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Leenie 03-03-2015 09:23 PM

Over eating will give you the sensation of being stuffed, uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. If you follow the rules and stop eating after after 15-20 minutes you'll be fine.

PrincessKLS 05-30-2016 02:45 PM

Is it possible to be recommended for the lap band surgery but not GBS?

aydaa 05-19-2019 07:20 AM

Thank you for giving us this invaluable information.

aydaa 06-15-2019 01:29 PM

I read some article about different weight loss surgeries and especially lap band surgery. But I can't still understand why someone who did a gastric band surgery can gain weight after the surgery?
I saw the above image, which is about the lap band surgery, but how this procedure can lose its effect after a while?
I mean the gastric band is there, and it's not changing, moving, etc. but how someone can still eat lots of food with consideration of this band on his/her stomach?

mamarika 07-26-2022 01:07 PM

Does anyone know if insurance is covering Lapband surgery yet. Last time I checked it was too new a procedure and they weren't covering it. Thanks in advance....Sis

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