Weight Watchers - What was your last meal?

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  • I made the WW recipe for Chicken Pot Pie --- 6 pp a serving---I'm going to try it tonight! Hope it is yummy! -- if you are interested in the recipe, I found it through WW online and it had a high star score as well as low points score
  • An entire Flatbread Revolution pizza, half a chocolate bar and a glass of wine.
    But I spent 7 hours hiking up a snow covered mountain on Sunday, and 2 hours cross country skiing today so I'm still adjusting.
  • Tuna Sandwich - Lunch

    2 sl Orowheat light 100% WW bread
    2.5 oz water packed tuna with 2 TB chopped sweet onion, 2 TB chopped sweet bell pepper, 1 TB RF Miracle Whip
    handful of fresh spinach
    Thick slice of tomato

    With sides of raw baby carrots and sliced fresh pear.

    5 P+
  • I love threads like this one. Thank you, Jennifer!

    Dinner last night was very easy. I wasn't very hungry (a rare occurrence!) and I had a package of sliced green and yellow squash from Whole Foods topped with 4 oz low fat shredded mozzarella cheese. I pan fried the squash in a nonstick pan in 2 tsp butter. When it was nearly finished cooking, I sprinkled on the cheese, put on the lid, and waited until the cheese melted. Very filling! 6 PP.
  • Fresh Express Chicken Caesar Salad. The nutrition label says it is 2 servings, but it is really a single serving. Points for the entire package: 5
  • For lunch today I had Nachos

    Baked Tostitos with Salsa 2% cheddar cheese and light sour cream- 9 points+ in total.

    If it's for dinner I'll throw in some lean seasoned ground beef.
  • @djs...I made the pizza casserole last night...wow! was that ever yummy! Thanks for the recipe.
  • In my family, we call this dish Grandma's Casserole. It's what my grandma would make alot of times that she was watching all us little ones for the night while our parents went out. I only had to modify the noodles. It's kinda like a mock lasagna.

    Grandmas Casserole
    1lb lean ground beef, 1/2 chopped onion, 3 ribs of celery chopped, 12oz Wheat egg noodles, 12oz part skim shredded mozzarella, 1 can tomato sauce, 1 can small diced tomato, 1 pack mushrooms (optional)

    Start boiling your noodles. Sautee the beef with onions and celery. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Once that's all cooked down and your noodles are ready pour meat mixture into drained pasta. Add tomato sauce and diced tomatoes (and mushrooms). Mix together really well. Pour into a baking dish, top with mozzarella cheese and bake until cheese is good and melted.

    I made mine in a 13x9 Pyrex dish and had 1/8 of it for around 9p+
  • @stillwagon- I'm glad you enjoyed it! I find that it really quells the pizza craving.

    Cata- that sounds delish, and I think I actually have the ingredients! I'm going to try that this week!

    My last meal was an english muffin with 2 tbsp peanut butter this morning. Next is a turkey sandwich with honey mustard, yogurt, and an apple.

    Tonight, shredded bbq chicken salad.
  • I just had a great sandwich for lunch, very simple and really tasty:
    -2 Slices Light Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Bread (2pt+)
    -100 cal packet of Wholly Guacamole (2pt+)
    -2 Slices of Jenni-O cooked turkey bacon (2pt+)
    - Lettuce and Tomato (0pt+)

    Altogether it was 6pt+ and really fills you up. I will eat ANYTHING with guacamole or avocados on it!
  • The low-fat vegetable soup from Recipe Parade, with a half cup of cottage cheese stirred in: 3 PP, filling and yummy.
  • Last night I made FABULOUS FRITATAS. Prep time, about 15-20 minutes.

    5 eggs (10 PP)
    About 50 g of fat-free ham (4 PP)
    shredded of low-fat chedder (used nutrition info to weigh out 3 PP worth)
    24g low-fat parmesan cheese (3 PP)
    pile of chopped raw spinach (0 PP)
    pile of chopped green onions (0 PP)
    olive oil ( 2 PP worth)

    Total PP = 22, you decide on the serving size. For my hubby and me, we split it and had 11 points each. Very filling and satisfying, no desire for desert or evening snacks after eating this baby! Alternatively, 4 servings of about 6 points, but serve some veggies or fruit on the side!
    Bonus: incorporates protein, veggies, and low-fat dairy into one amazing meal.

    1. chop up ham, spinach, onions
    2. fry ham, spinach and onions in oil for a few minutes, basically to heat them up and tenderize the veggies.
    3. Beat eggs with a whisk.
    4. throw all the ingredients into the eggs, and mix it up.
    5. Pour mixture into a no-stick frying pan (no butter or oil required then).
    6. Hint: use a spatula to cut the partly cooked fritata into 4 quarters before trying to flip them. When it's golden on each side, it's ready to eat!
  • I need to eat gluten free, so that adds a bit of a challenge at times, but mostly I've discovered that I can eat very well if I think it through.

    Breakfast: 6 am
    Fruity Oatmeal (my recipe - includes dried figs, fresh blueberries & huckleberries, toasted pecans) WW recipe calc. @ 4 pp for 1/2 cup
    1/3 cup so delicious coconut milk - o pp

    10 am - mandarin orange & banana - 0 pp

    Today's lunch:
    4 slices (1 oz each) Turkey (deli) 2 pp
    mustard - 0 pp
    fresh baby spinach - 0 pp
    pepperoncinis - 0 pp
    tomato - 0 pp

    apple - 0 pp
    2 cup baby spinach - o pp
    miso ginger dressing - 1 pp

    Total PP - 3 pp

    I rolled the turkey slices with the spinach, pepperoncinis & thinly sliced tomato - made 4 thick rolls.
    tossed the leftover spinach with the apple diced & a couple tsp of the miso dressing. Made a good sized salad.

    Very satisfying, I'm pretty sure I'll be ready for a snack around 3 or so, prepared w/ carrots & hummus in my forecast for 3 pp.

    My goals are:
    stay on plan
    whole foods
    minimal animal product

    So far - so good
    Tonight will be roasted vegies w/ quinoa haven't really planned out details/prep/quantities - but will also fit all the above qualifications.
    Plus, will most likely have enough pp left that I can add some much loved avocado to dinner.
  • Last meal was lunch- 1 whole can of tomato soup with half grilled cheese and ham sandwich for total of 8 points.

    Right now, my snack- 1/2 cup of LF vanilla yogurt with some diced mangoes for 3 points.
  • I just had grilled flounder with asparagus and tiny baked red potatoes (baby bakers).