WW and P90x3 ( and other beach body workouts)

  • Hi,

    I've had success with various incarnations of weight watchers in the past, and rejoined online recently for the smart points/beyond the scale program.

    So far I really dig it.

    However, I work out a lot and I work out hard, usually ending up at 125 or more fit points a week ( based on fit bit data ). This is from walking, running, karate and beach body work outs.

    Each beach body work out comes with a nutrition guide. Right now i'm doing P90x3. I am wondering how to reconcile the nutrition guide with WW.

    I know for as much as I work out I should eat more to fuel my body but am also apprehensive of using too many weeklies/fit points.

    Does anyone have any experience with more intense training and weight watchers?

    Thank you
  • While I don't do those workouts I did exercise while losing weight and worked with a trainer twice a week. I did use some trial and error to get an idea for how many points I could afford to eat. What I liked best was swapping my FitPoints first (remember, there is a baseline to be met) and then trying to eat few of my Weekly Points. But, really, it just depends. I also did wear a heart rate monitor during exercise to get a better idea of calorie burn.


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