Using all your points

  • With so many zero food points now I sometimes find myself having 6-10 points leftover. I know four points rollover but does anyone feel a little cheated if they donít use all their points? I havenít really found a good medium yet. Either I use all my points and some weekly ones or I have a surplus. Iíd like to get to a point where Iím not snacking all the time and eating more robust meals but I live alone and I find cooking healthy for one a chore.
  • Hi KaTea. Welcome to 3FatChicks. It's good to see the Weight Watchers threads get some activity. It's a good program for someone who doesn't want to eliminate any foods from their diet.

    I did WW in the past, when it was Points Plus but not recently. I tried not to worry about not using all my points and also didn't worry about going over once in a while, as long as I was in the ball park and my hunger was under control. I didn't force myself to eat something just to use the points. I think it's really just a guide, as no two people are exactly the same, and depending on which foods you eat that day, some foods will satisfy more than others.

    I think meals/snacks is an individual thing and the most important factor is, are you losing weight? Don't eat beyond your hunger. If you are satisfied at a meal with less food, that's OK. And if you get hungry between meals, have a snack that fits into your points allowance. Do the plan the way it works for you, and you will never be wrong.

    Good luck to you!!
  • I make the "blue dot" my goal, rather than the exact number of points. As long as I get that blue dot every day (10 points under, 5 points over), I feel like it's okay.

    I am with you on cooking for one though. Most nights I cook for two, but I always end up eating easy to make stuff (not enough points or too many points!) on nights I cook for just myself. If it's the norm for you, maybe make meals for two and then save the other portion for your lunch or dinner the next day?
  • The problem for some in not using all (or most) of their points is that they overdo the zero point foods. Calories in the end do matter. I think Freestyle works best when there is a balance in using zero point foods and using foods with points. An occasional day way below daily points is probably OK but I would look carefully at what I am eating if I am consistently below daily points more than about 4. I would want to make sure I was eating a balanced, healthy diet.