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Snoofie 11-26-2011 12:45 PM

Activity points frustration rant *L*
From the beginning of my weight loss journey (the day I joined WW, January 26, 2011), I have always been a walker. Mind you, my walking has increased dramatically since I started WW.

I started off doing 30 minutes of brisk walking 3-4 times a week. I bought a WW pedometer and I was earning about 3-4 points a day with that (I weighed 203 pounds then.) I gradually increased my walking time until, at this point, I'm doing 90 minutes of brisk walking, 5-6 days a week.

I'm down to 155 pounds at this point, and what I'm noticing is that my AP value is going down as my weight goes down, even though my activity has increased. I know that's how it's supposed to be, but it kinda ticks me off. *L* I'm not sure why. I guess it's just because I'm still working so hard but not seeing as much result from it? Ugh.

I'm still losing, so it's obviously not affecting me physically. I guess it's just getting more noticeable to me now because my weight loss is getting more noticeable. You know? I'm about to hit the 50-pound mark, and obviously the activity I've been doing so far is working.

Maybe I'm just too focused on numbers, you know? I've been toying with the idea of just not wearing the pedometer for awhile, and not tracking my APs just to see if that makes a difference. Because it's almost like it's getting to be a bit of an obsession with me. I'll go out for a walk, and I'll check my pedometer every so often...and even if I'm getting really tired, if I see the number of APs on the pedometer isn't "high enough", I'll think to myself, "Well, I can't stop now, not until I get to [X] number of points." I don't think that's a good sign, not if I'm driving myself beyond my endurance level.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Mytwosweetkids 11-26-2011 02:38 PM

I came on here to post a similar question, and I'll post it seperately in a minute, but isn't that what we want? I'm fairly new to WW (about a month or so), but I love having the pedometer FOR the reason you said - if I'm walking I'll say, "gotta keep going! Need to earn my point(s)!". I'll park far away, just to get the extra steps in to get to closer to earning the next point. I've stopped minding going up and down the stairs at home, because I'm earning steps, etc. It seems to me a good thing! Bring the motivation on! I'm going to go post my similar question about the pedometer...check it out - maybe you'll have some input. ;o)

Snoofie 11-26-2011 09:54 PM

Yeah, I can see how it would act as motivation, but for me I feel as though it's almost moved *past* motivation into obsession...and I don't feel like that's necessarily a good thing. When I'm pushing myself past the point of endurance, when I get home and can barely move my legs because I'm so exhausted...that to me is obsession and not healthy at all. And for what? Two extra APs? Just because I feel like there's some arbitrary number I *have* to reach before my activity is worth anything?

That's the difference to me, you know? When I stop enjoying what I'm doing and am just doing it to earn points, no matter what the cost, that's a red flag for me. I can see how it wouldn't be a problem if a person wasn't the type to end up obsessing, but I know what I'm like. It's all too easy for me to obsess over things (which is why I had to stop weighing myself daily...I became *way* too focused on the number and would curtail my eating based on normal daily fluctuations.)

I did read your post, and I can relate, but I think that honestly, at this point the pedometer has done its job, and I can enjoy my workouts without focusing exclusively on the number the pedometer gives me. I'm perfectly comfortable at this stage assigning myself points after my walk is over by using my perceived rate of exertion.

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