looking for WHIPPED Peter Pan peanut butter

  • This is a hard to find item and not available in Northern CA. If any of you use this, could you tell me what area of the country you're in and what store you found it at....?

  • Have you asked your store to carry it? Most stores will get it in for you. If it doesnt sell they will take it off the shelfs. But its worth a try. Request that they carry this item.

    Go to the customer service and ask for a form to fill out to request a certain item to be carried.
    Or most stores also have a web site and the form can be gotten from the web site and emailed. Or printed and taken in.
  • Hi, I live in Wisconsin, and find mine at "WOODMAN"S. a huge chain in the Midwest. If you would want I would mail you a couple of jars if you have a problem finding it. Hope this helps.Patti
  • I have searched in vain for this in northern New Jersey & southern New York State. Finally found it while on vacation in Florida at the Winn Dixie supermarket ... bought 6 jars ... although I had to explain them to the security guards at the airport before they'd let me on the plane.
  • You're kidding. Why were they suspicious of your 6 jars of peanut butter?

  • I have contacted ConAgra foods
    Clearly, the owner of Peter Pan Products, ConAgra foods, is having a difficult time realizing they could sell this product if they would only stock it in more places. I'll let you know once I hear back from them.

  • Is this whipped peanut butter lower in calories or fat? I am wondering why everyone is looking for it?
  • Yes, it is about 40-50 calories lower than regular peanut butter, 3 grams of fat lower and is very easy to spread. No need to refrigerate either, so some people leave one jar at home and take the other to their office.

  • Re the airport security guards -- I guess the 6 jars in my carry on showed up on the x-ray as 6 suspicious-looking cylinders. One of the security guards (male) still looked doubtful when he opened the bag and looked at one of the jars. The other guard (female) kind of grinned like she had found a fellow foodie.