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derrydaughter 03-01-2005 07:43 AM

Let's KEEP supporting each other on our weight loss journey!
:lol: Hello everyone! We've had this ongoing thread for several months now and I keep re-starting it now and then. Helps us to get a few newcomers, and we like to help and support people. But, our old thread keeps getting too large and now and then I re-start it.
Our old thread is here: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/show...592#post787592 if anyone wants to catch up to us a bit.
Who are we? We are a few people who have become great friends through this wonderful web site. We have hleped each other through some really tough times, like deaths in family or friends, vacations, holidays and the like. We all know that we need to eat to live, but we shouldn't be living to eat! We all know that eating a chocolate bar isn't going to help make our problems leave us. We all know that we need to exercise, etc.
Our group talks about what is working, what is not working, we confess our "sins" and we chat. We don't mind a new person coming in and welcome you to join us and we will try our best to help you.
A few of us who have been posting are almost at goal and I do think that all of us who are here are cheering each other on and when one of us reaches goal, we will all feel as if it was not only this one person's success but ALL of our successes to some degree.
Oh yes, one more thing, we all have decided that it's kind of FUN to have some enjoyment along the way when you are losing weight. We have identified that we have "inner divas" within us who are the THIN persons who we need to listen to. Some of us have named our inner divas and playfully make references to how they have "won" or lost out. An inner diva is named after your childhood pet and the last name of the diva is the street you grew up on when you were a kid. So, hence my diva is named "Frisky High". So, if you see references to Frisky, it is my inner diva who is "speaking" to me!
It's good to have a bit of FUN with all of this!

derrydaughter 03-01-2005 07:51 AM

Yeah, Melanie is back. So sorry about your burn, Melanie. What a shame! I hope you'll be back to normal in no time. We all have our share of cooking disasters, for sure! One time, a soupy casserole slipping out of my hands and flipped upside down when I was taking it out of the oven! Not only did I get burned, but I even had to scrape some of it off the ceiling, believe it or not! Plus, dinner was ruined and it might have been a great meal!
Cold and snowy here in New England, we expect another food of snow by around mid-day here. A great day to stay indoors and get something done for a change.
Perhaps I shall be inspired to do a workout? Good idea! I was so sick with this cold/virus for awhile that I have gotten out of my good workout habits, getting sick does that and it's time to re-group and get back to my usual routines.
I have been pretty good with my eating recently and certainly my next weigh in will be a good one.
Sorry about your car issues, Dawny, glad you made it home, finally.

Emerald 03-01-2005 10:17 AM

Hello. Iím here. And, my hand feels much better today. I predict it will be almost completely healed by the weekend.

Great cooking story, Linda! How did you get it on the ceiling?!?! I once dumped an entire Sheppardís Pie in the floor upside down. The entire 2 qt. dish. And it looked yummy too. I think that is what would have made me the most upset in your situation. Itís better to at least save dinner! When I burned my hand, I ran to the sink for cold water, then put the pan back in the oven before I sought treatment. And, sadly, I didnít even like it. Iím not a fan of sweet potatoes, but DH likes them.

Is it just me, or do we all have days when we just lose a skill? Some days, Iím just a disaster in the kitchen, or seems like I forget how to type. Kinda like having a ďbad hair day.Ē

Dawny Ė I know EXACTLY how you felt in that car! When mine decided to die last month, it was right at a busy intersection. Every time the light changed, I would have to wave people around. Hope you get it fixed easy enough and the mechanic takes responsibility if it is his goof!!

I would love to have about a week off work to hang out around the house and spend a good deal of exercise to re-focus myself. I have high hopes that things will get better in a couple of weeks when DH goes to end of the week, day shift. He will be getting up at 5:30a to get ready for work. Therefore, I know he will be going to bed early, which will encourage me to get to sleep early and he will be more than willing to drag me out of bed in the morning to exercise. I do think that I get a better workout of the evenings though, when my body is actually awake and knows that it is moving!

I am waiting to find out tonight if DH is working this weekend. Itís our 1 yr anniversary!!! I want to plan an overnight getaway, but I wonít know if DH is working until tonight. Hope the room is not booked! I found a cute B&B about 15 miles away that looks great and has a romantic Jacuzzi tub :devil: Iím nervous that it will be booked before we can know for sure!! Hereís the website, if anyone is interested in seeing it. http://mammothcave.com/rose.htm Iíve never stayed at a B&B, but this looks great to me.

Gee, yep. Iím kinda starting to ramble on now.

Good luck with your snow, Linda. You would laugh if you saw the amount of snow we got last night. Maybe an 1/8 of an inch. None on the roads, but it rained before so we have to be careful of the ice. I didnít think I was going to be able to walk from my car to the office because I was skating! Baby steps and I made it.

Well, thatís all from me this morning. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day.

dawnydw 03-01-2005 01:45 PM

Hiya maties. Well, the car seems to be back on the road for now. The guy took a look at it and says it seems ok, as I knew he would. I, personally, think that the breakdown yesterday caused the car to just fix itself. I hope so, I don't really want to go far in it if its not behaving itself.

Melanie, glad to see you back - almost in one piece. Burnt hands are not nice, but they do mend quickly. I once had a hairdryer blow up in my hand and had to go to the ED but within a week you couldn't tell what had happened (once the scorch marks had been picked off!) Hope you get your weekend away, you deserve it, I'll take a look at the B&B and if we're ever in your neck of the woods.....
By the way, can't comment too much on the bad kitchen days, most of mine are like that, and good kitchen days are more far and few between!

Linda, glad to see the new thread, the old one was taking a while. Sorry about your snowy weather. Here's hoping that Frisky will keep you on the straight and narrow while you are stuck indoors. She should get you on that treadmill, keep you away from that chocolate and only make sure you don't drop dinner on the ceiling again. Although if you do, its one way to keep the points total for the day way down!

I'm doing quite well this week, foodwise, if I do say so myself. Forgiving the little misgivings with the cookies the other day I feel good this week.
Not much exercise unfortunately, but what's new really, but well within weekly points allowance, I'm not sure if I can expect a loss this week or not, but at this stage of the game, to maintain is good enough for me. Actually, I've decided I might want to lose an extra 7 or 8 pounds below my target, but I'm not going to tell my leader that. I will get to goal (eventually), and get to go to meetings for free, then try to lose just that bit extra. I think that I need just that bit more, with being so little, every pound shows - especially on the thighs at the moment, but thats a story for another day!

Ok, gotta go for now, have a great day everyone, back tomorrow.

sugar_cane 03-02-2005 07:16 AM

Hey girls! I found the new thread!! :D

Wow, some great cooking stories from you! :p Well, we've all had our fair share of burning accidents, I got burned once by a cigarette when I was very drunk! :hat:

Dawny, I'm glad your car seems fine, I can see your frustration though! Good work on staying healthy, don't worry about the cookies! :D About losing below target, I say do whatever will please you, just be sure you know when to stop. :)

Melanie, I hope you have a brilliant weekend celebrating your anniversary!! :D I hope it all goes well and you and your DH enjoy the hotel room and the jacuzzi!

Linda, good luck with your WI, I hope the weather there has cleared up a bit, good job on staying OP!

I'm doing fine actually, I am a true angel! :p No, not really, but I've been OP and even exercised for a bit, seems like I'm gonna have a loss this week. I'm really motivated these days, possibly with summer getting nearer it's pretty understandable!! :)

Hope you have a great day, take care ladies! :wave:

derrydaughter 03-02-2005 04:36 PM

HI guys, glad most of us seem to have found the new thread, a few more stragglers are yet to come, I'm sure??? Happy Anniversary, Melanie, one year! I hope you make it to the B+B, sounds like fun. My DH and I went to a place like that on our 10th wedding anniversary while my mom and dad watched the kids. It was fun!
Dawny, glad the car is back and all is well. Hope that doesn't happen again!
I don't remember how I got that stuff off the ceiling, by the way, but I still remember that it was EVERYWHERE and clean up was probably a good half hour.
Natalie, glad to hear you are being an angel. How are you feeling, by the way?
As for me, I had a "bad" day yesterday. Jamie is home on school vacation this week and is going through a "I like to cook" phase and has made cake, cookies and homemade bread this week. Needless to say, I just HAD to sample it all. Have to also say that I am deeply concerned for her as I know all this extra tempting food in the house isn't a good thing for my lovely daughter who has lost 18 pounds since June. We just have to find a way to afford to get her back to WW meetings.
I hope a job for DH comes along soon.
Also, I have some news. I found out this week that our church secretary is leaving and applied for it today. I don't know if I'll get it or not, but it might be a great job for me. It's about 10 hours a week, preparing a weekly bulletin and a monthly newsletter, mostly. I think I could handle that. We'll see how it goes.

Emerald 03-03-2005 10:50 AM

Good morningÖ AhemÖ I have an announcement to makeÖ umÖ geeÖ umÖ WW WORKS! How many more times am I going to have to learn that lesson?!?! Yesterday, I did not even want to WI because my clothes were feeling a bit snug and I was having a ďfat day.Ē I was afraid I had gained or done nothing again for the 3rd week. But, Iíve stuck to the plan and had a few FPs left. So, the resultÖ. 2.2# down last night!! Yes, Iím well chuffed. That definitely helps motivate me to keep on going. Itís tempting to stay where I am because itís the thinnest I remember being, but I can do better and deserve better. That 2.2 loss makes it seem even more reachable. So yes, Iím having a good day (except for itchy, water eyes; sinus pain; and sneezing)!

Dawny Ė how was your WI? Did the cookies show up? Oh, I wonderedÖ you mentioned going to the ED. What does that stand for? I imagine it is like our Emergency Room. So, then I wondered, do you get the show ER there? If so, do they change the name of the show to ED? HmmmÖ I wonder.

Natalie Ė Hi! Hope things are going well. Let us know how WI went. Did you start ďthe pillĒ yet? How is that going?

Linda Ė Great news about the job possibility. Sounds right up your alley! Good luck! And, I hope your DH gets some prospects soon! As for the snacks, how about giving Jamie some WW recipes to try. That way she can learn healthy cooking and it wonít be as bad to sample.

Well, I managed to book the room we wanted at the B&B! Iím excited. Can hardly wait to pack and jump in the car, which seems odd since it is about 15 miles away! Iím planning to try hard to stay OP this week and save my FPs for the weekend meals. I want to not worry about it and have fun, but I donít want to put back on the 2.2 either!

Gotta brag on DH now. He sometimes cooks breakfast when he gets home at 7a. This morning he came in and offered French Toast or pancakes. I jumped at the French Toast. He made it with egg sub., 2% milk, and light syrup with a side of turkey sausage. Gotta love a man that will cook low fat for ya!

dawnydw 03-03-2005 01:25 PM

Hi girls, can't stop long, just enough to catch up.

1# down at WI this week, so the cookies really were not worth the bother worrying about. Next time I will eat them and ignore! 2# to goal now.

Melanie, great WI for you, you see, just stick with it, and it starts to come off again. Also, who knows why I put ED, I meant ER, we don't change the name, although in our hospitals we call them A & E (accident and emergency). If I don't get back again in the meantime, have a fab weekend, I love B&B's, we often will find one if we get a babysitter for the weekend (that's cheap that is). Happy anniversary.

Nat, glad you are ok, keep being a good girl!

Linda, good luck with the job, it sounds right up your street. If you don't want to eat all the yummies that Jamie made, just tell her they went stale and feed them to the birds - if you can face it!

Ok, that's it for today, see ya all soon.

derrydaughter 03-03-2005 04:24 PM

Hi all! Well, Jamie didn't bake anything today so I'm back on program, whew! I told her that she just HAD to do all the dishes if she wanted to bake again and that seems to have quelled her desires quite a bit! Hmmm.....
She actually has made several ww recipes, Melanie, thanks for that idea, though. I have about 6 or 7 ww cookbooks, but she's craving "real" food. TOM starting today, for her, so I guess that tells us why. But, I don't have that excuse. I've had two periods since last April, they came as total suprises. I could have one tomorrow or never have one again, who knows?
Congrats on the great losses. I didn't even go to ww this week as it was snowing so hard. I am journalling and trying to be very good though. However, I've kind of "lost it" with my work outs, hopefully tomorrow will be a "new beginning" for me with that. I was sick with that horrific cold/cough thing and just didn't have the energy, now that I am over it - it seems hard to get back into the "swing" again.
I vow to do it tomorrow, ask me guys and make sure I follow though!

Abirdee 03-04-2005 01:38 PM

Good Afternoon
Hey ladies,

How is everyone doing today? Well today was my weigh in and I'm down a pound. I'll take it!!!!!! Everyone seems to be doing a wonderful job....Thank you again for your support...Right now I have to get back to work, so I will talk to everyone again when I get home...

Have a Blessed Day!

sugar_cane 03-04-2005 02:42 PM

Hey girls!!

WOW! Some great losses!!! Congrats to Melanie, Dawny and Abirdee, that's excellent news guys!! :D Good job, keep it up!!

Linda, any news on the job? I know you struggle, big hug from me. :)

I'm doing fine, TOM has arrived (grrrr...) so yesterday didn't go well, but I'm fully back on track. I've started the pill, no side-effects yet, we'll see how it goes. I'll have to take it for 6 months, so hopefully my weight won't be affected.
I'll probably weigh myself on Monday, I'm actually expecting a loss, I hope TOM won't screw it up. :mad:

Take care ladies, kisses to all!!! :)

d2andb1 03-04-2005 02:52 PM

I was wondering if Icould join all of you. I have 84 more pounds to lose, and have recently started Weight Watchers. This is the second time of following this program. I had two surgeries on my right knee, and currently I am six months post-op. I paused from the program while dealing with surgery. I am back now, and I know that this time will work, because I am committed to the program now, but a little help never hurts. I have lost weight, but I have gained it right back, but I have noticed that my pants fit better and my biceps have more definition. I am assuming that I have lost fat and gained muscle.


Emerald 03-05-2005 10:06 AM

Hi! Just popped on-line to work on the taxes while DH gets some sleep. Then, it's off for a romantic evening! I've already gotten part of my gift. I came downstairs this morning to get some juice shortly after he got home. He yelled at me to stay out of the kitchen. While I sulked in the living room (I REALLY wanted that juice), he was putting together my fishbowl with 2 little fishes! And, I got a card that lights up when you push a button. He knows me soooo well.

So, now, I'm trying to get all the errands done while he sleeps. I stopped by a WW meeting to pick up some diaries and fruities and they gave me some recipe cards. They are very supportive of me doing this on my own. After I do our taxes, I'm shopping for DH an anniversary card, me a great outfit (and he requested some frillies - for me, not him), groceries, and then I have to pick up the top to our wedding cake that has been in MIL's freezer. Then pack our bag. Hmmm... We might run a bit late today. :D

Great WI Abirdee! Glad to hear from ya.

Natalie - Glad there's not been any side effects so far! I expect there won't be. I haven't had any in the 2 years I've taken it. Good luck with that WI!

d2&b1 - sure! The more the merrier. It's sometimes slow around here on the weekend, but we yap all week. I don't have my home PC connected yet, so I rarely log on Sat & Sun. Yikes on the knee problems! Mine are achy sometimes, but I don't go to the doc because I'm afraid of what he will say. I hope that as I slim down, it will take the pressure off and they will be happy again. Uh, I noticed that you set your goal at 115. I hope you're not 5'10" or something, cause that might be a bit overboard. I'm hoping for a size 10 or 8 and then will decide from there. I don't think I would look good if I lost below that because I have a larger bone structure. But, I have a co-worker that weighs about 110 and because she is so petite in stature, it looks fine on her.

Well, I'm gonna start my chores now! Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

BTW - I have only used 2 FPs the past 2 days, so I've done good saving them for tonight!! :devil:

dawnydw 03-05-2005 01:13 PM

Just can't stop tonight, just catching up, so hi to you all.

Wanted to mention though that this morning, pre breakfast and pre clothing(!) that my scales showed I had reached goal! I'm not sure that's what the WW scales will show on wednesday, but it keeps me ever optimistic!

Its our mother's day tomorrow, so yummies to come I hope, although nothing too naughty I think!

Melanie, have a fantastic weekend, happy anniversary to you both!(enjoy the frillies)

d2andb1, welcome to you, good luck with your goals, and ask us for anything, anytime. One of us is usually around somewhere!

Ok, gotta go for now, see ya later.

derrydaughter 03-06-2005 07:33 PM

Good to hear from you Abirdee, I was wondering about you. Congrats on the weigh in!
Nat, I hope the pills help you. My daughter started them at the beginning of the month for the same reasons and her TOM was just as bad, she says. I will have to call the doctor to see if it maybe takes more than one cycle to see improvement. Thanks for asking about the job thing. No, nothing. DH is officially unemployed now. I have to admit to being really stressed. I didn't do awfully well eating this weekend, but am not sure if that was because of my stress or just "because" I would have anyway? We made homemade Mexican food last night. We are really saving money by NOT eating out at least, but I didn't even know how many points to count some of it.
But, it was good. I made homemade tortillas for the first time ever. Time consuming and I don't think I saved a ton of money on them, either, but it was an interesting project to absorb my time!
D2andB1, of course you can join us! Welcome! I hope you can make it this time and I hope we can provide you with whatever support you might need!
Melanie, hope the anniversary turned out exactly as you wanted it to! Wow, that wedding cake top - I remember it well! Hope you didn't count points for this special occasion! What fun!
Dawny, goal? really? Wow! I'm so proud of you! Of course, pre clothing and food, etc. might not show at the ww scales, but you know you are just about there if that doesn't happen. How wonderful!

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