New Rules of Weight Lifting! (2014)

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  • Agreed with c25k combo. I kinda dovetailed starting new rules and finished c25k last time around an planned to keep doing similar length runs. But I found it too much (both time-wise and energy wise). BUT I was also training for derby and playing rec ultimate which limited rest days. I found quick intervals before as a warm up (~13min) much more doable.

    Rated - yeah, the app is great! Its got timers and all that jazz. It can be a pain to set up alternating sets (unless I'm missing something) but its much more useful t me for logging than paper I'd inevitably lose.

    I'm deciding how I want to start back into the program... I really just need to sit down with my current gym/work schedule and which days I can fit longer workouts in and decide whether I want to repeat some or jump right back into stage 3. (Is is wrong that I'm kinda pumped for the body weight matrix?? for now...). Time-wise, I think I'll so a S1 workout just so I stop making excuses and do some lifting
  • Ahhh----suck!

    I've found that the "meat heads" tend to be super helpful to newbies, especially women. They are full of pointers on proper lifting, form, how to increase, protein, and on and on and on. Surprisingly so, really. The runners/walkers tend to be in their own zone and not have much to offer, but the weight lifters LOVE seeing new meat trying to get healthy and fit. You'd be surprised by the welcome you'll get over there.

    And seriously, if the thought of lifting at the gym intimidates you, your really should check out Body By You.

    Today is a new day to try again. At least walking in the door was step one. You can do this!!!
  • Quote: LOL I totally chickened out. FAIL The gym was PACKED yesterday. Dozens of people lined up for new memberships, not a single treadmill free, iron area oozing with beefy dudes. *sigh* New Years...

    C25K went great though! and I spent an extra few minutes rowing instead of the weights.
    Since I posted before you posted this - great job on getting c25k done. Sucky that the gym is still packed though. My gym seems to have already lost its most of its resolution rush.
  • Thanks dehtripper! I have a feeling there will be a steady influx of new member's for a while yet Oh well. Also just downloaded that app you mentioned! Way better than taking a pen and paper to the gym I'd say

    Zoesmom - I will try and keep that in mind! I'll get there, I just need to get over these silly insecurities and cross that threshold! And I think I have seen that body by you, it's all body weight exercise's if I recall?
  • It is. But it is more than that. It is body lifting. And surprisingly more difficult than mere weight lifting. I started it recently to add into my regimine and was surprised to find how weak I was despite how heavy I lift. But it is great for the days I don't feel like hitting the weights at the gym (and for helping me reach my goal this year)
  • That sounds pretty cool, I will have to check that out. I used to have a basement room with an old broken elliptical that I could sort of work out in, but in the last year it has become full of things destined for big spring garage sale!
  • I spoke too soon about the end of the resolution rush - there's been no classes this week so the gym was PACKED yesterday... so I just played frisbee for an hour and didn't bother with the crowded weight room.

    But I DID get my weights in today. I just went back and ST1 A1 again. I'm going to do B1 again this week too and see how I feel.
  • How are the workouts going for everyone? I have completed 6 workouts and I already feel more confident. Since I am on Workout 3/4 I have upped the weight and I am proud of how I am progressing.
  • Nice work Rated! I'm still struggling to cross the threshold. Yesterday was full of beefy beefcakes making sounds similar to that of giving birth. I steered very clear of that area again! I have been watching some of the regulars though, and I may have scoped out a couple of potential helpers. We will see how it goes. Yesterday, I watched very very closely how to use the squat rack properly. It's sort of off to the side, so I may be able to sneak in there without too much trouble
  • Going pretty good here. I've been keeping on S1 again, mainly because the later workouts are sooooo friggen long. Ugggggg. I love the program but I'm having a hard time integrating long workouts into my current schedule in a way that is manageable. Anyhow, I LOVE stage 1 and its got bit of everything so I'm not really complaining.

    I also had that moment today of remembering how much I prefer lifting while I was surrounded by a bunch of girls doing boring-looking cardio (the lat machine is in the cardio room at my gym). Not to poo poo cardio overall, I just love this so much more. I get plenty of fun cardio with frisbee and roller derby, but I love that I can get a whole-body workout AND some quick intervals or derby agility in during my lunch hour.

    Rated - I'm glad you're enjoying it. Its such a great feeling to track your progress eh!

    Silverfire - sorry that the beefer's are still delaying the plunge. I'm actually amazed at how few of them at my gym use the actual squat rack at my gym at least. Hope you can squeak in a claim that rack soon!
  • dehtripper - I love your avatar BTW! I really really would love to try out for derby here. But unfortunately, we don't have good fresh meat sessions in these parts. Here you already have to have the gear to even have a go, while a friend of mine in Alberta says that they have a thing were even if you don't have the gear, they have old stuff for you to try on and try out....
  • Thanks Man, I may be a bit biased, but I really think anybody who's wondered about it should totally try derby. One of the absolute best decisions I've made.

    We're similar here (I'm in Atlantic Canada). Yes, you will have to get your own gear but general we try and do a gear lend for people to try it. And there's always people upgrading and selling off old stuff cheap. I'd ask around the league and see if there's even a regional used gear Facebook page/check kijiji etc. We have women of ALL shapes and sizes, ages, careers, etc. Not that its a cure-all for fitness (I gained weight through my first 2 seasons) but it is an amazing sport to be involved with. Anyhow, I'm always up for talking derby if you want to pm any questions

    Today I think is a rest day from weights. My hamstrings were soooooo tight last night. Must get back on to foam rolling.
  • How are people doing? I haven't done any strength yet this week. I did a 30DS at home over the weekend (b/c I didn't want to journey out in the cold), just with 5 lb weights and maaaaaaan something in that really gave my shoulders a run for their money. So I ran yesterday and then had frisbee today. Back to the weight room tomorrow.
  • Hello folks. I am working through the New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts as well. I recently started over at Stage 1 after a three-week trip to India followed by some other stuff disrupted my workout rhythm again. I'm now at Stage 2 for the second time. I quite like the workouts.
  • Oof, I killed the New Rules thread!

    Just wanted to pop in to say that I hate lunges in every variety. If it weren't for following the New Rules workouts I doubt I would be able to make myself do them.