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  • Oh, Linda. I'm sooo sad for you. I will definately keep him and you in my prayers. Try to focus your emotions to the positive actions you can take. Pray, don't eat! Love ya much.
  • Linda, that is indeed very sad, I hope you're doing ok. I'm really saddened about your news, I hope everything turns out fine. Hang in there.

    Mel, great inch loss, I bet you were chuffed about these numbers!

    I'm doing ok, struggling actually but I'm determined to make it.

    Take care!
  • Afternoon
    Hey ladies,

    Just wanted to check in and let everyone know today was my weigh in, and
    I stayed the same (thank goodness) because I sort of cheated this week.

    Next week will be better.

    Everyone have a blessed day!
  • Linda, I'm so sad for you. You seem to be having more than your fair share of sadness and stress this past couple of months. I really feel for you and know what you are going through. As I mentioned in a post the other day, when my granny was so poorly and I felt that everything was completely out of my control, to be able to feel in control of my eating, did at least help me feel that there was some stability in my life somewhere. It didn't always work, and that comfort eating does creep up on you at the most unexpected times, but some days it really did help. If it doesn't for you, it doesn't matter. Just focus on your dad. Good luck, try to get some sleep. My prayers are with your whole family. xxx

    Melanie, those measurements are fab! Its one thing seeing those numbers on the scales coming down every week, but on the tape measure too! Great job! I take my measurements occasionally, and they hardly ever seem to change - only a half inch here and there. They must have altered somewhere for the dress sizes to have reduced so much, but where? As for my exercise, I'm still doing that Jorge Cruise thing, '8 minutes in the morning', based on a couple of different exercises 6 days per week, toning exercises, and I have to say that today, the arms and legs are both aching, I will be wreck at this rate by the end of the week. But, I'm determined to try and keep this up for a bit. I would like my arms to be less wobbly, and my legs too. The tummy can only be tightened so much because of all the extra wobbly skin, but I will get there in the end. I must look a real sight in my nightshirt at 6.30 in the morning doing these exercises before my shower, but who cares, only usually AJ to see me at that time anyway, thank goodness! (And he loves me no matter how I look!)

    Nat, good to see you back again, why are you still struggling, do you think? Is it just eating too much, or too many parties and alcohol? Or just not able to control those portion sizes? Look at how many little angels you have in your signature. You have come so far. You need a challenge, maybe, to give you an incentive again. What do you feel would help you on your merry way again? We would love to help you out of this little rut you have stepped into. We will see you at goal if its the last thing we do!

    Oakey dokey,time to go again for now, I'm not at work tomorrow, so I'll pop in to see if you are all ok. Of course, I will need a bit of time to have a sneaky look at how the 'Royal Wedding' goes. Not that I'm that interested. I loved Diana. (met her once too!) Anyway, bye for now!
  • Just a quick pop-in. I have a couple hours off work, and I plan to take advantage of it at the YMCA! Gotta change and get moving!

    Linda - hope things are going well today.

    Dawny - I understand the tummy wobble. I hate it! But, I'll tone as much as nature allows!

    Natalie - Good to see ya! Hope you get in the flow of things soon! You can do it.

    Abirdee - Sometimes no gain is a blessing! But, no more cheating, young lady!

    For me, I have no idea what's for dinner. Hopefully, an idea will hit me at the gym. Should be a healthy one!
  • melanie...great on the inches lost! WOW! How did the youth group 'retire' go? My husband and I were in a similar situation about 4 years ago. I walked away from God for over 2 years and my husband still hasn't made his way back because of the hurt we suffered from those that just did not understand. So I know it can be hard.

    Linda, will definately keep you and your father in my prayers.

    I got my first bookmark 5# at WI Monday night. Unless I really mess up this weekend, I am looking forward to next WI


  • Hi Frog. Great work on the bookmark! Those little things really help us to keep going! Sorry to hear about the trouble you had before, but I'm very thankful you found your way back. The way I look at it, we are part of the "family" of Christ. Like all families, we have our nuts and disagreements, but we are still family. It's still hard. I don't really look forward to facing the situation again today, but I have faith it will get better. And, they are not the reason I'm going to church, so I will just carry on. I do feel rotton this morning and want to stay in bed, but I've got too much going on for that!

    DH and I had such a wonderful day yesterday. A great fishing trip with plenty of walking for my exercise and then a good evening out to dinner. We did a lot of talking that was really needed to.

    When we went fishing, I had another NSV. I wore one of his shirts, which I never could have done before. It was a great feeling.

    Well, I have to get going. Hope everyone else is have a great day. Hope to hear from Linda soon!
  • Hi girls, seems a few days since I was able to pop in, but here at last, better late than never!

    Frog, congrats on the loss. Do you get bookmarks for every 5# lost? Over here, we get a 'silver 7' sticker for every 7 pounds down. Actually, I should have got another one when I got to goal, but we were so caught up with that, that we forgot about it! It nice to get a little 'prize' for every mini goal - keeps you going for the next one.

    Melanie, glad you had a great weekend (and an NSV). I can honestly say that neither I nor DH have ever seen the appeal of fishing, probably because we have never done it. Also, I don't like fish, so I guess that doesn't help!

    I have eaten like a little piglet this weekend. I have also felt very bloated, TOM has definitely taken his vengeance on me the last few days! We went out for dinner yesterday, as DH had to do the night shift saturday night, so we took AJ for a meal. I had salad with chicken. There was a tiny bit of some kind of dressing on it, but I'm quite sure the points values couldn't have been too high. Please, please, please, don't let me put all my weight back on this week. Although it wouldn't surprise me. My mind is doing strange things since getting to goal, acting as if it doesn't matter what I eat now. Of course, I know different. That doesn't make up for the fact though that something inside of me is saying eat,eat,eat! I have to get my head over this and start acting as if I want this weight to stay off, otherwise it will be back on in no time! Hopefully, its just a celebratory blip.

    Linda, hope you are ok. Stay strong.
  • I'm back again guys, sorry I took the weekend off. I took the weekend off EVERYTHING, I think. I'm here, will be back later on to catch up and read.
  • Ahhh… Monday. And, it’s not so bad. The weekend was just great. I did splurge on my points Saturday, but made up for it by not using any FPs yesterday. And DH and me are getting along better than we have in ages. I just have to tell you all about this! Things have been kinda hard for us for a while, in the romantic department and just being loving to each other. So, we went to the Christian bookstore and found a kit called, Simply Romantic Nights. It has a book with lots of great info on the differences of men & women, including “intimate” knowledge. And there are sealed cards for date nights. You take turns choosing cards designed to please the guy or girl that has a very romantic and somewhat adventurous date plan. This first week DH chose the card titled Tic-Tac-Toe. Up until our date night, I will be finding Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses throughout the house. I can turn them in to him (or just the wrapper ) for a hug or kiss. On our date night, the number I have found determines how nice of a date I get! It is going to be a very good week. I bet I find some at lunch! Quick! How many points!?!? DH was very nice to point out that due to points, I don’t have to eat them.

    Dawny – I’m not a bit worried for you. You have already figured out what you are doing and I’m sure you will get yourself back on track!

    Linda – Hope to hear more from you soon!

    Well, I’m gonna get to work and daydream of hugs & kisses!
  • Wow, Melanie, enjoy your romantic week, just don't eat all those chocolates!! Hope you have a great time, it's great to see that you haven't fallen in a rut in your marriage and that you like to stir things up a bit. Good for you!!

    Dawny, I think it's pretty normal that you want to eat like there's no tomorrow, but I'm sure you'll gain control pretty soon. Take care and enjoy being thin!!

    Linda, I hope you're doing fine, I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.

    I weighed myself this morning, .8 lbs down, I'm well chuffed!!

    Take care everyone!!
  • Hi Nat, sounds like you must be back on track, good going, good loss this week!

    Melanie, You must have some serious romance going on there, girl! Make the most of it. We know that marriage is one of those things that needs to be worked at - and you are doing just that. Good for you. They always say its the first 50 years that are the hardest, then we're just too old to care! Enjoy, and don't eat TOO much of the candy - just enough to get you in the mood....

    Got to go for now, take care all.
  • Hi guys!
    What a busy day I had. We now officially own our own business. I went to the state house in NH (Concord) today and filed all the necessary paperwork, and paid fees. I met my mom and dad for lunch today as they were in Concord to see a doctor, and dad is going to be started on radiation therapy. I've been eating, haven't been journalling and have been kind of a mess, to be honest. So much has been going on.
    But, tomorrow is my ww meeting and I am going. I think I might do a no weigh in pass as I think the scale would only depress me. I'm going to start over tomorrow and just figure this past 5 days or so is one of those times for me. I hate saying this to you all again, seems like I am always starting over, but at least I am not giving up - I'm truly not. Just took a bit of a diversion.
    On top of this, my brother in law has been in remission for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and he had another biopsy done today and they think it's come back on him. Not a fun situation. One of my good friends was diagnosed with bone cancer (same kind my dad has) but in her spine the day before my dad last week. What is this? I feel like I am swimming in a "sea of cancer" and it's really not fun at all.
    At least the new business is a positive thing for us, but stressful. Bad timing.
    So, where does leave me, kind of an emotional wreck. It leads me to the refrigerator and dining establishments, which is not a good thing. I ate out a few times, I had french fries and ice cream. I just "crashed" and had all the stuff that I knew I shouldn't be having. Today was better, it's almost dinner time and I have not blown it as badly as I have since Friday, but it's not a letter perfect day, either.
    BUT, having all these people around me with cancer is really something to think about. Do any of us want to be the ones with this next? Taking care of ourselves in terms of eating and exercising is so important, isn't it? Don't give up guys, I'm not giving up either. Lower that fat content, eat the frozen yoghurt instead of the ice cream, have mashed potatoes instead of fries. We all can do this, even if I didn't over the weekend. I have just got to gain control.
    So, guys, I'm here. I've not had time to read all your posts from the last few days, so don't know where you all stand, but wanted to give a full update here. Forgive me for not keeping up. I know you all understand.
    I did, at least, spend 20 minutes on the treadmill this morning. I really fought with myself before I did and I almost didnt do it. I even said to my husband "would you love me still is I was 300 pounds?". He raised his eyebrows and didn't answer me.... that alone sent me straight to the treadmill!
    Trying again, and again, and again,
  • Great WI, Natalie! Sounds like you might not be struggling as much as you thought? I know sometimes I feel like a whale, but then have a loss. Good work!

    Dawny – yep. Pretty romantic in our house. I was thinking about how much fun it was finding the Kisses all over the kitchen yesterday. One everywhere I looked. It was kinda like having “I Love You” written all over the room. And, I managed to only eat 2 of them, which I figure to be 1 point. Tomorrow morning, I will find out what his overtime work will be and we plan the big date night. Yippee. You are right, marriage is work. And we determined from the beginning that if we see a problem we will try to fix it. That’s better than living with it for 60 years!

    Linda – When it rains it pours. Sorry to hear all this is surrounding you. But, just remember that you gaining weight will not help anyone. Though being in good shape might. No response from DH on the 300#, huh? Smart man. I bet he said it all with a look. You’re on the right track. One step, one day, at a time.

    Actually, it’s pouring outside right now. I need to go run a few errands, but I just hate to step outside. Sweet as I am, I just night melt!
  • Hi, can't stop long tonight, DH just got in from work, at 4.30pm, and now just got a phone call asking him to go back in for 8,30pm! Not a happy bunny, but lots of nice overtime payments, which makes up for things a bit, but not alot!

    Anyway, Linda, glad to see you back in the land of the living, sort of. I applaud you for going to the meeting anyway, even if you don't wi, it helps keep you on track. Great to hear about the business too - it may seem stressful at the moment, but when you compare to what your family and friends are going through, things could be worse, as we know too well!

    Melanie, Great work staying away from most of those kisses! Did DH eat them for you? Enjoy your big date when it comes, and enjoy DH. We have to enjoy our partners as well as live with them, just don't always let them know too much...it sometimes pays to keep them wanting more!

    Ok, gotta go, DH wants his dinner early! See ya later.