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Question Gastric after Cesarean

Hello! My name in Pam and in the process of getting the ball rolling for a consultation for a GB surgeon. I've been reading here and doing some research online. I did find that a few sites said that if you have had abdominal surgery in the past,that you are not a good candinate for Laproscopy. I want to have it either way I can,but do prefer lap over getting cut all the way open. That's where the Csec. comes in. I have had 3 of them,my last one being 2 yrs. ago. Has anyone had Laproscopy GB done after a csection? And if you had,how does the phyisical recovery compare to that of a Csection? Thank you for your time!
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Hi Pam. Usually the problem with previous surgery is if it was upper abdominal surgery such as back in the days of doing gall bladder surgery without using a lap. A C-section is very low and the blood flow problems and adhesions and such are very unlikely to be a factor at all.

The incision you had with your sections will be MUCH larger than what you would have with a lap gastric procedure. NO comparison as far as the healing goes from the incision. However, there are other issues that come up in the healing process that are quite over and above that.

Your surgeon should be able to tell you more. When did you say you'll be seeing a doctor about your situation?
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I have to make an appointment on Tuesday. I'm just starting the process. I fufill the Tricare Prime's requirments because I have a BMI of 55.2. I know I still need to undergo a psych.evaluation and physical. I want to get the process started now (on our base,usually from start to finish for a surgical date is 2months) as my husband will be deploying late summer. So I want to be back on my feet by then. This is all speculating if they even approve me. I want to get back into the gym and really get healthier to help me heal after the surgery. My dr. has already approached me about having RGB but I wanted to try all other options first...and here I am...at 345.5 & 5'6. I have 3 small ones (6yrs,and 2 2year olds,10 months apart) and I NEED energy to be with them. I've worked out for to many years to no avail. I hate being the "fat gril" in the gym with a bunch of young AirForce chics looking cute and not even breaking a sweat! lol...
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hey there, gettinitright - you're asking all the right questions and it's great to see you so motivated.

as for the c section question, i haven't heard that it poses much of a problem, but i think the REAL answer depends on how much experience the surgeon has - so ask lots of questions!!!

and keep us posted!!!!
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I had a c-section 8 years ago when my son was born and my Dr. had no concerns about it interfering with my laproscopic gastric banding (lap-band). I guess the two areas are sufficiently far apart.

As for recovery, the lap-band was definitely easier to recover from than the c-section. I was up and walking a few hours (6?) after the procedure and home in a day. I remember walking all hunched over after my c-section. The one thing that is the same is being careful about lifting for 6-8 weeks and not straining the abdominal muscles.

Good Luck,
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