can anyone help me use fitday and WW points?!?

  • Hi all,
    I'm new to the site, and I need a little help with how to monitor how I'm doing.

    I used WW's points system about a year ago, but I didn't go to meetings and lost motivation. So, I've gained some more and am now VERY motivated to get fit and healthy. I read about fitday on here, and I went ahead and signed up and have entered foods last two days. I took a bunch of stuff out of pantry/fridge/freezer and sat and entered in custom foods. I like/need the accountability of recording what I eat, and I like doing it online.

    Here's the problem... with WW, I knew points I could have each day to LOSE. On fitday, I have no idea. I'm entering away, but how many calories should I be shooting for? I don't know my target goal. I also am not sure of the goal for protein/fat/carbs - what should that be? Oh, and one more thing... on WW exercise allowed me to eat MORE. Does fitday activity allow you to eat more?

    Also, I thought it might work to enter in points for custom foods and keep a tally of points too... like

    wheat tortilla (2pt)
    boca burger (1pt)
    1/4 c. cheese (2pt)

    I don't want to make it too complicated to follow though. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!! Thanks a bunch!
  • Hi Angie you could try these sites. They make things a lot easier to use. they have palces to track food points, excercise points etc. And that has lots of point finders etc. Fitday did not suit me either, hopes this helps
  • Maybe this can help you with the calories to points:

    20 = 1150
    21 = 1200
    22 = 1250
    23 = 1300
    24 = 1350
    25 = 1400
    26 = 1450
    27 = 1500
    28 = 1550
    29 = 1600
    30 = 1650
    31 = 1700
    32 = 1750
    33 = 1800
    34 = 1850
    35 = 1900

    But remember this can be up or down based on fat and fiber and DOES NOT include the 200-250 calories a day that W/W built into the program for free veggies.