veggie breakfast sausages are really good too especially on a lite english muffin. They are all really filling because of the fiber in them. Hope that helps!
By the way, do you do all that cardio and weight training all in one day? If so, I'm really impressed!

saskie 02-17-2001 09:09 PM

Thanks for the info- I will definitely look for those products. Do you live in the U.S.? I am constantly hearing of these great products, only to never be able to find them since I am in Canada!! I will look though!
I only do that much cardio and weights about 1 or two times a week. I try to make up for the day or two a week I can't get to the gym because of conflict between its hours and my work hours! (Today I just went for a walk and will waitress 8 hrs, so no gym!)
Thanks again!

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