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  • Hi ladies. I don't know if any of you will remember me. Anyway, I used to post a few years back. I had lost 65 lbs weight lifting and then life happened and I forgot everything I learned and went back to crap eating. I also had a baby. So now I am starting new all over again.

    My name is Michelle. I need to lose a massive amount of weight. Right now I am 330 lbs ( just want to cry when I read that) and I need to lose weight and get fit for my little boy. I hope you don't mind me just jumping in again.
  • Welcome back Michelle! You may have been here before I joined (was your username the same?) but I look forward to you jumping in again!

    All I can say is, you know what works, you've done it before, and you can do it again!! Are you following any type of eating plan to go with your lifting? I'm 2 weeks from finishing my first BFL challenge.
  • Welcome back!!! Strong women rock!
  • Welcome back, Michelle
    Congratulations on your son! As Fran said, you know how to do it. Climb back into the wagon with us, there's plenty of room!

  • Welcome! Come on in, the waters fine!
  • Thanks to everyone!

    I will be doing a cross between Body For Life and Body RX. That is what seemed to work really well for me last time.

    I guess my only obstacle right now is not having any weights in the house and not joining a gym right away. We own an eliptical machine so cardio won't be a problem. I'll be doing alot of that to start and then working lunges and wall sits and the like in for strength training, any other suggestions are welcome. I am feeling good about being back on the wagon already!
  • Wall push-ups and when they become easy counter push-ups are a good way to build up your strength prior to going to the floor. Also if you invest in a swissball and a few resistance bands you won't need to have weights for a long time.
  • Welcome back, Michelle!

    You might be interested in Krista's article on "beginning" a new program: Don't be put off by the title -- it's tongue in cheek.

    As I recall, another part of the site gives some suggestions about how to lift weights at home without "store-bought" weights.

    Be strong,