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Default Anyone have opinions about the 'bullworker'

I bought one of the older bullworkers X5 I believe a number of years ago and it seems like it does great for me with a lot of different muscle groups. Honestly I am not sure how I found out about it or why I took a chance, this thing gets almost no press whatsoever.

They have a new one out and I guess I have a couple of questions. Does anyone have any opinions about any bullworker positive or negative. Has anyone used the new one and if so what do they think? Basically the bullworker is a bar that can be compressed but it also has ropes on each side that can be pulled. So you can do almost an inifinite amount of different pulling and pushing exercises with it.
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I went to the site, I personally would get bored in a week with that contraption....
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I can tell you that bordem is not want of its faults. It comes with a workout guide of about 30 exercises each for men and women.

And I suppose, in the end, I am the one who knows if it is working or not. And when I use it, yes it helps a lot. I was just curious if others had used one and what their opinions were. It's size is a real advantage as well.
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I'm familiar with the Bullworker and would say the main drawback is that it leaves you no room to up the level of your workout.

I understand that it may work really well for some time, but, unlike weights (either machine or hand held) it gives you no opportunity to really increase your resistance.

Therefore, great to start, but I figure after some time you will just be at a plateau with your fitness, because you arent giving your body a new and harder challenge. So there will come a time when you feel the need to do more.

My step dad had a bullworker back in the mid 70's and I used it to work my pecs - it did give a challenging work out for a time.
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Oooh we have one of those... My future father in law used it, he claimed, for his pecs! My fiance uses it occasionally but not with any commitment! Personally I prefer my dumbbells!
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