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derrydaughter 02-02-2007 08:06 AM

Supporting Each Other On Our Weight Loss Journey
It's great to be starting a new thread as the old one was getting too long! Join those of us who have been chatting for awhile and we will help you as you will help us.
This is a great thread, I think many of us are really getting someplace with this and it helps that we are encouraging each other!
We have a group of great people who are posting what is going on in their lives and we are working together. Sometimes I feel like our group is kind of like a mini dose of a WW meeting on a daily basis. We're making it work!
C'mon and join us and we'll help each other. We talk about what works and what doesn't work. We share recipes and we applaud and we sympathize!

nibs 02-02-2007 08:15 AM

:wave: I'm here.....


mpaigew 02-02-2007 08:15 AM

I'm feeling quite pressured by all of you...I think I'm the only one that hasn't reported any loss lately!!! I need to get back to having a set weekly weigh in (I don't go to meetings.) I used to be so strict about weighing in each week...I don't know what happened? I also really need to get back to tracking my pts, too. That is definately going to be a goal for today.

Nothing new and exciting to report here. I haven't been to the gym this week because dd was sick, and then yesterday I did something to my back. I can hardly move today. It happens every once in awhile; I'll move quick or bend over and stand back up "wrong" and throw the alignment in my spine off. I hope it gets better so I don't have to go to the chiropractor. I don't understand why things can't just be "normal" for a change...not have any one sick or not feeling up to par.

Anyway...hope everyone has a great day...

derrydaughter 02-02-2007 08:33 AM

Paige.... I'm sending you are virtual hug.... ((((HUG)))). Sounds like you've had a rough week. If you look at my favorite movie quote from my signature line, "never give up, never surrender", this is a time when you need to say that to yourself and use it as your "mantra".
I have been where you are. I know you know what I have been through having lost both my parents within four months of each other. When times get tough, our routines and food choices go down the tubes. Forgive yourself, don't feel so pressured and remember to take care of yourself and your children. A few weeks without a loss and maybe a small gain is not going to lose the war for you, you have just lost a few of the small battles.
My back pulls out like that every now and then, it happened once when I sneezed in the shower and I could barely get out of the shower and dry off. I was flat on my back, in bed, for about two or three days. But, I am happy to say that I have solution for you. First, ice, Advil and stay as inactive as you can for a day or so (hard to do with little ones, but enlist some help from friends, your husband or whatever) and then start some exercises. I have a book put out by Prevention magazine that actually gives a series of preventative back strengthening exercises. I looked on line and there are several sites you can go to for them, but here is just one (use at your own risk, of course):

If you start simply doing a few of these kind of things, you will get your back "back" much sooner than if you just do nothing and continue your day to day activities. If I lived near you, I'd come over and sit for your kids while you laid down and maybe make you some soup, but I can only offer you my thoughts.
Be kind to yourself. We all have our rough times and you have a busy life, sick kids. Just don't give up, a set back is nothing to concern yourself with, just square your shoulders, pick up the pieces and continue.
Get out your journal, drink some water and begin anew today.
Take care and let us know how you are doing!

Kiwi24 02-02-2007 10:27 AM

Hi everyone:wave:
Paige, first let me say I feel for you with the back pain. So take your advil and try to take it easy until it gets to feeling better.
I really believe you should track your points. :write: That would probably help you. Those days I don't track are the days that I should have. :hun: I have had a horrible week this week but looking back I wasn't faithfully tracking. :chin: Tomorrow I weigh in. :halfempty If I don't stay on track today I may have to take my shoes off tomorrow to show a weight loss!:rofl:


Rosegarden 02-02-2007 11:15 AM

Good morning. Paige you are not the only one without a loss. I'd be in the same boat as you. I did NOT make it to a meeting yesterday as I had my hands FULL with prepping for that dinner. I figured I go today. Well best laid plans. DS came home and told me that we had to be over at Kalamazoo at 4 p.m. in order to get a seat for the BIG game of the season. So I needed to come into work, get my month end stuff done for January and go home to get to a game that is an hour away from my house. So unless they have a noon weigh in today, I'll be waiting until next week. That does not make me happy whatsoever. Maybe there's a meeting tomorrow at the next town over. GGGGRRRR. Oh well, I have today planned out and it's an OP kind of day, so it will be okay.

Have a good Friday everyone and wish my son's team the best of luck. They are playing the #1 ranked team in the state tonight and we have beat them once before. We have an honorable mention team but they are ranked to beat us. We can do it. I know we can.

melekalikimaka 02-02-2007 12:12 PM

Good morning ladies. :coffee:

Paige :hug: wise words offered all around. It's just one of those days where you have to hang in there and you'll make it through. We're here to listen anytime.

Kiwi, I would strip down to my underwear and WI if I wasn't so modest :lol: You weigh in with shoes??? :faint:

Laura, good luck to your sons team!!! :cheer2: :cheer2: Even though you may not be able to WI you have planned to have an OP day and that counts for something. Enjoy the game!

Hey Kim, how's it going?

Hello to everyone, I gotta get a jump start on the day, just wanted to check in.

ECmom 02-02-2007 12:39 PM

Good morning!
Gee we could start a back pain club here......I too have been known to have major back issues. Paige, take that Advil and try to break the pain cycle. Linda had some great advice for you too. Don't try to do too much too early, but loosening up your back with hot showers would be a good idea. Hugs....hope you are feeling better soon. It is tough with little ones(I remember crawling into the chiropractor's office with my youngest at 6 months) We all have times when weight loss is hard.......I agree you should be tracking everything, all bites, licks and tastes.

Noele- hope your day goes well.........I take my shoes off for a WI! :)

Laura- best of luck to your son's team tonight.......Yes they can do it...... hope they win!

Kiwi- hope your WI goes ok....take the shoes off girl! I would never WI with mine!

Hi Kim!

Linda- what kind and caring advice you gave Paige......what a good friend you are. Thanks for starting the new thread!

Got a 20 minute walk in so far....kind of laying low this week, this TOM is really making me tired for some reason.
Opps, the darned dryer......gotta go fold. Take care!

Rosegarden 02-02-2007 03:38 PM

I GOT TO A MEETING!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! Okay, I can't believe how much I get from my weekly meeting. I know not everyone needs one, but I am someone who does. It was about getting active. For some reason, I had read all my materials to read that you MUST do 30 minutes at one time to make it count toward AP. That is really hard for me to do 5-7 days a week. The leader said 10-10-10 adds up to 30 and try it that way this week. That's what I am going to do. I'm jazzed!!!

Winter storm warning here and I'm doing that traveling to the game. BBBRRRR - 2 degrees out there with wind chill - 1-3" tonight and 6-12" by tomorrow. YUUUCKKK

melekalikimaka 02-02-2007 04:43 PM

Just back from my WI and am down 3 lbs this week :carrot: Hallelujah! :lol: I was holding my breath as I stepped on the scale (even though I know this doesn't make you skinnier or weigh less). So I got my 10 lb star. This is great motivation to have another great week ahead.

Laura, good for you for grabbing that meeting. I need them too or else I get lazy and think I can sneak a bite of something extra w/out counting. :hug: Stay warm out there.

Hi Ginny :wave: I wouldn't mind helping ya fold those clothes all nice and warm just out of the dryer. It's a little nippy here, not even 70 degrees yet! I know, brrrrrrrrrr! right? :lol:

mpaigew 02-02-2007 04:49 PM

Hi all...I'm going to be the real downer here...I am having such a hard day. My back is feeling a lot better, though...thanks, girls for all the advice! I ended up taking a prescription Motrin (I am prescribed them to help with migraines) and then I took a hot bath. It really loosened my back up a lot, so I can at least bend down or turn and not yelp in pain!

But anyway, I'm having a hard "motherhood" day. I am feeling like maybe becoming a mom wasn't the smartest choice, not that it matters now. It's mainly my older dd; she is the usual kid...perfect angel for anyone but me. With me, she's constantly whining, crying, throwing temper tantrums (someone actually told her yesterday in Walmart, "When you are done throwing your temper tantrum, could you PLEASE get out of my way???" OMG!) I have absolutely no control over her, and I end up just getting angry and frustrated. I just feel like I hate the person I've become since having children, and I feel like my kids deserve a better mom than me. She makes me so incredibly stressed out. Today it led to a mini-binge eating. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, but how to moms get through it? Why would anyone want to become a mom?! I don't enjoy my children...there is never a chance to. I am just so frustrated.

Anyway...sorry about the little rant.


FrouFrou 02-02-2007 04:53 PM

Woohoo NOELLE! WTG!!! :carrot: :woohoo: You and your 70 degree weather! I am so jealous...it is a cold 22 here, and that doesn't include the wind chill....brrrrrrr.

WTG LAURA!!!:carrot: :carrot: Good for you for getting to a meeting! I too need those meetings...it keeps me on track.

GINNY...count me in for the back pain club. I've had back pain for years and love going to the chiropractor. But I know that as I lose weight it lessens. Still have to be careful because I've put my back out just sneezing! WTG on the 20 minute walk.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Trying to remember to check in here, it's hard. Once I finish this TBL challenge it will be easier, will just have three threads to post on, lol. Felt I needed a challenge so jumped on that thread before I joined WW. Anywho...take care ladies and have a good day!

FrouFrou 02-02-2007 04:58 PM

HI PAIGE! guess we were posting at the same time. I am so sorry you are frustrated today and especially at being a mom. :hug: :hug: :hug: And I am sorry I can't give you any advice. I always enjoyed being a mom and still do even though mine are grown up now. I do remember though having bad days, mostly because DH worked so much and I never had any help around the house. But I made it thru and all the better for it as will you. I always believe in that saying that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. So you hang in there. You'll be fine. Lots of hugs to you sweetie. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

djmommy 02-02-2007 05:30 PM

You all rock... I can not beleive how much you all post.

First I still have this dang cold... As soon as my meds wear off I feel like craP. I still have not worked out but am not worried about a gain cuz I really have no Hunger for food. I am making myself eat.....It has been hard to pull meals together for the kids... Dh is taking us out tonight. I just do not want to cook. I will have soup or a salad and be done....Looking forward to breathing again...I did get my hair cut and I always feel great after they style my hair. Just wish I could style it like them.....

Paige I have been there with my kids. Some days are sooo hard.. How old is she??? My younger one was a stinker until a year ago. I have always said he is sooo strong willed that he is going to be somehing great in life. I would never want to change that in him,it is tough at times but he is a leader in life and NONONE will push him around. I use to make a paper clock out of paper plate and he would have to move his bedtime up 5 minutes when things got hairy...He hated going to bed early but it helped... Now all I say is do you want to go to bed early?? He straightens up....Anyway you need to find what works best for you. She may know she has you, so maybe walk away. It is hard I know but hang in there cuz like a movie once said.... Kids should not go to bed at night cuz the next day they are older.... Enjoy them the best you can while they are young....It will get better

Rosegarden you made it to a meeting way to go..... Whooo. Stay warmmmmm
Good luck at the game...

mele way to go on the loss. I can not wait to reach my 10 pd goal. I just made 5 this week and I was so excited too. !0 is so much better

Ecom mom I take my shoes off and wear the same stupid outfit to each weigh in....I even wear a zip up hoody that I take off and have a tank top on.....I had 50 cents in my pocket the last wi. I took it out after she weighed me. she did it again and I swear there was a .2 difference, so it counts to take off anything you can. I may not wear my jewlery.....Every oz counts.....

When I hit 20 pds my dh bought me 2 spa days. I am going to use one at each 20 pts. I can not wait....

I know I forgot some of you. I am not as good as remembering as you alll do.I do hope you all have a great night.,STAY WARM Barb

Kiwi24 02-02-2007 11:39 PM

Okay tomorrow is the weigh in day. :crossed: I've done very well today. If starving myself is doing well.:rolleyes: Water, coffee and salad! What else could I do. :shrug: I have been bad all week. By that I mean I continued to go over my points even though I'm sure I used up my 35 points early on in the week. I'm not really sure because I didn't track like I should and that's why I'm whining now!:tantrum:

I promise I will track next week:sorry: .....I promise I won't cheeeeeeaaat next week :nose:.....well, at least stay within my 35 points for the week :devil: .... just let me looooose at least 1 pouuuuuund!!:stress:

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