Gluten-Free WW

  • So I have decided after much thinking, that I'm going to move towards a gluten-free diet (and I mean in reference to way of eating). No diagnosis of gluten-intolerance, just a hunch of sorts, you know how self diagnosing goes when googling...

    Any tips for the grain health guideline?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I did a bit of online research and found two links that may help you out since I personally have no clue which grains are GF and which are not (well, until now, lol.)

    Oops, forgot to add the two links.

    There is a list on the right side of the WW article.

    The second one is a list of GF whole grains that you can have such as oats (specific brands, though), rice/wild rice, quinoa, etc.

  • I calorie count and I'm gluten free.

    If you avoid many of the "gluten free" boxed foods and try eating in a naturally gluten free way, you'll find that it's pretty easy to stay on track since you can't have crackers, baked goods, most cereals, breads, etc.

    I have avoided simple carbs for years so the transition wasn't bad for me. I actually was able to add rice, quinoa, oats, potatoes, grits, corn tortillas, etc so it gave me a little more variety, but I still limit to one carbohydrate serving per day due to calories (points).

    I have never felt better!
  • Thanks for the information. I want to see a doctor to see if this could possibly be something going on, but for now I want to see if my symptoms change with going gluten-free.
  • You may want to get tested for celiac disease BEFORE eliminating gluten, because being on a gluten-free diet for a while can cause a false negative on some celiac tests.
  • I went gluten free for the month of December. For the first two weeks I was entirely grain free, then I added in non-gluten grains.

    In my case, I found that after 30 days of being gluten free and then going back on gluten, that gluten doesn't bother me (or my DH who also did it).

    I used this book to guide me on doing this:

    From a WW standpoint, being gluten free is certainly compatible with WW. I do think that some people are gluten sensitive (even if they don't have celiac disease). I am just not one of them.

    The biggest issue for me when I was gluten free -- especially when I was grain free -- was that it was hard to get to my 26 points a day. I saw clearly just how many points were coming from grains.

    Also, I found I needed to be really diligent with eating higher fiber vegetables and fruit in order to get enough fiber.

    Also, don't fall into the trap of thinking that "gluten free" foods are necessarily healthy food. There are a lot of gluten free junk foods. I looked at some of the gluten free foods at the grocery store and a lot of them were highly processed junk. Yes, you can buy gluten free donuts but that doesn't mean it is a good idea.

    I found that I did best when I didn't try to buy the processed foods labelled "gluten free." We tried some of the rice flour breads, FWIW, and didn't like them. Others might feel differently, of course.

    I think that WW is very compatible with gluten free if you make sure that you aren't replacing the foods with gluten with junk food with no gluten.
  • I'm what they call gluten-sensitive; I can eat gluten but it really affects my body, so I don't. I also don't eat gluten-free products, I only eat naturally gluten free.

    It is very easy to use ww with this, and I find it's even better getting the value out of my points. For instance, I use peeled zucchini instead of pasta for spaghetti, and zucchini is 0 points. Eating this way makes my points go further, and I feel much better.
  • This is what I am working on, too! I am glad to hear that other WW'er have been messing around with it. I felt sort of blasphemous bringing it up at the meeting.
  • Well, when I went gluten free for a month I didn't bring it up at a meeting. I think that while it isn't against the WW plan, there was no real reason to bring it up. As it turned out, I wasn't gluten sensitive so I'm eating stuff with gluten again. That said, while I didn't bring it up at a meeting if it came up and I had been gluten sensitive I wouldn't have minded mentioning it.
  • Gluten free, following Simply Filling at the moment after losing 50 lbs over the last year on Points Plus. I'm up about 5 lbs from the holidays so I'm buckling down to get back to goal. I'm online only, no meetings. Liking SFT - though I couldn't have started my weight loss journey with that since I had serious portion issues. Now I'm "re-trained" and SFT is fairly easy. Anyone else following SFT and gluten-free? Favorite foods for PP or SFT?
  • I have not done simply filling. I've started my non-gluten transition so any more advice is appreciated.
  • There is a lot of gluten free junk food in stores now. So, don't think that just because something has gluten free on it that it is a good food.

    Also, read labels carefully. Some food you might not think has gluten really does have it.
  • I have recently gone gluten free and one of the best investments was the "Gluten-Free for Dummies" book. Just a great overall book. Even sent it to my daughter and she is not gluten free, it has so much good information in it and explains everything really well.

    I am doing gluten free because my doctor thought that it might help with vitamin absorption. My vit D is always super low, I take 50,000 1x/wk for 4 months and it gets up to high 30's which still isn't great, so she said that several people that went gluten free got better numbers, we shall see!
  • For the first time, ever, I did not feel any pain eating pizza and did not over eat! Gluten-free has been working wonders for me and it hasn't been long. I don't feel deprived... I'm not ever hungry. My signs of vitamin deficiency are fading, still there, but have a good feeling if I keep going everything will be great. Ready to jump back on the counting wagon tomorrow

    Now if I can only find gluten free hair care and body wash... I'd be set!