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derrydaughter 06-26-2009 08:19 AM

Supporting Each Other on our Weight Loss Journey!
This is a great thread for those who want support, helpful hints, friendship and a great bunch of people to communicate with. This thread has existed for a long time and we keep re-starting it whenever the old one gets too long. Feel free to stop in and chat, we are not a "closed" group and welcome newcomers. Some of us have been together for well over a year, some only a few days, but we care about each other. We offer tips, we share, we pick each other up of the floor when we've had rough times and we applaud when someone does well.

So, please do stop on by and share a bit, support is what it's all about! We can really do this together.:hug:

derrydaughter 06-26-2009 08:26 AM

Welcome to Frances who posted just before I started the new thread. Hope to see you here!
I wish I could say there is unbearable heat where I live. I would kind of welcome that.
I think cutting out sweet tea and soda is a HUGE step, tons of empty calories are in those beverages.
If walking outdoors is not good due to the heat, perhaps some inside activity if you have AC? Also, if you don't have a pool, do you have access to another place where you can swim?
I was thinking of asking a friend of mine who has a pool that she hardly ever uses if she minds if I come over and swim once in awhile? I hate to bother people and take advantage, though. I might offer to skim the pool for her and maybe donate something towards chemicals.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm still up a bit due to last weekend's fun weekend away. I show as 161.4 this morning. I've been fairly good since I got home, but have yet to get back to 160. I was hoping not to have to change the weight on my tracker, but I will probably do it as I won't lie to you all or to myself.

Clydegirl 06-26-2009 08:53 AM

Welcome Frances.

My daughter and I walk at night. It has been very difficult the past week due to the high temps.

I was in the pool yesterday and made a point to swim as much as I could. I had forgotten how good you feel after swimming. We'll be heading there today.

Middle Daughter is much better since her wisdom teeth removal. She's getting back to her normal self ;)

Stay cool everyone.

LitChick 06-26-2009 10:35 AM

Well, TOM has left but I went to my weigh-in this morning and had gained .6 lbs. :censored: I am hoping it is just TOM but that will just make me work extra harder this week to make sure next week shows a good loss.

We are going away for the 4th of July weekend and I am starting to get nervous about eating habits. This will be the first time I've been away without indulging at every opportunity and I'm a little scared that I won't be able to control myself. Anyone else felt this way? What was your plan to avoid out-of-control eating?

Welcome, Frances! I am relatively new to the WW boards and recently (re)joined Weight Watchers. Have you tried drinking tea without sweeteners or with splenda or something like that? It might take some adjusting taste-wise but maybe you'll like it. And you could even use decaf tea.

Linda, I think offering to skim her pool or chip in for chemicals sounds like more than a fair trade. Does she keep up with the upkeep of it anyway? I will trade you your cooler temps for what I am dealing with down here! (grass is always greener, right?)

Clyde, glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. My memories of getting my wisdom teeth out (20 years ago) are hazy, thank to all the drugs and medicine! I love going swimming, too - I belong to the Y and enjoy doing the water aerobics, and try to fit in a few laps before or after each class.

Well, time to get to work. Can't wait til 7pm and my weekend starts! Have a great day, everyone!

shelbysmom 06-26-2009 10:52 AM

Hi and Happy Friday everybody. I;m contemplating what to fix DH for lunch...and also waiting for the kids to wake up...it's almost 11:00(hello) I'm surprised DS is sleeping this late..he's usually up by now and into everything!
Anyway I didn't weigh today I was worried..and I just couldn't make myself do it...I just didn't feel like I had lost anything so why make myself feel worse.. Next week we're going on a camping trip for the 4th and I kinda dread that considering DH is planning on eating out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT WE'RE GONE I'll just have to make healthy/light choices...oh well.......
Welcome to Frances hope you like it here,hope to see you around!
Lit chick ~ looks like you and I are in the same boat for the holiday..lol!
well I'll get outta here and blab later! Have a great weekend!

derrydaughter 06-26-2009 11:13 AM

Well, you all will be comforted to know that temps and humidity is up here in New England, it's 79 here right now but with the humidity it feels more like about 88 out there.
Litchick, we've all had weeks where there are gains, just don't give up the war due to one small battle loss. Trysh, now just get on that scale and brave it. Maybe you'll be surprised.
I have often felt afraid of weighing in at some of my WW meetings when I just knew there was going to be a gain. It kept me away from the meetings more than once. So, bit that bullet and go for it. What is the worse that can happen?
As for me, I need to get my act in gear. I haven't been to a WW meeting in awhile and I am kind of meandering and not doing everything I should do. I had tried just counting calories for awhile but that isn't working all that much for me as I stop doing it mid-day.
I need to get on track.
I'm glad for a bit hotter weather, by the way, as hot weather makes me want salads and food that is not all that heavy. I usually do better in this kind of weather.

gma22 06-27-2009 05:45 AM

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Hey everyone! I have been a 3fcer for quite awhile and post on the Support forum's Steel Magnolia thread but I am finally conquering being on WW and sticking with something so thought I would peek in.

My dh and I have been back on it 7 weeks now, he has lost 19 and I have lost 26 but my weigh in is Monday so we shall see. I am menopausal so am having hormonal issues this weekn and have gained a bit though have stuck to WW faithfully. It is gonna happen, we're women so I take it in stride. I have to tell you, what keeps me going on the straight and narrow is that we are planning a Caribbean cruise for Nov 2010 for our 38th wedding anniversary and I want to be at goal by then so I can walk around St Thomas and St Maartin's and do all the things on a ship that I couldn't possibly do now. I even bought a cocktail dress and jacket in a goal size and a beautiful Bob Mackey lavender and lace shell and jacket with white pants in a goal size. I paid a fortune for it, so I have to get to goal so I can wear it to dinner on the cruise! Looking forward to it is what keeps me putting one foot in front of another and not stepping out of line. I know I have to be at goal to go on this cruise and enjoy myself. We have one night a month where we give ourselves a treat to eat out and get whatever we want, this month was the Melting Pot fondue place. It was my grandson's 9th birthday and that was where he chose. I find though that everything I do now happily centers around pts. I am not obsessed, but to give you an example. A few weeks ago, we went to Vicksburg MS on a day trip to see the Civil War stuff. It was a day trip from my house in Memphis but we had to eat out lunch and dinner. We stupidly passed up an exit with a lot of choices as we thought it was too early to eat lunch and ended up at taco bell. Well, I took into account the fact I couldn't figure pts and chose their grilled chicken taco salad without the dressing, cheese, rice and left the beans in the bottom and didn't eat the shell and a diet coke. Now normally, if we were going to go out and have to eat away from home, I go to restaurant websites and we pick stuff ahead of time and figure out pts but this was one of my hairbrained fly by the seat of your pants, last minute I want to go somewhere things. We then went to Applebees for dinner and had their twofer $20 steak dinner. I had a baked potato without all the goop though I did have a piece of appetizer. We didn't have any problems with it at all.

We are cooking here in Memphis too. It is supposed to be over a 100 today and we have had upper 90 temps for the last two weeks and no end in sight. It is the humidity that gets me. I had a lot of errands yesterday and was in and out of the car and stores a lot. I was dripping wet the whole time.

Oh, btw, I am 55 been married nearly 37 years to the most wonderful man on the planet who is retired Navy and works for the City of Memphis now. I have two grown kids and two adorable grandsons, one from each child, Thomas is 9 and Jackson is 2. I am a lady of leisure and a knitting nut. I knit all the time. Since I am posting and can't see avatars, forgive me, but for the lady who is a Cardinals fan, I am a die hard Cubbie! :D I am a transplanted Yankee who grew up 90 miles from Chicago in South Bend, IN (Notre Dame country) so it was natural. We get booed down a lot when Jack and I go to the Redbirds game here in Memphis to see the Iowa Cubs play as they are a AAA Cardinals team! :lol: I have a co-dependent yorkie named Fortune (Jack named him because he said that is what he would cost us)

I live in a condo, but our board is fighting over how to open the pool this year because they don't want to pay for security and the renters in other apartment complexes and houses around us without pools basically break in to the pool and swim. So, their stupid idea was to open the pool as far as it being cleaned and set up but keeping it locked so the residents can't swim. I am irked bigtime because we pay big maintenance $$$ for the privilege of the pool in the summer. I am lucky though as my dd has a pool at her house and I go three times a week and do laps and aerobics in her pool with my grandson for an hour. I am a fatty but a fish in the water and love the summer because I can swim instead of walk for exercise.

Well gals, I need to do my morning chores downstairs while hubby still snoozes. I am a very early riser so I usually come down and put away dishes in the dishwasher and start a load of laundry for the day then sit and knit. I have three projects going right now and another one to start. I just finished this (see pic) for my dd for her anniversary next month. I also have a trellis throw about 1/3 done for a wedding present for my son's best friend along with a coordinating pillow about halfway done and a zip up jacket sweater for the youngest grandson all done except one sleeve and the sew up. I like to have several things going at once so I can change them up if I get bored! :^: Knitting is one of those things you can't eat and do at the same time. Perfect for me! :)


Clydegirl 06-27-2009 09:44 AM

Morning girls.

Welcome Faye from a Cardinals fan. I love baseball.We go to quite a few games every season. You are doing really well with your weight loss.

Boy it's going to be scorching today. We are going to an estate auction this morning. They are always interesting.

Stay cool.

derrydaughter 06-27-2009 04:58 PM

Welcome Faye, glad to have you with us. I hope they figure out that pool situation soon for you. I can't imagine living that far south and not having pool access if I were in a place that could have it. People can be idiots.
As for me, we went up to our cabin overnight and just got home a little while ago. It's actually turned out nice here, temps are in the high 70s and the humidity has broke. Up a bit north of there there were massive thunderstorms and even a tornedo. So, summer is here.
I was going to exercise but I blew it. We're going out to dinner as well and I hope to go to a place where there is something WW friendly. It's so hard when you eat out.

ASH0424 06-29-2009 03:35 AM

Hello Ladies,

Congrats to all of the losers, I can say that right? I mean weightloss losers!!!
I am starting week 3 of the program and has a 4 oz. gain. I would like to say I am surprised and crushed, but I am not. I did terrible this weekend and it shows. However, I have been getting a ton of workouts in and I now walk nightly with a friend of mine. She wanted to talk one night and it turned into me saying,"well you're coming with me every night!" And it's been great.

So I consider that a NSV big time and then also another one is that I put on jeans the other day that were tight and I could feel them lose in the thigh area and that for me is a big deal, so I know I am slowing sculpting my body.

I am doing a 6 week walking challenge now, I am starting week 2 of that and I just added hand weights to my DVD.

I just know great things are coming,
Let's keep it up ladies.
I just have to plan for the four of July...

shelbysmom 06-29-2009 07:37 AM

WELL YEE HAW It's Monday once again...where does the weekend go?
Welcome to our new gals and congrats on losing weight...:carrot:
I.....well I've not weighed I know Linda I should bite the bullitt( get it, BULLITT?!)HEHE and get on with it...but I couldn't I have drank enough coke to float Taj Mahal people...and I knew that was a big screw up...but I just could not help myself... when I swim,for some reason all I want is coke...I just don't get that...it's like nothing tastes better in the summer out in the sun swimming....:dizzy: .....ANYWAY I vowed to do better this week and I'm gonna...especially when we're leaving for Pigeon Forge for the weekend!!Man I CAN NOT wait to get there...That's my Florida away from Florida...for some reason...of course there is no ocean or beach there...I just love it...it's relaxing except for the rude drivers who won't let you out or over...and so DH and I were talking food for next weekend...we just got breakfast food to cook out of a morning...but this is his plans for dinner...OK ...1st and foremost the most important to him is Outback on Friday when we get there,we'll just stop before we get to the campground and eat,we always share a steak,he gives me the salad and I get a baked tater..2nd Saturday...we're thinking Olive Garden which is my fave and we don't eat there 1/2 as much as Outback b/c DH doesn't really like Italian that much..but he goes cause I like it and I loooove their salads,yum and the chicken scampi....3rd on Sunday we're gonna rock No Way Hose's ..it's an awesome mexican restaurant there and they also have one in Gatliberg...I always get the fajitas but I just eat them straight out of the skillet and don't use the tortillas...and then Monday we probably won't eat out considering we're coming home that day...and there it is.... my sins for next weekend..lol..go easy on me!! :^: Anyway I guess I better go...all this talk about food has starved me to death!! blab later!

ASH0424 06-29-2009 07:45 AM


Sounds like you have a food plan. That's good. For the weekend that seems to be what I have most trouble with is having or then sticking to plan. I joke with my DH that I am a mood eater. Yikes, I know. I have a bbq on the 3, the 4th will be at the 4 of July fair, 5 we're going to the movies, and the 6, we're going to go go-carting - why does everything seem to be food focused?

Well good luck to you, good luck to us all!

derrydaughter 06-29-2009 08:05 AM

Welcome Ash! Where is Wiesbaden? Are you in the military or is someone else in your family? No matter what, you are welcome.
I sure know mood eating. I have all the best intentions and then I blow it.
I've been trying this new approach the last few weeks and I'm not giving up on it. Today is my fresh start again, Monday.
The 4th of July weekend is dangerous, but I really am still liking the shish ka bob suggestion and am going to try to go for that idea.
I'm also going to try baking these low calorie cupcakes I saw in a magazine. I'll let you all know how they come out. I want a treat but I do not want a high calorie one.
We are heading up to our cabin on the lake on Friday and plan to stay there until Sunday. I'm sure we'll be eating out, but we have agreed to a new money saving family thing (due to college costs for the kids) so maybe we won't be eating out as much. I do better when I eat at home.
I'm hoping to plan out everything I want to eat over the weekend and do a quick shopping trip on Thursday to the market and bring stuff up with me so I won't be out in the crowds and also getting tempted.

Thighs Be Gone 06-29-2009 08:30 AM

Wow..I lived in Weisbaden for two years in the 90's--I taught @ the International School of Weisbaden and my hubby worked on the GM account in Russelsheim..small world!

..Miss the wine--miss the scenery..miss Kristkindlmarkt!

GrnEyedGirl 06-29-2009 11:02 AM

Hi ladies.... well 2nd week weigh in this morning..... :( so not happy nor understanding. I gained 1lb from last week. WTH?? I stuck to the plan, did not overeat, and I was left with atleast 30 fp's for the week.... I am so discouraged. This is the first time that has happened to me within the first 2 weeks. I gave up sodas/tea and have nothing but water with the occasional cup of milk. I just don't understand.... help.

Ash, I lived in Darmstadt Germany for a little over a yr, many moons ago but we used to go to Weisbaden all the time shopping. Germany is beautiful, hope you enjoy it.

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