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Flib 10-17-2001 10:30 AM

Almost there - need a pep talk!
Hi everyone, I thought I'd post this here because you folks are the pros on getting to goal.

My story - I started out in Dec 99 at 292.6 pounds. Now here it is almost two years later, and I'm at 174.6. My WW goal is 169 (top of my range) and my personal is 165.

Yup, I'm getting close, but I've been a yo yo now for weeks. I've been bouncing from 171.8 to my current weight for 2 months. And I'm getting really frustrated. At weigh in last night I went up 2.8 pounds!!!! ARGH!!!!

Please share with me any advice you have to break through to goal and also your personal experience (were the last 5 pounds the hardest for you too?) I've decided this week to be like a new member again. Double check points for everything and weigh and measure. Sigh. Sorry for the book, but I'm down.

The really crazy thing is I feel perhaps more fat right now than I did before joining WW in the first place! (Context: my period is due in the next couple of days which is part of the reason I feel like a whale. But that doesn't explain the pattern of gaining and losing.)

Thanks for any insight you can share!

292.6/174.6/165 personal goal

LM 10-17-2001 11:16 AM

Hi there Flib and CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your wonderful achievement so far. You will reach goal. Don't worry. Just keep on doing the right thing and it will click. I think it took me 6 months to lose the last 10 pounds. Sad but true, but on the bright side it did happen. Gotta be persistent. You are worth it.


And let us know how it goes too.

By the way, tell your bad brain to stop telling you that you are "fat". Thing of the past, Flib. Go take a long brisk walk. That might help.

Best of luck. We're all behind you!

- Laurel

kt marie 10-17-2001 02:19 PM

Hi Flib -
Congrats on your weight loss so far - don't forget to remember how far you've come.

The "think as a new member" is a great idea. As we close to our goal, we can sometimes get a little sloppy in our portion sizes, not counting the BLT's (Bites, licks, tastes), not keeping up with the water, etc. Make sure you are counting/measuring if you think you're getting a little lax. Also, maybe shake up your routine a little - have something different for breakfast or lunch, if your're exercising, change or add something to your regime - it might help get you out of your plateau.

Last week's meeting topic was on breaking through a plateau - ask for the "Breaking Through" booklet from the leader/receptionist - that may help you as well.

Hope this helps. Keep up updated on your progress & feel free to post anytime!

Take care,

patch30 10-19-2001 01:30 PM

Dear Fib -

Well you've come to the right place! I don't think there's a single one of us who hasn't struggled with the last bit of weight to lose. My take is that there was a part of me that was scared to get down to goal and kept subtly sabotaging me. Also remember that your body may be fighting the last bit since perhaps "it" doesn't think you need to lose anymore.

gotta fight it!!! Why not join our daily tracking journals to see what your doing, maybe even join the weekly posting just to see how you're faring in points etc.??

Maintaining goal weight as well, is a struggle for all of us, but the support we get and give really keeps us focused.

If you still have any of those largesse pants etc. from the beginning... just take them out when you're feeling "fat" and really see how far you've come. One of our gang mentioned that's what she did this week as a tool to get her back on track when she "slipped".

Hang in there and MAJOR CONGRATS on all you have accomplished so far. You are doing great and don't let anybody including your "fat brat" tell you different!

Flib 10-19-2001 02:23 PM

Wow, thanks for your support! It's just what I need. The last few days I've been pretty consistent with the think like a new member tactics. Lots of weighing and measuring. Also I've been eating more 0 and 1-point fruits and veggies to help fill me up without maxing out points. I don't know if I've lost, but at least I feel in control (and I must say, the feeling of being in control really helps fight those "I'm so fat" feelings. Thank you again. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing and will certainly read (and maybe even dive into) some of your threads.

292.6/174.6/169 personal goal

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