Supporting Each Other on Our Weight Loss Journey

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  • This is a great thread for those who want support, helpful hints, friendship and a great bunch of people to communicate with. This thread has existed for a long time and we keep re-starting it whenever the old one gets too long. Feel free to stop in and chat, we are not a "closed" group and welcome newcomers. Some of us have been together for well over a year, some only a few days, but we care about each other. We offer tips, we share, we pick each other up of the floor when we've had rough times and we applaud when someone does well.
    So, please do stop on by and share a bit, support is what it's all about! We can really do this together!
  • I'm joining the thread this time around

    I'm going back to meetings next Tuesday - actually looking forward to it!

    Do I need to do an intro or ???
  • Good morning all!

    I had a really good day with dh yesterday, but I'm waking up feeling remorseful about my food choices (like I didn't know I would?!) We decided to go to Chili's yesterday for a late lunch. At first, I was completely feeling like being "bad" but once I got there, I decided to have one of the guiltless grill items (dwlz says 9.5pts, but probably a little less because I didn't have the black beans it came with and asked for extra veggies.) So that was ok. But, we ordered an appetizer sampler...I had 2 moz sticks and quite a bit of the spinach dip. When we got home, I tried making my choc chip recipe with some gluten free rice flour...I sampled just a bite of a cookie. The flavor was great, but they were gritty from the flour. Yuck. I also tried out that cake recipe for the cake I have to do next week. It was a pound cake, so I actually only had a small piece of it, but I had some licks of the batter, too. For dinner I made my pizza. I had 2 1/2 slices that had turkey pep, crushed pineapple, and some deli ham on it (it was SO good.) I don't know...I guess maybe my choices weren't has horrible as they would of been in the past (Chili's could of been REALLY bad, and I could of had a HUGE piece of cake) but I'm still feeling kind of yucky today.

    I have also not been menu planning the last week or so, so today I'm getting back to that.

    Breakfast: PB&sugar freeJ on a Flat Out wrap-3

    Lunch-2 97%ff hot dogs-2
    100 cal pk chips-2

    Snack-3 pts

    Dinner-grilled chicken-4
    alum packet veggies w/olive oil-1
    grilled fries-3
    low fat ice cream-3


    I'm thinking about buying the WW pedometer this week. Our leader was showing it to us at the last meeting; I thought it was kind of cool that it shows when you earn ap's. Does anyone else have a WW one? I always have a hard time getting ones that are accurate.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!
  • Good morning everyone

    Welcome Renee good luck with starting your meetings again.

    Welcome to Diannawv good luck with your journey.

    I hope you both post often as I am sure you will have a lot to offer here as well as a lot to receive from the ladies here. I have found so much support and info in this thread. Good luck to both of you.

    Paige. How are you doing? I PM'd you a website that has gluten free info. If you need other things let me know. I will try to find them. That girl I was talking to said that if you go to a health food store they can help you figure out how to correct something you don't like from the recipe while still keeping it gluten free. It is great you made a wise choice at Chili's, I would have slipped there I think as I went to Chili's all the time before I started this new lifestyle. Since I have started it, I have not gone there. I am just not sure it isn't a trigger place for me. I guess if I planned it, it would be okay, no let me rephrase that, it will be okay as I will plan it.
    Linda, how is the vacation going? I do hope it doesn't take you long to clean the house. Like you said, at least you will earn activity points. I do hope the rest of your vacation goes well.
    Haylo, how are those steps coming along? How is exercising and eating going? When you go back to work do you take your lunch or do you eat out? I now find it so much easier to have a lunch in a bag when I am going to be out during the lunch hour. Have an awesome day.
    Oops gotta go, I am being beckoned by DS. He just woke up.
    Hello to Erica, Tech, Laura, Paige 2, Briza, Kim, Erika, and everyone else.
    Have a great day all
  • Ann-Yes, thank you for the PM about the gluten free site. I think I'm going to have to go into a health food store to see what different things I can find. I've been doing a lot of online research, but think I might actually need to talk to someone. I still am not exactly sure what igredients are ok and which ones aren't, if I'm looking at a nutrition label.
  • hello every one,

    Ann: my excercise is going good, although I did get off track this past week not having my car. My eating is going better I think and as for as work I start on the 20th. I have jury duty the 16 but I will make sure to take a good book. As far as work and lunch I pretty much always try to take my lunch every once in a while I will get something from the school cafeteria our cafeteria manager is really good about making special meals for the teachers she always has salads and soups and sandwiches and then some sort of hot items that are always much better then what they are serving the kids. Unfortunatly I know that sometimes the food ther is not the healthiest so like you I find taking my lunch is the easiest. Okay let start our challenge again I will post my steps later today. I would go crazy if I wasn't allowed to weight myself, I know what you mean about how it keeps you on track.

    paige2: sorry about your back, my back bother me off and on but not to horribly I notice that once I stretch it I am okay.

    renee: welcome!!!

    paige: doesn't sound like you ate bad yesterday and it sounds like you have your day planned out today.

    derry: good luck in RI, that must suck to get somewhere and feel like the first thing you have to do is clean, I would hate that.
  • Thanks for the advice Paige... I'm going to have to go see the doctor tomorrow. My back is alittle better today but not much. It still hurts to sit up or walk. Poor dh is having to do all my weekend chores this week!!!

    I have to figure out a way to get some cooking done today or we won't have anything to eat this week!! We never signed up for the WW meetings as I already had all the materials... but I just keep bouncing around with the same few pounds since we switched over from Jenny Craig. I think I'm going to have to break down and join so that I'm a little more accountable for my actions during the week... it's too easy to make bad choices and just convince myself that I'll do better the next day. So I think I'm going to do that next Saturday.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
  • Well I think I may have gone a little overboard today we went to Johnny Carios Italian resturaunt and I had spaghetti with meatball I was trying to look up the points values and nutritional information but nothing can be found. I don't think I will be hungry later and I already decided if I do get hungry I am going to hit the fruits and vegtables.

    kpe: I think sometimes it is easier to join the meetings only because sometimes when I try to do things on my own I am not as accoutantable I tried doing WW on my own and just kept slipping up, I find the meetings keep me more on track. Good luck with you decision
  • I just wanted to stop by to read everyoneís posts. I havenít been online for the last few days because I have been really sick. I think I had a mild case of food poising from the Cheescake Factory-serves me right for eating there! But I am all better now and thatís is all that matters!

    Erica- Congrats on your anniversary!!

    Kim-I know what you mean about Red Lobster! I have had the same problem there. I tried to order the best items I could and I still had a days worth of points. It wasnít even worth it-I should have just splurged.

    Hi Ann!

    Congrats Haylo on your loss!

    Hope everyone is doing well!
  • Briza: that sucks about your food poisioning, I love the cheesecake factory, but your story makes me not want to eat there. I hope you feel better.
  • Happy Sunday Night Everyone,

    This post may be short, I cut off the tip of my finger making dinner and I've never been a good hunt and peck typist and it hurts to use that finger

    Friday I did ride my bike after work, but man was it hot, I didn't think I would make it. Then I got home and the dinner I planned didn't sound good so we went out, I did not choose wisely, but I did track my points and only had one glass of wine so....Yesterday I had my family over for August birthdays (How is it that between dh and I we have 18 immediate family members and 5 birthdays between 7/20 and 8/27???). I skipped lunch which I know better than, and then let my family get to me, so I ate/drank too much. I did figure out my points this morning and I used up 15 fp. Oh well, I had them, I'll just have to behave the next 3 days. Today dh and I went for a ride, again it was really hot but we did it. It's kind of funny, he's always been a better rider than me (he used to do long tours) but this summer, my cadence has improved and I'm a faster rider than him

    Linda - hope you enjoy your vacation. Bummer about the cleaning.

    Ann - you're posts always make me smile. Thanks for all the recipes. I tried something new tonight. I bought some rosemary skewers last week, and we grilled pork kabobs on them tonight. I was surprised by how much it tasted like rosemary w/o using any.

    Erica - Happy Anniversary!! Hope your birthday was fun.

    Briza - hope your feeling better.

    Paige2 - Hope your back feels better soon.

    Laura - How was the ball game. I'm not sure I'll make it to one this year. Although I told my dad I'd take him to a Lugnut game for his b-day.

    Haylo - Sorry about the car. I take my lunch most days too, at least I know whats in it that way.

    Paige - how's the gluten free cake challenge coming. I have a co-worker who can't have gluten and it's amazing what she can't eat.

    Renee and Diana - Welcome.

    Kim - don't sweat one small meal. One meal didn't get us here and one meal won't kill us. Just don't let one meal become a whole week.

    To anyone I missed - Sorry

    Have a great night all. I'll try to stop back after work tomorrow. Weather's supposed to be nicer so maybe I won't melt .

  • Hello everyone - checking in late as we went to the baseball game and really enjoyed ourselves. It was hot but our seats were up in the upper deck and we were on the side that had shade from the overhead. It was great! A couple of records were set and the best part was that the Tigers won 11-6! WHOO HOOO!!! Tech, my family loves going to Lugnuts games!

    Eating wasn't the best but tomorrow is a new day and I'm not perpetuating the problem.

    Hello to everybody! Tech - sorry about your finger. Velveteen - welcome!!!! Paige - I love the WW pedometer. Has many great additions.
    Haylo - summer is coming to an end isn't it. Does the regular routine make WW easier for you? Paige2 - hope your back is better soon. Briza - food poisoning stinks - hope you're on the mend.

    Have a good night everybody!
  • Ann: steps for today 8000 trying to get up to 10,000 may walk around the house or something.

    tech: ouch... that sounds painful

    rosegarden: yup work makes WW easier for the most part the only bad thing is that sometimes it makes it harder to come home and cook but I need to remind myself that if I want to do this I need to be very deligant about tracking everything as well as continuing to make better choices.
  • Hi Ladies!!! Wow! Looks like I missed a lot in 2 days!

    We just got home a couple hours ago from the lake..It was beautiful. It is not a lake we usually go to and the water is so clear!!!! was so hot! 103 degrees today!!! Tomorrow here at home it is supposed to be 105. I can't wait for a break in the heat....I honestly can't go out and do anything in it.
    I THINK I did ok at the lakes 'local' restaurant last night. I had grilled salmon with a pico type sauce on it. Nothing creamy and it had lots of veggies. I also had rice and the salad bar....Everyone ordered a 'blooming onion' and I am happy to say I didn't get ANY of it!! My daughter was the first one to choose the Salmon off the menu!!! YAY!!! She really is learning!!!

    My son got his drivers license Friday......will you ladies please pray for us?? It scares me to death!! They start school tomorrow and he wanted to drive to school!!! I told him NO!! The first week of school is traffic **** and he is a NEW driver!! grrrrrrrr!

    First of all Paige.... I went to the website and looked at your photos! They are gorgeous! We just finished out upstairs room and some of them would look perfect there!!! You really did a great job!!!!

    Welcome Renee and Dianna! I know you will love this group of ladies.....they truly are a huge support for me and I always look forward to seeing all the advice given and just how their everyday lives are!!

    Briza- I hope you are feeling better....nothing worse than a case of food poisoning!! YUCK!

    Tech.....OUCH!!! How is your finger?? Fingers are so sensitive anyway....Sounds like you have some good knives in your kitchen!!

    Paige, my cousin has celiac disease.....she can't have gluten in ANYTHING. She has found lots of substitutes for everything after doing alot of research. She also made lots of trips to the Health Food Store.

    Ann - How are you? I agree with the Lunch in a bag know exactly what you are eating. Guessing all the time is a bummer!! Getting caught offguard can really mess up your day (and week!)

    Linda.......I hope you are resting a little while you are at the lake and not cleaning the whole time!! How sad that your 'co-owners' care so little that they would leave it that way for you. Try to relax while you can and count up those extra AP's!!!

    Laura, you have a great attitude about 'tomorrow'....when you said
    "Eating wasn't the best but tomorrow is a new day and I'm not perpetuating the problem." Awesome....I am starting to get that attitude!!

    haylo - Way to go on your steps.......Sounds like you are determined to get them all in!! is your back? I sure hope it gets better quickly for you!!
    I really think the accountability of getting on that scale every week is worth it. I hope you decide to join and go to the meetings.

    To anyone I missed.....I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

    Well, I guess I have rambled here enough!!

    I will check in tomorrow!!
  • Good morning ladies,
    I didn't get to post again yesterday as my DS took over the computer as soon as we came in the house, so you guessed it, we spent a lot of time out side. I was exhausted I feel asleep at about 8:00 and just woke up about 6:45. It was a great sleep.
    Haylo, I walked 12,829 steps and I was shocked becuase I purposely walked about 7,000 steps and then I forgot to pick something up so I had to go back and get it and I though I would walk even though driving would have been faster. I had a great day yesterday. I want to get weighed so badly, maybe Thursday. I think I am obsessed with the scale.
    Erica, good morning happy Monday.
    Laura, great attitude. Your posts always make me think positive thoughts
    Kim, that is awesome you daughter making wise choices. It is great you had a wonderful time at the lake. When I go to red lobster I order the baked potato with that Pico de gallo stuff on it, the seasoned brocolli and the grilled chicken. I also tell them I have high blood pressure so I can't have sodium. If I didn't preplan there I would go crazy I am sure. All the food smells so good.
    Linda, How are you doing?
    Paige 2 how is your back?
    Paige 1 have on awesome Monday. How was your night?
    Tech, your post made me laugh, I remember when I lived close to my family and in laws, I think maybe some occasions I drank more. I never drink now...funny how that is. I hope your finger gets better soon. It is amazing how tender the tips of our fingers are.
    Briza, I do hope you are feeling better. Take Care of yourself.

    Renee and Dianne I hope we here from you ladies again.
    Have a great day everyone.