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  • Hi there, just a quickie, I'm looking forward to this afternoon, going to have my nails re-done, and to have my 'luxery' dermalogica facial, which was my treat for myself for getting to goal. It isn't something I do often, so a bit of pampering will go down very nice indeed, thankyou!

    Had a good lunch, 6 melba toasts for 1pt, topped with a LC lite triangle and wafer thin ham. Yum. Will it keep me going until WI this evening, who knows, but I hope so. See ya later.
  • I am here guys. Dawny, you are such a shining example. I have been really off program these last few days and I hope to do better today.
    I don't even feel as if I "belong" here right now, I've fallen so hard off the wagon, but maybe it's when I need to be here the most?
  • Hi, Linda, look, even if you can't face the WW thing at the moment, you belong here anyway. We need your experiences to keep us all going. If you keep paying us just quick visits, then maybe it may help you in the long term to get back on track again. I know how hard it can be once you feel as if you have 'fallen off the wagon', but it is possible to climb back aboard again, it sometimes just takes a bit of time to get the strength to do it. Do what you need to do for the time being, get stuff in your life sorted, get through as best as you can, the weight loss will begin again when you are good and ready. I think, I know I always have an opinion, that when you are so down with so much stress in your life, that its a bit like when you are a bit ill yourself - your body wants to deal with the stresses and strains and concentrate and letting yourself heal that side of things before the weightloss will begin again. When you are healed, you will feel mentally as well as physically able to cope with trying again. But please, please don't feel that you don't belong here. I'm sure I speak for everyone else when I say that we would all miss you too much. We won't let you go. Take care of yourself and we WILL hear from you soon.

    Enough from me, back later.
  • Hi girls. Hope you are all ok? Quiet on here today.

    I've had such a busy day at work today that I can barely be bothered to type, to be honest. I stand for much of the day in my job, and when I don't shut up talking all day too, to patients, it can get a bit much by this time of day (its now 5.45 pm here, and I've just got in). I want to eat. I'm hungry. My cupboards are bare! I don't even have anything to snack on tonight. Probably just as well, because when I'm in this mood, I could just about eat anything in sight. I'm sure you know what I mean. I have some beef in to make a bolognese tonight, but thats it. I will go and drink water, and hope it takes away those munchies.

    Linda, hope you are feeling a bit better with yourself today.

    I'll be back tomorrow, take care all.
  • Gosh, I'm lazy today. I'm almost too lazy to even post! It has been a good relaxing day, and I'm sure I will get a lot accomplished this evening. I'm usually more productive after dark. Too bad I have a day job!

    It's been a great weekend, but I'm PMSING!! I want to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. I'm journaling everything, though, and figure I will just make sure I am OP after the PMS monster is gone! Just not going to worry about it today. Dawny - too bad my cupboards aren't bare... yet.

    Linda - Hope to hear from you again soon! You can't even think of leaving us! You'll get back in gear, just be patient with yourself.

    Well, Hmmm... nap? Yeah. I'm gone.
  • Is quiet on here again this weekend, never mind, I'm here as ever to ramble on....

    When I think about exercise I get tired. I know I should do more, but don't seem to get the time. I also know that if I pushed myself, I would be able to find the time and then wouldn't get tired even thinking about it. I do my exercises in the morning before breakfast, and try and get in some extra walking, but that's about it. My sister is in training to do a 5km run next month in aid of cancer research. Just the thought makes my legs tremble. I saw the London marathon start this morning on tv, which I think is why I have exercise on my mind, and thought how brave all those people are to take on such a long task ahead of them. The blisters alone would be enough to put me off. My weight loss journey is going to be a very long one ahead of me, and to keep this weight off, I really must consider getting fitter. It's one of the things that really will enable me to eat more of the things I really enjoy without as much of the guilt factor. DH has been clearing out our garden shed, and came across my bicycle. I haven't sat on it for 4 years or more, since before AJ came along, and the hard seat just doesn't look at all tempting. I will go on it though - one day soon. I'll keep you informed on that one.

    Well the sun is shining here in Derbyshire this morning, a bit of a frost was a shock to the system to my little plants, but the sky is blue and its lifting my spirits. I hope the world is a sunny place wherever you are today. Back later.
  • Another quiet day here on 3fc I see. I've been to a large optical fair for the day, even though it's my day off from work. I've been trudging round stalls looking at spectacle frames that are either way too trendy or far too expensive to buy. At least maybe I earned some activity points? My feet hurt, I'm hungry, and I drank too much champagne on a couple of the stalls! (not recommended, but made the day more fun!)

    Melanie, hope the pms munchies are over with, maybe you didn't eat yourself out of house and home and there are still some groceries left for the rest of the week!

    I do hope that all is well with everyone else, I miss you guys, I don't like talking to myself!
  • Dawny Ė Sorry Iíve been absent! Just sooo darn busy. Got a lot done on the house yesterday and plenty done at the office today. I do have a few groceries and a few FPs to make it the rest of the week. But, I do feel like a little piggy!

    I talked to DH and told him that it does not seem to be possible that I will be at goal by the time I will need summer clothes, which means, maybe a bunch of stuff I wonít be able to wear next year. He was very understanding and told me to do what I needed to do. Iíve got a good one, ladies! He could certainly use some new things himself.

    Things have been soooo good between me and DH. Iíve resolved to cut back on a bunch of the activities Iíve been involved with and make our home my first priority. There will be some unhappy campers, but they will just have to understand. I believe that I have been so focused on getting everything done, that poor DH became just something else to deal with. But, I pretty much took the weekend off from everything so we could spend some quantity time together. It was great. And last night, I worked on getting the house in order. More chores ahead of me tonight, so at least there are some activity points.

    This week, itís my turn to plan a great date for DH. The card I drew from our romance kit is ďGo to the CaymansĒ. Iíve got to turn a room of our house into an island getaway. Iím also planning a Caribbean menu for dinner. Good thing I have been to Grand Cayman, so I have plenty of photos! It should be fun.

    Well, I will try not to be gone so long next time.

    Where is everybody else???
  • Hi everyone. I'm back again. Still not doing well, but I hope to be back on track a bit more over the next few days. I am totally to blame, I guess? My dad is starting radiation treatments on Thursday and the situation is very much worrying me. He's 82, after all, and bone cancer is very painful. I hope he doesn't suffer greatly, this really isn't fun.
    I've been terrible with my eating and I took note, when I got on my own scale (the one that usually weighs 3 pounds less than the ww scale) that it was reading 150 this morning. I plan on going to my ww meeting tomorrow and I'm just plain embarrassed about getting weighed in. But, I hope that doesn't stop me and that I "take the bullet" and maybe the final shock of the added weight will suddenly thrust me back into being on program?
    DH's birthday is Thursday, this means cake and we are going to my in-laws this weekend and this means MORE cake and treats. What is a ww gal to do?
    Well, first thing is that I need to exercise and do the best I can to stay on track better when it is NOT a birthday and NOT the weekend away, right?
    My jeans that were loose feel tight again.
    So, help me guys, help me get back on track again.
  • Hi there,
    Linda. What are we going to do with you? Whatever, I'm really glad to see you back, even if you've been off track for a bit! It sounds as if your will is still there to do this, but circumstances haven't been helping you. Ok, so you've got a tough weekend, and a tough time in general ahead of you. So, what do we do? We do as much as we can on the better days, which will at least help when your days aren't so good. Even if you don't lose much for a while, that's not the end of the world. It may help though just to maintain, which will probably help you feel better in yourself. There's nothing worse than to be able to feel those extra few pounds added when you have worked so hard for so long, so if you at least manage to stay the same, thats a bonus. If you can get some time on the treadmill, then so much the better, although I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself when you've 'fallen off the wagon'. Just stick to what you know, work your way through the weekend the best way you can, and just keep going. I hope your dad's treatment goes ok on Thursday. I think it can be so tiring for them, and thats often one of the worst parts of it. My thoughts are with him, and with you all, and pray that he's comfortable. At least if the pain is kept on top of, it helps seem not so stressful for the rest of you. Good luck!

    Melanie, it does sound to me as if you have cracked this romance thing. I love the Cayman idea. Get that bikini on in the comfort of your own room and the sunshine will shine down on you both! I have to say that I don't blame you for toning down your regular activities for a while. Although they can be fun and very rewarding, sometimes you just have to put your relationships first. DH is the one you have to live with, not the other guys, so celebrate that and enjoy some extra time together.

    It's supposed to be my meeting tonight. I know I have gained. We went to the cinema sunday night, had a meal first and then candy during the movie. Quite a lot. Once I started, I just couldn't stop. I know we shouldn't have bothered buying the stuff, but you know what its like, We couldn't resist. We so rarely get to go out on our own, especially to the cinema that we splashed out. At my cost though. I don't know whether to go tonight. In one respect I ought to check out the damage and aim to put it right, but on the other hand, I know how much I have gained, could be a couple of pounds, and I can put it right on my own. Now I don't have to go to the meetings it just seems so easy to chicken out of going. I'll decide later. Either way, I'll get it off again for next week, so I need to be good from now on.

    Ok, gotta go shop, (still need some new clothes!) Its taking me ages to restock the wardrobe in new sizes, so expensive, but just had payday so time to spend, spend, spend! See ya later. Take care.
  • Linda - It's great to see your post! Remember to only focus on one day, or one meal, at a time. Don't let it overwhelm you.

    Dawny - I'm anxious to find out if you decided to bite the bullet and WI. I was nervous about tonight because I hadn't exercised all week (bad me!). But, was pleasantly surprised with a 1.6# drop. I hope you had a good surprise too!

    Yep, romance is coming, but it's been hard this week. I'm acting all hormonal and DH has been working nights Sun - Wed, so we've seen each other only a half hour a day, which is stressful. But, I'm looking forward to a relaxing and exciting weekend. I've been working on a tropical menu and I think it's going to be fun.

    Well, I'm going to keep this short and get some good sleep tonight.

    Hope everyone else checks in soon!
  • Hi everyone. Well, I've been back on program for two entire days now. I feel more in control. But today is DH's birthday and there is cake in my future, however I plan on doing a fair amount of work in the garden today. Spring clean up time and we have to clear leaves away so the spring flowers can bloom and be seen!
    I went to my ww meeting on Tuesday and was apalled at the number.... went up about five pound. I wouldn't even look in my papers to finalize in my head how much the scale went up, but it was a rude awakening.
    So, where does this leave me? Back to trying again, though birthdays and going away this weekend are looming, I shall do the best I can.
    Sounds like you've made some choices about priorities in your life, Melanie, and that is a good thing. I know you are very religious and one piece of advice I have it that your family is always your 1st ministry.... then comes the rest. Hope that makes sense.
    This romance kit sounds interesting.... I don't have time to go back and read the tons of old posts that I missed, so can you fill me in a bit? Maybe I need one too?
    Today is the anniversary of DH's and my first date as well as his birthday, easy to remember! 22 years have gone by and we've been married 21 years in June. Time flies!
    He is busy working here at home on setting up his new consulting business. I think having him around all day has upset my normal life, maybe responsible a bit for my overeating as well as stress related to all these people with cancer around me right now. I am a "social eater" and it's been easy to stay on program during the day when I was the only one home at lunchtime, but he's here all the time now and I think that has impacted me.
    Working on it all,
  • Hey girls!

    Linda- I'm glad that you're back on track, although I'm sorry about the gain. Use it as a trigger to help you regain your motivation and start trying hard again. Happy birthday to your DH, remember not to go mad with the cake and enjoy the celebrations! We're here for you!

    Dawny- Enjoy the shopping girl ! Hope you've figured a balance to maintain.

    Melanie- I bet you're looking forward to the Carribean weekend!! Oh, a well done with the amazing loss!!

    I'm doink ok, I've recently started a new routine, 100 sit-ups a day. I know it's not much, but at least it's something right? Food is good so I'm trying to incorporate a little exercise too.

    Hope you're all doing well. Take care everyone!
  • Hello everyone ~wave~ I'm fairly new here - my info is in my sig - the avitar is of me, at age 16 and what I would like to look like once again - I know it won't happen, since I'm well over 40, but I can dream.

    We're expecting a new addition to the family any day now. We are all getting excited.

    Well can't think of anything else, so, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I'm full of answers ;-)
  • Hi everyone!

    Welcome Kim, Great weightloss to date, keep it up! Its good to see new people on this thread from time to time, we all need a variety of advice for alsorts of reasons. The more the merrier!

    Nat, glad you feel back on track now, good job with the sit ups too! If you don't already do too much exercise, like me, anything must be better than nothing! And sit ups can only help the wobbly bits, right?

    Melanie, great loss yet again this week. You are doing so well, I can barely keep up!
    Get exercising again though, you probably won't feel so tired, as when you do sleep, you are bound to get better quality sleep!

    Linda, What's 5 pounds in relation to how much you have lost already. Get this hard weekend out of the way, and then start concentrating on yourself a bit. It'll be off in no time if you feel able to start properly - the fact that you have been eating more recently might even have a beneficial effect in that it might give a kick start to your metabolism and a few good days might just see the pounds falling again - fast. Either way, you sound a bit more positive, that can only be a good sign.

    I didn't go to WI. I chickened out. I will be extra good this week, lose the couple of pounds I probably gained and go again next week.

    Got to go now, AJ's bathtime awaits. See you later.