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Default Strength training in the early stages of weightloss?

I am 5'8, and 193lbs -down from 220, - still lots to go!

I am wondering about really intense exercise and training.

I have read in a few places that even while working out like a pro if you have excess fat then you won't see the physical results until the body fat percentage is low enough.

I have a great exercise regime now, but it is not heavily strength focused, and I don't expect the visible results to be outstanding.

Does anyone think that stepping up the workout early on will show results early on, or will it still be a case of waiting until the majority of my weight is gone before I see anything- toned arms, legs, stomach etc
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We all carry weight differently on different parts of our body. In some areas, you'll be leaner than others. So as you lose weight, you may feel frustrated that your shoulders have a nice shape but your triceps don't.

I'm still obese but have been doing Pilates and weight training for nearly four years. My shoulders are getting really nice, and while I am not lean anywhere else, I am leaner and people notice that I'm carrying myself differently.

Weight training will slow your rate of weight loss, but you'll still shred fat while you're putting on muscle. Some like to get down to about 25% body fat before starting to weight train, but developing muscle takes a long time. Years, in fact. But the choice is up to you.

You might want to read more about it in books like "Rules of Weight Training for Women" or "Strong Curves". I highly recommend both of them.

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Thanks geo
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I definitely saw results early on.
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You are well into workout territory so I would just bust it up. I did and it accelerated my weightloss and showed results.

From 281lbs, I did not do any extra exercise until I was 230lbs when I started weight training (I was just too embarassed, got too tired and couldn't run without hurting my joints). At 220lbs, I started to run. Slow and short at first. I now run 6 miles a day. So I sympathize a lot with people trying to work out at heavier weights and say to them just use diet if you can't.

But you ain't heavy.

At 193lbs and 5'8" you should be able to do everything. Lots of weight training and cardio. Nothing should be holding you back.

The scale will stall out with exercise (water, muscle gain) but I did not notice any difference until 170lbs as I was losing more weight in fat than either of these was putting on. The extra losses with cardio were really dramatic above 200lbs. Then it got tricky. So, at 193lbs, you should have a way to go before the exercise really starts to mess with the scale.

Exercise will be a win-win for you!

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Hi there!
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OP, I'm not really sure about the answers to your questions, but I'd like to know them as well. I'm glad you asked this question!

I'm approaching halfway to my ultimate goal and while I've done exercise in the past, I didn't do any heavy weight training (partly because I don't know much about it and didn't want to inadvertently kill myself or others near me).

I do want to do more weight training and exercising, but I have a mental block. When my weight stalls for long periods, I go a bit crazy even when I try very hard not to. I understand that working out more and still eating less will NOT lead to a gain in fat, but my subconscious doesn't get it. It has thrown me off track before.

So, if anyone offers tips on how to get past the mental part of stalled weight loss, I'd love to hear it. Also, does gaining muscle while still pretty overweight make you bulk up at all? Like, fat on top of more muscle?
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Thanks everyone!
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