JULY- melt the fat, make the muscle!

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  • OK, lame thread title.

    So we are starting July with this because it makes me happy to look at her!

    Judging by her activity level, she is VERY fit! and doesn't eat much

    Make July count

  • I never had a kitten. My first girl was 9 months when we got her and she was very active and has remained active for the past (nearly) 3 years.
  • Today was a cardio day. I went through the motions and did quite a bit of stretching. I'm telling myself that I don't want to injure myself so I'm taking it slowly.

    I wish I would take food a bit more slowly. Here's a paradox for you.

    When things are ever so slightly out of control (as they are at the moment) and I have to do more than I want (e.g., wash up a lot in order to find a clear space - this is not a trivial issue!) I find I nibble just to keep going. Strangely, when my father was very ill last year and things were slightly out of control and I was having to do a great deal, I was not tempted to eat more. In fact, I ate less and more wisely to make absolutely sure that I could keep going. And the learning point is? I don't know.

    Nice kitten, Mel. Is she at the climbing up the curtains stage?
  • Mel: What an adorable kitten. What a pretty gray color and she looks very soft. Hey, and she has blue eyes!

    Make July count. Yep, just add it to the list. Actually, I'm doing fine. Just still really busy. Off to get legs in this morning, do some programming for my clients, order a dumpster for my kitchen cabinets, and begin preparing for my NASM exam. (The books just arrived )

    Make it a great morning everyone.
  • Go Lydia!! Maybe if you move down here, you can be my PT

    I don't think I mentioned it here but I'm in the process of going back to school. I'm in 'applying for college' frenzy Gotta get some paperwork together, including transcripts. One of my schools is a bit of a pain to get transcripts from but the other 2 are pretty easy.

    I'm also taking a couple online self study courses to brush up on some stuff. I also have to figure out what requirements are truly requirements and what can be waived. Am I really ready for all this? Who knows

    I have to say that I'm lucky in that I live in the vicinity of a school that is rated #1 in the country for the subject I want to study and that my work is willing to help pay for the schooling. Of course the whole thing makes me nervous because do I really want a job change? Yes but is it really doable?

    I told DH (jokingly) last night that he is going to have to pull in more income because my income potential will actually go down if I switch but I really don't care. He also can't say anything because then I'll say "Hey remember that law degree we paid for?"
  • Nelie: How Exciting! A new career...may we ask what you will be studying. If you want to keep that to yourself for now that's fine. But good luck! I read somewhere that we should reinvent ourselves every seven years. With that in mind, a career change makes perfect sense. And you're young! You probably have several new careers ahead of you.

    Enjoy the paperwork.

    Lower body done! I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Cardio was more like recover I just didn't have anything left for interval work today. I was up a little late last night visiting with my cousins who are in town. I just can't do those kinds of hours anymore.
  • Hey, where are all my fellow Canadians? I didn't think that I would be the first to say

    Happy Canada Day!

    I'm enjoying a lovely day off (and the whole week off actually!). The weather here has been strange. It was beautiful last week and then the forecast for this week wasn't great but it's actually been a really nice few days.

    I had a great run on Monday morning! I just decided to take it nice and slow and I managed 6km like it was nothing. I kind of wished I had gone for longer but maybe it was better to end it on a high. I'm debating whether or not to go out today..but I live in a neighbourhood that will have a lot of "foot traffic" with today being a holiday. We'll see.

    Tomorrow should be a gym visit in the morning and then DH and I are heading up for some weekend camping with some family. That will likely mean some snacks and maybe a drink or two but that will just keep me consistent for my record of 5 days clean eating and two days of crap!

    If Nelie gets to be trained by Lydia, who wants to move here? I want a trainer too!

    Mel - love your new kitty...did I miss her name?
  • Lydia,

    It is kind of a mix but the emphasis is computational biology on the computation side but also mixed in with data management/manipulation. The real thing though is I hope to get into is doing computer based work in genomics (humane genome study). It is a large field so I am kind of narrowing it down to managing, manipulating and correlating data to hopefully make sense of it and help biologists/geneticists in the field.

    Or as my husband says "Nerd"
  • Nelie, that sounds really cool (in a nerdy sort of way, lol...just kidding...my son is the boy genius of the family, so we go on about the nerd jokes all the time, but don't mean anything bad by it)!

    Elisa, not a fellow Canadian, but Happy Canada Day, anyway! Hope you enjoy the holiday! We've got 4th of July (aka Independence Day) coming up. My friend and I are meeting at the waterfront to skate around the festival and watch the fireworks. This is the first year in a long time that I haven't had dogs boarding over the 4th, so I can actually leave home, for once!

    Lydia, good luck with your latest cert! I'm glad the PT thing is going well for you! Are you enjoying working with clients?

    Mel, cute kitty! She sounds like a handful right now. Have you introduced her to the old cat, yet? Glad you're back at the CF workouts. I know what you mean, too. After being out sick, even though I was doing some stuff at home, I still was set back for the first week back at the CF gym...slow and weak, that's how I felt!

    Here's the Crossfit Report for today:

    The WOD:
    Run 400 meters
    15 HSPU (handstand push-ups)
    30 Abmat Sit-ups
    Run 600
    30 Abmat Sit-ups
    15 HSPU
    Run 400

    For some reason, our trainer didn't have us scale with handstand push-up progressions (like doing them with knees or feet on a box), but instead had us scale with strict overhead DB presses. I tried for 25 pounders, but after yesterday's handstand practice, that just wasn't happening, so I went with a pair of 20 lb dumbbells. Strict presses, no push-press or leg help allowed. My time was 16:01. Folks doing it Rx'd were more in the 20 min range for this workout.

    Afterward, myself and one of the guys were trying to do single arm overhead squats with a barbell. I could get all the way down with the barbell overhead in my left hand, but not my right. Weird! It was fun to play with, though.
  • Good afternoon everyone!

    Mel - beautiful baby! I have a cat who turned 8 this year, I sometimes think she needs another animal around the house to help keep her fit! I'm figuring that we are close to getting a dog, as DSS is now 4 and starting to talk about them more... Always had dogs as a kid, never had one as an adult...

    Silver - I don't find myself snacking when I'm in a big time stressful situation, but I do snack when I'm surrounded by minor annoyances. Example, didn't really snack when I was staying overnight several nights at the hospital with my MIL, snack every time my computer locks up and I have to reboot. Maybe it is because of the external activity required in the different slightly out of control times? When it is a really intense thing going on we are too busy or distracted to snack, but if we are dealing with smaller annoyances the snack is the distraction?

    Lydia - I have a hard time with late hours myself, I'm always worn out the next day. So are you guys definitely moving?

    Nelie - that sounds like a pretty neat area of study to me, but I've always had 'nerd' jokes pointed in my direction, too!

    Elisa - Happy Canada Day to you! Have a great week of vacation!

    Cheryl - wonder why the left hand v. the right hand made a difference on the squat... odd.

    I did my strength training again yesterday and got totally carried away again. I'm going to put a thumbnail list of exercises, and welcome any advice on anything that seems redundant or over the top. (I might not get all the names right, and I didn't do them all in this order.)

    70 mins total, plus 20 mins cardio:
    12 pike, 25 hamstring curl, 15 jacknife, 15 leg lifts, 15 torso lift (looks like the front half of a 'superhero fly'? I saw it on YouTube), 4 pushups with feet on the ball,
    2x15 cable squat:320 'lbs' resistance, 2x10 high reverse fly:150 'lbs' of resistance, 2x10 standing row:150 'lbs' resistance
    Dumbbell (the ones with 13 pounds I was holding an 8 & a 5 layered in the same hand, that wore out pretty fast, I need to buy 10s or an adjustable):
    30 walking lunge with 8lbs per hand, 15 reverse lunge per side/8 lbs per hand, 15 squat to shoulder press/8 lbs per hand, 20 stepups on my stepladder/13 pounds per hand, 12 one armed row per arm with knee on ball/13 pounds, YWLT/1x10 each/8 lbs per hand, 10 one legged squat per side/5 lbs per hand, 25 bicep curls/8lbs per, 10 tricep kickback per/8 lbs, 20 shoulder press/sitting on ball/8 lbs per hand, lateral raise/2x10/8lbs per, 1x30 calf raise with 8 lbs per hand, 20 chest press lying back on the ball/8 lbs per hand
    Pushups - 1x12, 1x7, 1x5
    One legged bridge with foot on weight bag:15 per leg
    ab series from '10 min ab' on demand - ten minutes of crunches, bicycle, reverse crunch, etc.
    'peeing dog' (got it from Amanda ) - 20 per side
    20 mins of light stationary bike to unwind after all of this.

    Wow - that made me tired writing it all down... My biggest thing right now is trying to do full body workouts, because I know I'm lucky to get two days of strength training in per week, sometimes I make three, the last two weeks I've made one... I would never find the time for splits... I started with a basic full body workout from ExRx.net which said 'one exercise per part, most of them compound', wrote down my selections and few alternates and some optional isolation exercises, got all carried away and now do most of the alternates, all the main ones and some more I added in... So, other than starting over clean at ExRx again, any suggestions?

    Have a good day everyone!
  • Hey guys! I'm on my way to the gym so I'll post my efforts later today

    Got a question: I'm thinking of upping my caloric intake from 1,500 calories to about 1,800 calories. I'm definitely getting muscle results in my arms since they're my biggest problem area in terms of lifting weights, but I haven't moved down on the scale at all in five weeks save a 0.6 lb loss recently.

    I checked my BMR scale and it says my resting caloric weight is supposed to be about what I'm eating right now (1,500+ calories). The exercise kicks it up to over 2,000 calories. So, I'm thinking I'm gonna see if adding an extra 300 calories or so helps me to lose some weight.

    I do admit, I am a bit nervous about it since I'd hate to see myself gaining weight again. But I'm also frustrated enough with my weight loss stall to try it this week (eating more) since five weeks is more than long enough for me to see that some tweaking in my diet may be in order.

    Do you guys increase your caloric intake after some time has pass as you gain more muscle (even when you're trying to lose weight)?


    ~ tea
  • tea- I gain weight if I eat more, plain and simple. But how tall are you, how old are you, WHAT are you eating, and when are you eating it?

    The cats met this evening. Very anticlimactic, which is good. The older cat is just baffled and the little one is skittering all over being a kitten. I just had to delete a line because she skittered across my keyboard and wrote a sentence in kittish. Haha, I can't type any more- she is perched on my shoulder.

    Did shoulders and back today, crossfit tomorrow if my leg continues to feel good.


    My dh, who is Canadian, is wearing his "I am a Canadian" T-shirt and drinking a Molsons. He played ice hockey this morning, so I guess he still is Canadian after living here for 26 years

  • Mel - for your dh!

  • Elisa: Happy Canada Day! Oh, and Mel, to your DH too. It sounds like you had a wonderful run today! We are having the same weather but expecting t-storms tonight.

    DS1 is on his first boy scout campout this week. Standard issue tents with room for two cots on pallets. Spiders and all. I wonder how he will do in the storm tonight? I heard they will wake the boys and rush them to the lodge house if it thunders. I wouldn't dare go get him though. He almost came undone when he realized I was going along with DH to drop him off at the camp. He was mortified that I might kiss him goodbye in front of all the guys. ~sigh~

    Nelie: That sounds like interesting work. How wonderful that you may also be reimbursed for your studies as well. Good luck. I hope that the transition goes smoothly for you.

    Cheryl: I love working with my clients. I have four. I train them as a group twice a week. Right now, it's just about all I can handle with all that I have going on.

    It's exciting to share what I've learned and to see their faces when they discover something new about movement. I introduced flat bands a few weeks ago to give them some options for summer travel. The ones I ordered are so much stiffer than anything I could have purchased at a store. Lovin' it.

    Oh, and bonus: One client returned from vacation last week. She did a workout three out of the four days she was there. In the gym, she did a full body workout with dumb bells using compound exercises. After that she hopped on the elliptical next to her husband. He asked if she was finished yet and she just kind of laughed at him. Then he turns to her and remarked how impressed he was with the workout she did with the free weights. He stated that he didn't realize that was the kind of workout she was doing each week during her sessions with me. Yeah, we haven't met yet. My client was just beaming as she recounted this to me. I'm so happy for her. So yep, I'm having a blast.

    Shannon: Are we moving yet?...We are waiting on the offer. It could be either tomorrow or Friday. I still can't believe this is happening. It really threw a monkey wrench into my plans for this up coming year. I have a few days here until I know a little more about what this fall is going to look like.

    Oh, by the way Shannon, that is one long workout. An hour and a half. That's usually what mine come to but it's by choice. You have the right idea of using compound exercises, alternating upper with lower. It may just be an issue of making yourself do only eight exercises. Maybe use a little heavier weight with fewer reps in the case of the walking lunges for example...Just a thought.

    Writing programs is what takes the most time for me. The real work is in the research and programming which is all "behind the scenes"

    Mel: Oh Mel, are familiar with LOLCAT language? Here, this one is for you..

    DH has a graduate degree in LOLCAT. He has a t-shirt that says I has a flava. I never let him out of the house with it on. Actually, I've buried it in the back of his drawer. He wanted to wear it on his job interview last week. Please don't ask.
  • Mel--

    To answer your questions

    I'm 5 ft 8 inches.

    I eat primarily green veggies, lean poultry, fish, & fruit. I stopped eating starchy carbs (i.e. flour, bread, etc) last year because as a recovering compulsive overeater, I just can't eat it anymore without losing self-control here. (*I've made that decision after 15 years of being morbidly obese and yo-yo dieting, etc. So far, it works for me and I get my carbs from veggies.)

    I eat several meals a day and sometimes skip snacks on weekends since it's easy to plan my main meals within 3-4 hours of each other. Snacks during the week consist of boiled eggs, nuts, and veggies. I also drink 8-12 glasses of water/plain herbal tea daily. I keep my sodium intake to 800-1,000 mg on average.

    The reason I'm thinking of upping my intake is although I'm a strict calorie counter armed with measuring cups and a food scale I've tried eating at 1,500 calories and I've tried going below 1,500 calories though never past 1,200 calories. I haven't seen much progress in the last five weeks since going on vacation where I ate more than 1,500 and lost 2.4 lbs.

    when I went on vacation a month or so back, I eyeballed portions and took my calorie king book with me to restaurants. I did eat more calories on vacation than my usual 1,500 calories but not the crap food (think Mediterranean-style cuisine & a hotel suite that included a kitchen), and as the week ended, I went on the scale and found I lost 2.4 lbs.

    Cardio-wise, I exercise pretty hard, I guess... I sweat and the Stair Master "says" I burn 600-700 calories (I think probably maybe up to 400 calories burned is more accurate in reality). I also lift weights and I can tell I'm building muscle after I started to lift weights in mid-march when I signed up at 24 hr fitness.

    Does that help?

    ~ tea

    PS: cute pic of the cat!!!