Journal - Saturday, October 13, 2001

  • Good Morning! Ate a little more than I should have last night - had a bit of a gut-ache last night - can't shovel it in like I used to (thank goodness!)

    Coffee 0/0
    Oatmeal 2/2

    Progresso soup 2/4
    FF cottage cheese 1/5
    Natural Ovens bagel 2/7

    DH is grilling porterhouse steaks on the gas grill - small piece 4/11
    Baked potato 3/14
    1 cup skim milk 2/16
    Steamed veggies 0/16
    2 glasses of wine 4/20

    Piece of leftover birthday cake 4/24


  • It is encouraging that our capacity for both quantity and quality has changed. I just can't tolerate alot of fried foods as I used to. I love them, but actually get a tummy ache. Which is so wonderful.
    And I don't test it out very often.

    usual 6
    1/2 everything matzoh w/bb marg 1.5

    boca burger sand 2
    oriental veg mix
    dried pineapple 1
    apple 1
    1/2 choc castelet cookie/1/2 newton 1.5

    d: turkish restaurant! (see above about quantity???)
    bread 6
    appetizers (1/2s of stuffed grape leaf/zucchini patty/stuffed eggplant/humus) 8
    grilled chicken pattie kebab 4
    1/2 pita 2
    rice pilaf 3
    coffee w/ milk 2
    bites of desserts (baklava/syrupy nutty thing) 5

    total: my stomach told me it was too many...

    exercise: only a stroll
  • Hi everjuan,

    Finally made it work this afternoon, had to get a new(but free ) muffler for my prestige touring wagon (dog fur covered to boot) !

    kt: I understand how you feel. Yum for bd cake, was a good?

    Laurel: I had one donut hole yesterday. It was delightful.
    Good on ya for going out for turkish. good stuff, but bathed in olive oil.

    coffee 1/1
    special K 4/5
    milch 2/7
    cabbage/chanterelle/bacon leftvovers 3/10
    just 2! pts 2/12
    no idea, have a ceasar's salad 4/16
    baba ganoush 4/20
    crocantini 4/24
    skinny cow 2/26
    exercise: numerous dog putters (1.5 hours total), bike 35 mins.
    water: getting started, okay?
    vitamin: right now
  • Feeling out of it and fighting munchies all day. Did pretty well considering.

    vigoraid 4
    ww bar 2

    spicy "chicken" patty 3
    carnival squash 2
    lite bread with soy butter 2

    salmon pinwheel 5
    pasta 3
    sauce 1
    braised veggies 0
    wasabi peas 1

    Total: 23

    Exercise: None. Tried to take a spin class but the road was closed down because some guy knocked down a pole with two transformers on it. The police made me turn around. All week things have been getting in the way of me exercising. Hopefully I can make the kickboxing class tomorrow morning.
  • just updating from this disaster in eating weekend...

    Morning (4)
    cof - 1, 1/2 lowfat muffin - 3

    Midday / evening (26)
    drinks - 4, soft shell crab - 8, bread - 4, pasta w/ sauce - 6, blts - 4

    total: 30

    don't know if I hve any banked points left???