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I desperately need encouragement from women out there who are able to lose weight after age 50. No offense, but I tried the site called feisty 50s and 60s or something like that, but in reading the threads, they talked more about a host of other topics and very little about WEIGHT. I need to hear from women out there who are struggling ever so hard to lose weight after reaching menopause when EVERYTHING works against you, no matter how legal you stay on program. I am getting very depressed at how difficult and s l o w it is in getting any weight off. I feel it will be 2003 before I can get near goal weight, if ever! I am beginning to think goal weight after 50 is really an UNATTAINABLE goal. Does anyone out there identify with this?? HELP!!!
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Default Over 50, and losing weight!

Hi! I am 52, and I have lost 48 pounds on WW in the 25 weeks since November 16th.

I was nearly immobile with severe arthritis when I began, and I still have mobility problems, so I don't exercise as much as some people yet. In fact, what is exercise for me is less than most people do when they don't exercise.

I have never used fewer than my minimum points, even when it was hard for me to eat that much food from time to time, because I felt it was not staying OP if I didn't stay within my range or used banked points (and I've only used banked points a half dozen times or less). Likewise, since the first week in December I have never exceeded my maximum except if I had banked points. I've stayed within my points range, and I've lost almost 2 pounds/week on the average.

So, what is my "secret"? Here it is. My weight loss has been very uneven, with long weight loss slowdowns/plateaus, and other times when I lost well. 30% of my weigh-ins have been gains or staying the same. Sometimes I "lost the faith" and didn't believe I could lose on WW, but I stayed OP because I didn't want to regain what I lost the first few weeks. Thank goodness I didn't stop journaling and counting points! It's really important to stay OP no matter what!

So you see? You don't have to be young to lose weight on Weight Watchers. It may be a little slower rate of loss than when you were young, but you can do it! Think of it as a lifestyle rather than a diet, and the time just flies by. PERSISTENCE is my secret. If you don't lose, just keep at it like your life depends on it. For some of us, it might!

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Default Well it is possible..........

Sorry you dont like the fiesty 50's and 60's thread. We have become friends and tend to forget the weight loss part. Most of us there have been talking for over a year now.
But Im am over 50 and I lost 65 pounds and made goal just recently. It was hard, but I stuck to the program and made it. And the people on the 50, 60's thread helped me when I was having problems. They helped me to reach my goal. They are a terrfic bunch of ladies.

We all do struggle on the thread and are there if someone needs help. And we will help you if you need it. You can do it and it wont take you til 2003 if you truly want it.

I was very diligent in the program, and it was a slow loss for me. There were times I didnt think I would make it either or wanted to quit. But I stuck it out and you can to. We are willing to help, if you just give us a try.

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Default Weight Loss after 50 or even 65

I am in my middle 60's and loss 70 pounds to reach goal. The first 12 months I lost 50 pounds. That's about 4 lbs a month. The next 10 months I lost the last 20 lbs for an average of 1/2 lb per week. Yes it was slow and it was frustrating. I walked every single day for 30 minutes and drank my water and journaled. I didn't eat out much as I found that was the hardest to stay on program. You can do it by just sticking to the program. Don't look at the big picture just take mini goals at a time. Reward youself when you reach a mini goal. A movie, a new hair cut, a new cook book etc. Plan your meals for several days in advance. When you know what the daily menu is, it is easier to stay on program. I upped my fiber and found that helped a lot to feel full. Eat mini meals spaced through out the day.

You have to look at this as a new healthy way of eating for the rest of your life. Once the weight is off you can't go back to the old habits. The new way of eating will have to be with you always. When the weight comes off, even slowly you are in a learning process. Learn the process well and you will not gain the weight back plus more. Maintaining is just as hard as getting if off.
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I'm not quite 50, but very close to it. My weight loss seems to go in spurts. I lose ten pounds or so, then I just get stuck for a while. I keep working at this because I feel better and have more energy. Even if I don't lose any more pounds, I will continue to follow this program because of the healthier look and feeling I have.

However, not losing isn't my ultimate desire, of course. So, I hang in there and celebrate each pound, no matter how long it's been since the last time I lost anything. For example, in March I lost one whole pound. It sometimes feels like maintenance, these plateaus, but anything is better than giving up and regaining the weight.

We have a thread for people who lose slowly. It's under the "Other Clubs and Groups". It's the turtle club. We like to have new people join us and we don't care what age you are. We don't even care if you lose slowly or not. We call it the turtle club because we focus on persistence in following the journey, like the tortoise in Aesop's fable who beat the hare in a race because he kept going.

All of us have lost weight. Most of us have a lot to lose before we get to goal. And we've mostly managed to keep off what we lost over time, despite the fact that we aren't losing quickly. Those of us who have struggled, keep coming back, because that's what we think this is all about. Never giving up completely. Getting back on track if we get off. Having a place to come to where people won't judge you if you've gone off or gained weight, but will support your efforts to move on from wherever you are.

Anyway, check us out.

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Default Thanks to all

I really appreciate the encouraging words. It REALLY helps to hear true stories about women who have lost ALOT of weight after 50. I may lurk in the threads suggested before chiming in, but I know there is help out there for me somewhere. I will just keep plodding on. Thanks again.
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Dear Burgundy:
I'm 55 and I've lost 25 1/2 pounds since the end of January, 2001. This is a great program and one that can be utilized for a lifetime. I've never felt this way about any other program (including the old WW), and I've been on almost all of them. I've spent so much money to lose weight. I lost weight but then would gain it right back as soon as I went off the program. WW is doable.
I do find that I am losing slower than when I was in my 30s and 40s, but it is coming off. I just lost 2 3/4 pounds this week after plateauing for two weeks prior. To jumpstart my losing again, I started walking -- AND DID I WALK!! After the first week and another plateau, I was told that I probably was exercising too much and building muscle (which isn't all bad) and that muscle weighs more than fat. Also, they suggested that I not exercise right before my weigh-in because my muscles can pump up and retain water. So, this past week I walked on my treadmill 1/2 hour each day except for my weigh-in day. Walla -- 2 3/4 pounds lost and I am thrilled. We can do it. We're not over the hill -- we're just heading up the slope toward the next victory and blessing.
We need to hang in there and keep our eye on the goal. I have a long way to go -- 66 more pounds -- but I truly believe that I'll do it this time. Hang in there, girl!
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Hi Burgundy
I'm 64 years old and have made goal three previous times in my WW life. This time I found it very difficult to lose. It took me 19 months to lose 47 pounds. There were many, many weeks when I either lost nothing or lost miniscule amounts. I found these boards very helpful and found the 1,2,3 program easier to stay on than the old program. Just keep plugging away at it and you will be able to attain your goal. I truly think the older we are and the more times we have dieted makes it more difficult to lose.


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Hi Burgandy- I am 68 years' young'.Over 3 yrs ago I lost 57 lbs to goal . I picked up a few lbs,because I got sloppy but never went over my 2 lb limit. Now I am trying to get down about 8-10 more.
Set small goals ,2lbs or less a week. Like the other ladies said ,don't look at the big picture. . Don't even think about the final wt. It makes it too hard. I never set a goal wt until I was there. I wish now I had not taken the high end ,but somewhere in the middle.
This I am not so proud of...It took me many times of joining and dropping WW ,over a period of 30 yrs to get to goal. The 123 program and the complete help of my family did it for me. I had to put on 'blinders' a lot. Many times my scale and measuring cup was on the table next to my plate. I seldom ate out. I still have a problem with that. I fond out I can not keep anything in the house that is a no no. I will eat it. Sometimes I wonder just what I have learned.
I can not do too many exercises because of severe osteo-arthritis. But I can walk , I have walked and now can do 31/2 miles almost every day. Start slow and short distance and work it up. Take a friend or a radio with you.
It is a possibility that medication makes wt loss slow... But I think it can be done...I hope you find a solution for you... You are important. Stay on program.
Have A Great Day...Joanne
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Hi, I am 54 and I lost 27 lbs since the end of Jan. 2001. It really has not been hard for me I eat a lot of low point foods, I t is slow though but they say that is good it stays off then, some weeks I stay the same and some weeks I pick up a lb even though I am staying on program and then I'll lose 3 lbs so keep your chin up and you'll be ok just take it 1 day at a time
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Default Losing After 50

Hi -

I'm 56 years old and I've been on WW (this time ) since Jan 99. I've lost about 70 lbs (varies from 68-71) in that time, and have about 25 more to goal. I've found it much, much slower to lose this time, but I am losing. The slowness may be related to HRT, but whatever the reason, I definitely am not losing as quickly as I did the last time I did WW (in my late 30's)

The keys for me are this:

PERSISTANCE I must just keep at it, whether I'm losing or not. THe only alternative is being fat - and I'm not going back there!!

MOVEMENT Exercise is something that has really helped. I've never worn a size 12 at 170 lbs, but I do now. Exercise has helped reshape my body and let me look smaller (and isn't that a large part of our goal?). I also take heart in the fact that it's also helping me to maintain my bone density, and ward off osteoporosis and arthritis. Staying stong and flexible is a goal for me, especially after seeing my mother, grandmother and MIL age significantly.

VARIETY This goes along with the other two. I need variety in the foods I eat and the exercise I do. I hate being bored - it leads (for me) to overeating. Therefore, I try to keep variety in the foods I eat and in the things I do to keep my body strong and flexible. I have been doing aerobics 2-3 times a week this winter, and also running on a treadmill. Besides this I try to do a weights workout 2x a week (I like Strong Women Stay Young or Strong Women Stay Strong )

THere are lots of us here with positive encouragement here, but the final decision is up to you - slow or not, weight loss is better for your health.
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Default ...50 & 60 Group...

Hi Burgundy.. I have been a WW Member for more years than I can remember. Lost close to 40 lbs many years ago and get back to goal almost every year, by losing the same 20 - 25 lbs. I got back to goal in April again. The one thing I have learned is that I will have to work at Maintaining as hard as I did to lose it. Since it is a lifetime experience I find it is the best to do it with humor. I think that is what our group is about. For the last year we have encouraged each other through our 50 & 60's trials and tribulations, like the good friends that we are, with a laugh. Whenever we find out something interesting we share it. We would be so pleased to have you join us... we can always use another friend. We will give you all the support you can use as you get back to goal. It is a slow trip with lots of pitfalls, but it can be done. It would be nice to include you in the group.
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Default My 2 cents

Hello all people over 50...or so I am 64 years young...Boy have I had a hard time losing....I started before the Holidays ..had a bad years last year with my Gallbladder out in Sept. after I got over that I started loving food....every thing tasted so good, YES I gain a lot of back to WW I did try many diets but never had much success, I was a life time WW, so I decided to go back, am I glad I did...I lost 19 pounds I am happy about I only have 6 more pounds to go to meet my goal...and is it ever slow...2 weeks ago I gain .2 and this week I lost .6...not to good but at least it is going the right direction. I know I need to get more exercise but have a bad back....go to a Chiropracter 2 times a week...seems to leader suggested eating more I did last week and I did lose a little....any suggestions my friends to here from you.....JOY
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I varied my points alot and it helped me. Low/Mid mostly and I would eat high end sometimes.

You dont have that much to go. You will make it! Just keep haniging in there! The Protein should help to.
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