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Macky1991 09-04-2021 12:58 PM

Weight and Resistance training.
Do some work out,Exercising,eat vitamins foods, drink plenty of water and the best part is Self-descipline.

Qudam 06-03-2022 10:17 AM

As a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, I can give advice on losing weight - Any diet is initially a dead end that does not lead a person to health. It's the same when a person begins to exhaust himself with physical activity, based on the basic understanding that a person can lose weight if he has a calorie deficit. For example, if a person ate 1200 calories and spent 1500 calories. The difference of 300 calories will be taken directly from the fat that the person has stored. In fact, this is a fundamentally erroneous misconception, weight has others, including psychological aspects. And most importantly, the question is incorrectly posed here when a person sets himself the task: "I want to lose weight." A person can set a task for himself, adjust his life route: what he is doing now, what he eats, what kind of load he has in order to improve his health. And in principle, based on this situation, a side effect may be weight loss. I repeat once again: if a person sets himself the task of losing weight, then he runs the risk of sooner or later being under the control of an eating disorder.
You can believe me, when I just started - I was working for local gym, but within a year I registered my company(https://bestllcservices.co/start-an-...-north-dakota/ - here I did it very easy) and opened my own gym and now I have a lot of happy clients who trust me and see the results.

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