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hellcatjill 12-26-2005 06:58 PM

Good exercises you could recommend. . .
. . . for toning my triceps? I can definitely tell my biceps in my arms are getting bigger, but I can't tell a darn thing with my triceps. Any ideas for exercises (free weight or machines) that will work these muscles more?

Mel 12-26-2005 07:24 PM

Take a look at exrx.net. The exercises are organized by muscle group.

You might try overhead extension with a curl bar or dumbbells, kick backs, push-downs, narrow grip bench presses, narrow stance pushups, overhead cable extensions, etc.


RobertW 12-27-2005 10:38 AM

Like Mel indicated, there are lots of different exercises that will help prevent or get rid of those "bat wings". If the problem is that you just can't see your triceps, then it is a matter of losing a couple of more pounds.

I would focus on a basic pressing exercise and work on getting as strong as possible. Overhead press or benchpress with either a barbell or dumbells is where I would start. If you can work up to bodyweight on the benchpress or 2/3 BWT on the OHP I guarantee your triceps will be toned.

If you really want to focus on tricep isolation work for "esthetic' reasons, or to help your press, I like these dumbell extentions : Tate Press They work best with hex dumbells, and you need to start really light. I was using 50# Dumbells for sets of 12 when I was bench pressing 360#.

hellcatjill 12-27-2005 05:20 PM


Mel, that is a great site. I bookmarked it for future reference.

Robert--Yeah, I'm sure I could stand to lose a little weight in my arms, but I can also tell I'm not working my triceps enough. Hopefully with these exercises I'll be able to change that.

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