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womaninlove 11-22-2004 12:36 PM

The 'Ol 1-2-3 Success Plan ????'s
Hi all!

I'm back to WW after regaining a bit over the years, marriage, child, etc. However, I'm finding the flex plan is not a workable plan for me. It's very hard to keep track of the 35 flex points. I just can't seem to hold myself accountable for them. :ink: I was so successful on the 123 plan (Lost 67lbs!) :encore: I was wondering if anyone here is still following that plan and my BIG question is...does anyone know the point RANGES for that plan? I can't find my old stuff and I'd really like to try it that way again.

Thanks in advance!!


Kelly_S 11-22-2004 03:31 PM

Actually the FlexPlan is very, very similiar to 1-2-3 Success with the exception of how you earn APs.

the lowest range was 18-25 points. New research has deemed 18 is way too low to keep the metabolism up so with Flex it is 20 for the lowest a day.

You get all your banked points up front now. If you divide the 35 FPs/WPAs up over 7 days that is 5 a day and makes the top of the range 25 for the day.

The only difference other than what you call things is how you earn APs based on current weight x time done x intensity over the 20 minutes for free and then for each additional 20 you get 1 ponit.

womaninlove 11-22-2004 07:47 PM

Thanks for the info Kelly. :)

I realize that the programs are very similar. I just found it hard to wrap my brain around the flex points. For me, it's just a matter of having a definate min-max # of points every day. Too easy to binge with a bunch of points one day and say "Oh, those can just be flex points". I realize its the same number of points in reality, but when it's equally distributed for me, I find it easier to stick to. It's a mind set I've grown accustomed to in WW. To each his/her own I guess.

Anyway, thanks again!


anepasor 11-23-2004 08:52 AM

The 123 plan and Flex are one in the same. The difference is the Flex averages what we should consume on the average/day at a certain weight. What you can do to still lose weight is divide the Flex points into 5 a day per 7 days a week. So if you were required to eat 26 pts. per day on Flex, add 5 points of Flex per day to make 31 pts. That used to be the max per day on the 123 plan for that weight range. Once you lose weight and go down to 24 pts per day on Flex, continue to add the 5 pts of Flex per day and you get 29; which would be what it was on 123.

The activity pts. are easy to calculate on the points booster based on weight, level of activity, and time spent on the activity. You can also add those pts to your daily target + flex pts. You may lose weight easily doing the above, but may lose less at a time later in the program. In the beginning, you may lose a lot, but your body will adapt. Good luck and I hope I explained it well. Take care.

Kelly_S 11-23-2004 11:02 AM

So take the 35 WPA/FPs and divide them out over the course of the week at 5 a day. That gives you the range you are 'so in need of.' LOL! Then what you don't use you can put back into the 'Flex Bank' (because that is all the Flex Points are all that you could bank during the week) to use the next day or later in the week or not at all. It is more of an adjustment to make with your mind. Just tell yourself you can only use a max of 5 points a day from the Flex.

Multi116 11-23-2004 01:32 PM

WIL, I can totally relate to what you're saying. It's just one of those sorta odd little quirks that we all have, and I'm the same way. I like 1-2-3 better. My range was 18-23. I was ok with eating 23 points on the plan. Now, if I eat 23, I feel like I'm eating "extra" or whatever. I can relate to what you said about the 35 being too big to grasp. In the beginning, I would eat something "extra" and think well, I have 35 points. Anyways, I know it seems odd to some people, but I totally understand.

pomegranite 11-23-2004 02:25 PM

I am following the old school plan, 123 (winning points) I am so glad to know I am not the only one!
I like having the point range. The flex points are confusing to me because I am so used to this plan from when I did weight watchers before. I do have all the info at home (the daily point ranges)
When I get home tonight I will post it.

Kelly_S 11-23-2004 02:30 PM

You know Flex was confusing to me at first until I realized that the FLEX POINTS were just all the BANKED POINTS that I could bank during the week. Now I just divide the 35 up over 7 days and that gives me a range from a MINIMUM to MAXIMUM (but I don't stress if I need to 'reverse bank' from FLEX POINTS from a day here or there). I then put the FLEX/LEFT OVER RANGE points back to another day or the end of the week or the weekend.

dawnydw 11-23-2004 02:45 PM

HI, here in the UK, the one and only current WW programme is just a newer version of 123 success. Therefore I only have 18 points per day to use, plus activity points. Thats it. The flex has never, and probably never will be introduced here. I know that the point values of items may have been altered slightly to cope with using more points per day, but I do wish WW in the UK would consider giving us more choice over which plan to use. I do believe things may be changing in the new year, more going more towards core than flex, but by then I'll be almost at goal (in theory LOL) so any changes will be too late in the day for me. When will the people who decide these things realise that people in the UK are made the same as people in the US, and that more choice would help rather than hinder our progress?

Anyway, rant over, the plan has worked fine for me anyway, I guess I should be happy with what I have, Hope you manage to get your head around things!

Take care, Dawny.

womaninlove 11-24-2004 01:35 AM

THANK YOU Multi & Pomegranite!!!!!!!! :grouphug:

I KNEW it couldn't be just me! LOL

Multi, that's exactly what I meant!! THANKS!!! I feel like a little piggy at those times too. I have started & stopped this Flex program so many times in the past few months it's ridiculous. I want to be successful like I had been in the past---with the ranges spelled out for me. It's nice to know I'm not a freak because my mind works a little differently than others...

Kelly, I UNDERSTAND the concept. I get it. Comprende. Thank you for beating it into me. LOL :rollpin: Personally, I just don't need the words "flex points" in my vocab. It doesn't do it for me. I like "point range". Yes, "point range". Ahhhh....feels good to say! :D I don't think I'll be breaking anybodys' hearts over at WW administrative if I continue to use it. Points are points...

Thanks again ladies...and Pome, I would appreciate the post of ranges. It's late, & I just can't do the simple math right now! :dizzy:

Kelly_S 11-24-2004 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by womaninlove
Kelly, I UNDERSTAND the concept. I get it. Comprende. Thank you for beating it into me. LOL :rollpin: Personally, I just don't need the words "flex points" in my vocab.

(POUT) LOL! :( I wasn't beating it into anyone. I was just carrying on and sharing what helped me. (POUT) LOL!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

womaninlove 11-24-2004 02:29 PM

:lol: No problem Kel...thanks for your help! And congrats on your continued success on WW!

Kelly_S 11-24-2004 03:09 PM

Just so you realized you are still doing FlexPoints by making it a range. ROTFLMAO! :)

womaninlove 11-24-2004 08:05 PM

I did some research, & I came across this website that really helped me to understand this thread:

www.Kelly_SisAlwaysRight.com :D

What's funniest to me is the millions of people who DON'T realize that 1-2-3 and the "F" word plan are the same and buy into the line that WW has a "NEW" program out. Guess who's laughing all the way to the bank!

BTW, I'm not even going to use the word "FLEX" when I talk about muscles. :barbell: It's been removed from my databank. :lol: I guess I'm just oppositional...http://forums.windrivers.com/images/smilies/moon.gif

Multi116 11-24-2004 08:44 PM

I also like 1-2-3 because of the absence of the fiber cap. I think it's important and encourages me to eat more fiber. The plans are not exactly the same, there are some minor differences. BTW, WIL, if you're looking for booklets and stuff for 1-2-3 you can probably find them on Ebay

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