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Smile WW MM CHALLENGE! March/April Week 1 & Goal Setting!

Welcome to the WW Month-to-Month Challenge Week 1 & Goal Setting thread!

This challenge is running from March 5th through April 30th.

Rules: It’s all easy, folks.

Pick a goal, any goal and tell us about it! They don’t have to be specifically weight-related, but they certainly can be. Whatever goals you make, big or small they’re all good.

We’ll post a new thread every Monday for the new week. Simply update everyone on how you’re doing at any point that week, or even multiple points that week.

This is a very loose challenge. Not everyone weighs in on the same day, nor will we all have the same goals, so it’s incredibly flexible for all participants. Don’t worry about doing it exactly the same as someone else is, just join in and talk about how you’re doing.

The last week, we’ll have a final update thread for everyone to let us know how they’ve done overall.


Here's the link to the Spreadsheet!

The spreadsheet is completely optional, but it can be fun to see how much weight we can lose together as a group, and how close we can get to our goals.

For those new to the spreadsheet, please take a quick look at the attached image at the bottom of this post to see how it's used.


Best of luck everyone!
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Hello everyone

I'm so happy to be beginning a new challenge.

This time around, we'll be working through the start of Spring, so I'm looking forward to continuing healthy habits.

My Challenge Goals:

- One day at a time, one choice at a time. I want these changes to remain around for a looooong time, so I've got to keep that in mind.

- Track, track, track.

- Make time for daily movement. Doesn't have to be big, but it does have to be something.

- Keep getting in more fruits and veg.

That's about it. Just keep doing small, healthy things and let them add up.
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I won't be able to input on the chart until I get home Wednesday since I am at my sister's house right now and just have my phone with me, but I am so excited for the next challenge! I love having the accountability of these threads
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I'd love to join this challenge! I am currently doing weight watchers online and need something to hold me accountable.

I will download the spread sheet later in the day but here are a summary of my goals:

- Work at better controlling my cravings. I have trouble with binging, even when i'm not at all hungry

March 7 - 164
March 14 - 162
March 21 - 160
March 28 - 158
April 4 - 157 (20 lbs lost)
April 11 - 155
April 18 - 154
April 25 - 152

I look forward to this challenge!!

Talk to you all soon.

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This sounds like a really great accountability activity!

My ultimate goal (other than losing weight) is to cut down on sodas, I drink coke zero like water.

This month:
-only drink soda during the weekend
-track my food
-keep with my exercise plan
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This month-
Lose 8 pounds.
Make one good decision at a time.
Start walking!
I'll update when I weigh in on Wednesday.

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HI All fellow Weight watchin' ladies and maybe gents?

I'm coming back to this challenge after a month long hiatus. I was struggling, as I had reached a plateau. I was at the same weight for 2 months and then last week I weighed in with a 4lb gain. I was so discouraged.

I'm now more motivated and realize that keeping accountable with challenges like these and tracking ALL food, I can succeed!

Exercise needs to be increased-this is a challenge for me. I seem to injure myself in some weird way to prevent me from going back at it. Have to be careful not to do to much, to soon.

I love the banter between all the "chicks". Being over-weight for so long.. I have developed really bad social habits. Basically I had become a recluse and decided that I would just not interact with people in fear that they would hurt my feelings. This is kinda crazy, because I am actually an extravert by nature..

goal#1: get out of plateau and lose..
goal#2: increase physical activity

Hope all of you have a great couple of months.

As a famous song says " we workout..and we ARE sexy and we know it..
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I am so looking forward to this challenge. I did not come close to goal last time but I am ok with that.

I bought a new scale and am ready to go. These past few days I have made some really bad choices and I feel it in my clothes so this is good for me.

My big goals this time is to really track track track! Re-commit to the gym and really pay attention to nutrition! Not just the points

I hope to be down 8lbs and into the 140's by the end and I would love to drop into the single digits in clothes
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Good morning everyone!

For March/April I will try to lose 15 pounds and try to reduce the amount of "frozeny" type meals I've been dependent on for lunch during this super crazy semester. I'll have to take extra time during the weekend to prepare and freeze/portion out meals for the week but I know it will be better for me!

Also, being committed during March and April will get me past that "lifestyle change slump" I usually go through around 6 weeks in or so where I just say "Forget it!" stop and gain back a bunch of weight.

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I'm feeling very confident about my weigh in tomorrow!! i've been stuck at 165-166 for about 6 weeks and it is time to break through!! My goal for tomorrow is 164 and this morning I weighed in at 163.8

I just have to ward off the binge monster tonight and I should be in good shape!!
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I'd love to join I'm using WW online but hardly stay on track. I've been losing and gaining the same 4 lbs for too long now. Hopefully this will keep me on track

Workout EVERY WEEK Day
Down 10 lbs by April 30th
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I'm also doing WW online so these challenges really help me stay on track, I'm definitely in again.

My goal is to lose 15 pounds by April 30. I know it's a lot, but I want to push myself and I think it is actually an attainable goal.
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I'm going to shoot for 12 again. I was pretty close last time so we'll see.

Also, (not that any of you would know this if I didn't say) I'm going to update my start weight after next weigh in. I hit a mental road block last week, and while I stayed within my daily/weeklies & earned 17 AP, I just didn't feel good about my week. So much so that I skipped my meeting for the first time in forever. BUT guilt got the best of me so I swung by the center & weighed in anyway. Only I didn't look at my weight & told them I didn't want to know.Good or bad. So after my next weigh in I'll take a peak at the print out from my last one. I haven't even gone to WW online because I know it will be on the first page & I just don't want to know yet.
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Hi ladies!
I'd love to join in! Since I am just getting back into WW, my 1st goal is to track everything! If I can make it a habit again, I'll be ok.

Goal 2 - Make a weekly meal plan, and stick with it

Goal 3 - I'd love to be down 15 pounds, not including week 1. I say that because I tend to lose an obscene amount of water weight in week 1 so I won't count that
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I made my goal today!! 164.0! Yay.
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