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semmens 05-02-2002 07:32 PM

Hey There Missy! ;)

I'm betting that everyone is at work except for the stay at home moms, who probably don't go NEAR the squat rack...we'll see.
Ahem!! I do!! :lol:

Workouts are going well this week, even though I didn't get to cardio (that EVIL stepmill; I swear they are going to find me dead on that thing one day) until about 2 this afternoon. But there's almost no one at the gym at that hour!

Ordered some more MyoLites from netrition today; I've had my fill of "Chocolate Lovers" so I got Vanilla and Cappucino Ice.

My scale is still put away. I used to belong to the Sugarbusters group on this site and it's turned into a daily-weighing, calorie counting free-for-all over there. Very disappointing.


SAHM of 4

MrsJim 05-02-2002 08:56 PM

Oops, meant at MY gym. I'm sure there are BFLers there but only the hardcore musclehead guys and maybe one or two other gals use the squat rack in the mornings...

Something else I'm planning on doing tomorrow-is reading the latest Jean M. Auel book in her "Earth's Children" series... "The Shelters of Stone". I've been waiting 12 long years for that book to come out...and I need a day to get into it. I'm gonna do my workout, go to Barnes & Noble, get my copy...head home, snuggle up with Sparky and a gallon of water...and get lost in the Ice Age...

MrsG 05-03-2002 01:23 PM

Natural Bodybuilding
Hi everyone,

I'm a (mostly!) lurker, but I have a genuine reason to pop in now!

Last night my personal trainer told me that she thinks by November I'll be ready for a competition.

It's something called Natual Bodybuilding...anyone familiar with it?

My trainer has already won one of the competitions, so I feel like she knows what she's talking about...hopefully!

Thanks for any info!!

MrsJim 05-03-2002 04:25 PM

Hey MrsG!
Are you posting at L&S today too - or is that another MrsG?? :lol:

Taking a wee break from my reading (of course I had to check and see what was up online!) to stay posted.

I am a member of INBA - the Natural Bodybuilding association. Their website is at www.naturalbodybuilding.com. So what comp are you shooting for? (we don't know where you live!). Check out their website - they have a complete schedule there (I was advised when I called yesterday that the schedule printed in Oxygen Magazine is outdated).

Tomorrow I'm going to SF to take in my first competition as a spectator - now I've got a definite goal in mind - there's a comp coming up in San Francisco on 27 July. That gives me 12 weeks to get in competition shape. Can I do it?!? Without a trainer, yet??? (I had one but don't have the $$ - besides she had never trained bodybuilders before - she was good but didn't suit my purpose). You are so fortunate to have a trainer that has participated and won a competition!

Next time you go back to L&S, pop into the Competitors board (one of the Focus boards on the site). I'm looking forward to Robb's results in tomorrow's "Texas Shredder". Gals - ya gotta take a gander at Robb's pix in the Playspace - the man is CUT and ready to go (also is a real hunkadorus too :love: especially when you see his 'before' pix - what a difference! Actually he reminds me of my own Jim - if Jim would do BFL - YOWSA!)

Anyway...back to my book! See ya!

MrsG 05-03-2002 05:31 PM

Yes, that's me!
On the L&S board!

Thank you for the link for the Natural website.

I live in the midwest, and my trainer said that the competition is next November, in Aurora.

I'll have to check the board to see what's up with that.


MrsG 05-03-2002 05:35 PM

I checked the webstie and didn't see the competition my trainer was talking about.


I'll have to clarify that.

pcosmom 05-03-2002 05:39 PM

Hunkadorous...what a word! I love it!

It is really neat to see how BFL can totally be a segue (did I spell that right? pronounced seg-way...) between just trying to get fit, and becoming a fitness and body building competetor! I am so proud of you guys! Shoot for the moon!

Today I had a good LBWO but a neighbor and his dog came and disturbed me in teh middle of my calves portion...I could feel the difference in intensity when I slowed down.

I am so excited because my sister (whom I am to visit with next month) emailed me and said she wants to buy me new running shoes for my birthday, what a treat! She mentioned new balance and a website called newbalancewebexpress.com anybody have experience on that site?

Well, it is off to eat my supper...
caio ladies.


Ps. if any lurkers out there know anything about the rebounder I mentioned, please let me know. I am curious if anyone else has used it as an alternate cardio.

susanje 05-04-2002 09:15 AM

Hi Everyone!!!

I am in finals and gearing up for my move to the east coast for the summer. I am doing okay....workouts were weak this week and I took Free Day yesterday and really ate a lot of junk. Getting my food cooked for the week today and then doing a final push the last 3 weeks. I'm committed to hitting 10s in my workouts and eating 100% clean with just a free meal these last 3 weeks. Glad everyone is doing well!!!


MrsJim 05-05-2002 02:37 AM

Howdy y'all!
Susan - glad to hear from you after so long...I know finals can be tough...good thing you're able to prioritize things and get those done...hm - does that mean after finals you'll be spending more time here and at L&S?? :)

I just got back a little while ago from the SF bodybuilding competition and I gotta tell ya, I am PUMPED after seeing one in action! I have 83 days until the next one in SF...on July 27th. I spoke to one of the officials at the comp - who is also a posing coach in San Jose. Posing (along with a superclean diet before the contest) looks to me like the most difficult thing in this. Posing involves a GREAT deal of concentration on isolating those muscle groups and making them 'pop out'. I'm hoping I can use a posing video to practice with, but it might be a good idea to get a couple of coaching sessions in as well.

I met one of the other Bay Area Lean & Strong gals there, TracyT, with her fiancee and we had a super time watching and critiquing the contestants. In case you haven't been reading the L&S main board, I'm trying to get an informal Bay Area BFL/BB group together for occasional gettogethers and to offer each other support and encouragement (not that we don't do that already!).

All in all, today was an excellent day - started with a killer back/bi/cardio workout...then I had another GREAT riding lesson - riding Alex (who is over 17 hands tall). I rode him once before and was TERRIFIED the first time because he has a huge, long-reaching stride. So you can imagine how I felt today when I saw his name next to mine on the lesson board - but I was only apprehensive for a minute or two. Dee Dee said I didn't have to canter with Alex, but after trotting awhile, I signaled him into a left-lead canter and we took off...I had a HUGE smile on my face and got so many compliments - I'm really feeling more and more proficient and confident in my riding skills! Could horse shows be far behind???

Whew! Already almost midnight - time to hit the hay!

Mel 05-05-2002 10:33 AM

Beautiful Sunday morning here! Just got back from my free day run- we can do whatever we want, right? Cleo the Wonderdog and I did about 6 miles at an easy lope, decent time but won't break any records. Now that it's getting warmer, I have to be careful she doesn't overheat. She's jet black and almost 8 years old, so we may be getting to the end of her long runs :( .

I am the (old)ironwoman! Remember the gym Ironwoman/man contest? It was yesterday and I took 1st in the over 40 category and second in women overall :lol: It was a hoot! I didn't tell anyone- hubby is Ohio visiting my daughter, and I just told my son I was going to the gym for a LONG workout. It was fun, just open to gym members to get them pumped up. Basically, it was how much metal can you move for 5 reps on squats, leg press, barbell press, and then walking lunges with an 18 lb bar til you dropped. The woman who won overall was an amazon and took 1 pace for every 3 of mine, so I think if you calculate the steps I actually took, I should have won:D But it was really fun and I got to meet some of the other more serious lifters there who are just there at different times.

My big question now is whether to go ahead and do my regular leg workout tomorrow- I squatted and pressed a lot more weight than I usually do- amazing what competition can bring out! I'm not sore, but then again, I rarely get sore unless I'm actually hurt.

Glad to see you back Susan! Hope all is going well with finals and packing!

Riding sounds fun, MrsJim. Do you ride English or Western? The horseshow circuit is very political and EXPENSIVE! At least here on the East Coast. My daughter did it for a few years until her allergies got so bad that she couldn't ride w/o a large dose of benadryl, especially indoors. Kind of dangerous for team jumping! It broke her heart when we made her stop, but resurrected my bank account.

Gotta go- sale on chicken breast at the grocery store!


MrsJim 05-05-2002 11:33 AM

WOW Mel! Congrats!!!

24 Hour Fitness had a contest like that a few years back, I didn't enter it because I wasn't in good enough shape. Wish they would have it again - I would most definitely enter! I'll have to keep an eye peeled at their website to see if they're planning on doing that again. What they did was have a Challenge at each of the gyms, then one for each area, then a regional one and so on.

Yeah, I know showing horses can be muy expensive at the regional level here as well...but Dee Dee also takes her string to a regular schooling show at Ranchhotel in Vacaville that doesn't cost much to enter. What I would have to do is part-lease one of the lesson horses (probably Alex at this point - he is a SNUGGLEBUG and I love riding him - a very tall, rangy Irish Throughbred), pay my show fees (which I think are about $25-$50 a class if I'm not mistaken) and just do it!

I'm pretty sure that at the rate I'm going, though, I will be taking small jumps by summer's end...

susanje 05-05-2002 11:09 PM

MrsJim: Thank you for asking! I finish finals on the 15th but will be preparing for my move to NY for the summer. I leave Oakland on May 25th. I'm not bringing a computer with me so I hope that my sublet has one or else I'll be looking for some time at work to post. If I can't get access to a computer I'll be buying a laptop after a couple of weeks. I had one and sold it a while back but knew I'd get another one sooner or later.

BTW, I NOTICED IN the new Muscle and Fitness Hers there was an advertisment for Met RX LITE for Women!!! WOO HOO.

My favorite MRP now in LITE!!!! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Load up on that Berry Blast Lite!!! Strawberries will be in season and I'll be all set!!!

Off to study!

susanje 05-06-2002 01:07 AM

Mel! That is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Congrats to YOU!!!

Our very own ironwoman!!! :strong:


lhendricks 05-06-2002 09:44 AM

Met-RX on sale at GNC...
I know no one likes GNC but they are selling Met-RX Lite for $29.00 for a box of 20 until May 30. Netrition doesn't carry the Lite at all. I'm going to pick up a couple boxes because like Susanje, I really prefer the flavor of the product.

Mrs.Jim were you watching the Derby? Maybe a Triple Crown after all! I was so bummed last year when Point Given lost the Derby because I was convinced he had it locked up.

And now to find out how Robb and Little Chyna(?)
did in the shredder..

I'm recovering from too much Free Day.

MrsJim 05-06-2002 10:03 AM

Good Morning!
Just a quick note before Meal #1...

Lisa - I actually missed the Derby 'cos I was in San Francisco all day Saturday - for the BB competition.

Robb placed 2nd in his class - photos are in the L&S Events gallery! How exciting! And LC placed 3rd. I don't know LC very well but Robb and I email each other often.

Yesterday's Free Day wasn't that free for me, the weather was so gorgeous that Jim and I finally got a chance to take the bikes out on a nice ride. I haven't been bike riding in eons - over a year actually. We parked out by Oracle's headquarters and went on the bike path - there's a very long bike path on the levee that follows the bay line through Redwood Shores, Foster City, Coyote Point, and ends in Burlingame, that is quite safe (very few cars) and is frequently used. It was like a taste of summer.

Well - I count 82 days until my competition!!! While I was at the comp on Saturday, I got a couple of posters for the 27 July comp and I'm going to put one up in my workstation to help keep me motivated...because eating clean for 82 days with no real Free Day is going to be tough for me...

Anyway, time to cook some eggwhites...I'll have to try that MetRx Lite sometime...I wonder if Trader Joe's will eventually carry it? They usually have really great prices...

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