Today I become a Weight Watching Woman...

  • I'm new to Weight Watchers and to this forum. I have about 103 pounds to lose. I started the Winning Points Program today. Any advice is very welcome!

  • Hi lisa!
    Well, congrats on joining ww!! it is a good programme I think.
    I have 104 left to go (I have lost 21 already) so we are about the same! I am in for the long haul with this.

    Tips? Pointless soup is a must. Journal, drink your water, and always check back here to post!!! This is a very supportive website. I post on 'from above 250' usually. You are very welcome to come and join us, or you can join any thread really - or start your own. there are new people coming along all the time. I find this the best thing about my diet! I am making new friends and getting a new perspective.

    Good luck. You can PM me if you prefer.