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Default The Difference In Weight Watchers Plans Over the Years

Every few years, Weight Watchers will update their plans with the latest and newest research to keep their weight loss program up to date with the healthiest and most effective tools. It can be mind boggling to see people still talking about older programs that they still like to follow. If you're confused about Core vs Simply Filling or Momentum vs Flex or Points vs Points Plus, then here is a chronological chart that I compiled. This is my own compilation and I do not guarantee complete accuracy.

The only plan that is supported by WW is the current plan. Older plans are discontinued when healthier or more effective changes are implemented in the newer plans. Some people ask why the plans keep changing. The answer is research! Teams of scientists and doctors are constantly researching for improvements, just as they do in medical research. As they learn more, changes are implemented if it will help members be more successful.

Lastly - it is highly recommended that you follow the current program in use! Point ranges are different, point values are different, and all current materials such as magazines, commercial foods, recipe books, are calculated differently, and you cannot mix the programs at all. Old programs are not supported by WW. Save yourself some time and headache, and get with the new program.


1972 - Weight Watchers Program Handbook for Ladies
1989 - Exchange Program

1997 - 1-2-3 Success - The First Points Program

2001 Winning Points - Redesign of the 1-2-3 Plan

2004 Turn Around - with Flex and Core. New Core Plan - Later to be known as Simply Filling - Allows for a list of foods to be eaten 'until satisfied' - without counting points. (Some concepts similar to South Beach Diet) Activity Points can be earned, but used that day only - no banking of points.

2008 Momentum - Points Program that takes filling foods from the Core concept and combines it with the Points program. Core has been eliminated. Simply Filling is the new name for Core. You can earn 35 weekly points and activity points based on weight, duration and intensity of exercise. Activity Points can now be banked weekly. There is a range of 18-37 daily points.

2010 Points Plus - Points Plus and Simply Filling Technique (Simply Filling is similar to previous Core plan) - There are new daily target ranges, new point values, all the points are now referred to as Points Plus. Points are now calculated with 4 values instead of 3 - carbs, fat, fiber, and protein. Daily point range is now 26-71 daily points, with 49 weekly points - A substantial increase, however, most food now also has a higher point value.
Simply Filling Technique (SFT) also gets 49 weekly points to be used for non SFT foods. Both plans earn Activity Points, which can be banked weekly.

2012 - 360 Points Plus and Simply Filling with the addition of Behavioral and Environmental changes. No changes to food values!
If you see anything incorrect, please PM me and I will update accordingly.

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