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Default New WW member here :-)

hey yall! so I have posted on 3fc before, but I fell off the wagon 2 times, and I sort of stopped. Well the other night I was sitting in bed when my fingers turned numb and my heart started racing. I took a warm bath and the next morning I was fine, but I realized it probably had to do with my weight, and it truly scared me. I never had a real wake up call..I mean, I had moments where I didnt fit on a seat, on a roller coaster, etc..but I got over them, and continued to make excuses for myself and slowly go back in my destructive eating habits. Those were surface issues, size issues..this became a health issue..I do NOT want my life cut short because I cant turn down mac n cheese and brownies..thats like a slap in the face to God, who created me, (and NOT the obese girl on the outside) anyways, The very next day (sunday) I went to WW, and I started officially yesterday. Its not too bad right now, I have LOTS of points per day because of my weight..I get 41 a day!! I know that will go down, but for now Im okay! I feel like WW will be easier than calorie counting and give me more flexibility in eating out etc..

I know some days I will go over points, I will be dissappointed, I will have gains and losses, but I want to introduce myself to all of you wonderful people, and I hope to get to know you all and see how far we can go on this journey together! I also want to warn you about the complaining, hungry rants, and times where I need to be talked out of some dominos pizza..

Sorry this was long lol...
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Welcome and you will find awesome support here.
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Welcome back !!
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Tess, welcome back! We're all in it together here, and will offer you friendship and support. It sounds to me that you are on the right track and will continue on for your health. Congrats for that!!
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Hello, Tess and

It sounds like your head is in the right place to make this the right time to make a lasting lifestyle change, lose the weight and get healthy!

We are in similar circumstances - I am a 'repeat offender' as well, and my high weight (which I don't note on my tracker since it was not this time round) was 351. For some reason this time on WW I am sticking with it (I started at the end of May) and am determined to find the fit, normal-sized woman hiding under all this weight.

I see we also both live in Georgia.

We CAN do this!
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Welcome back!
We have all fallen off a wagon or two and ignored getting back on I only have my ticker reflect when I started a year ago but I have been much higher too.

There is so much support here and postive feedback I am sure you will turn this into a way of life not that ugly 4 letter word.

(just an fyi I have been working hard this past year and I may even be able to stop my high blood pressure med's in 6 months--after 8 years!) so it is all about lifestyle changes and you can do it!
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