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susanje 05-06-2002 11:41 AM

I have pigeons who appear to be lost (there are not a lot of pigeons in my town) and are nesting under my eaves. Driving my cats crazy and I'm sure my neighbor who is meticulous about the front of his house and hates us already because we're not out there on Sundays trimming our lawn with nail clippers isn't too thrilled about it either. They're a couple, these pigeons and she seems to be pregnant. Hubby and I both decided they could stay. They're entertainment for the cats. :) However, they do drop a lot of twigs so I have to go clean that up this morning!
My neighbor is probably having a kitten as we speak. He used to fight with the former owner of my house all the time even though the former owner did much more about the lawns and gardens than we do. I'm too busy and hubby could care less. We had to shut off our sprinkler system because neighbor complained that it leaked too much water into his yard (No! Not WATER!!!). So then the grass turned brown and sprouted weeds because we didn't get out there enough. Then he complained about that so I invited him over to water it. I also invited him to kick in for the mortgage since he would like to vote on what chores get done around the house. :lol: Well, now we have pigeons....boy will he be thrilled. To my knowledge there is no city ordinance against having pigeons nesting in your eaves. Anyway, it's ALWAYS something!!!

MrsJim: Does Trader Joe's sell Designer Protein Smoothie AbsBerry Sundae? That is my all time favorite MRP (not only for the taste but the ratio of protein/carbs and the "lite" taste/feel to it). MetRx is my favorite BRAND, I like all their flavors and I like their protein packed options. But Absberry Sundae is my favorite all time flavor and it is 20.00 for a box of 10 on netrition. Vitaglo is no cheaper (and I find them a pain to use).

Lisa, thanks for the heads up on GNC and MetRx lite. I will be visiting them this week!!!

Off to clean up after the birds and go to school...

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