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Default Having issues

Hi there everybody,

I've been really pleased by how much weight I've lost so far. However, I'm starting to experience some problems and I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this as well.

During the Christmas weekend and New Years weekend, I started experiencing this pain in my stomach area. It almost felt like my intestines or stomach were twisting, or turning into knots.

I spoke to the NP at our support group meeting during the beginning of January who suggested I might have a small ulcer and to take Pepcid AC. When I was going to my support group meeting at the beginning of January, the pain had subsided and I went about my business.

I started experiencing this pain again about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. This pain would occur when I was sitting or standing for long periods of time. The only time it would feel better would be when I was lying down. It became so unbearable that I left work early a few times and tried to work on my computer lying down on my sofa. It also became painful to walk for too long. My usual routine is to walk very early in the morning to work and back, which is 2 miles. At one point, I had to go into my office and lay down on my sofa for 20 minutes so I could feel well enough for walking back home.

I went to see my doctor on Feb 2 for my check up. At that time, he thought it could be scaring, and that it would probably work itself out. He said that the layers of fat around my belly could be dragging the lining down and causing the pain. He suggested to use this adominal elastic ban that should help with support. He then said to call him if it did not get any better. I used it for about a week, and while it helped a little bit, by the end of the day, it was still very hard to sit at my computer. This Friday, I went home for a couple of hours to rest because I was still experiencing that pain. I called the doctor up and made an appointment to see him on Monday.

On Sunday, I felt completely fine the whole day. Monday morning I felt pretty good. Monday afternoon when I saw the doc, I wasn't feeling that well. He gave me a laundry list of things it could be. He still thinks its probably scaring. He didn't think it was a hernia because when he poked and prodded me and I did not react the way a person with a hernia would react. He said it might be my liver bouncing around without all of the layers of fat cushioning it before. He said that it could be my old stomach that is inflamed. He told me to make the elastic belt tighter and that he would see me in two weeks. At that time, we might do a catscan.

I'm actually feeling a lot better today. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar things and what did you do about it.
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There are a number of possibilities invisigoth. One thing that can happen post op is this. In the healing process there can be some pretty intense problems with adhesion between stomach and liver etc. As you reach a point of weight loss where things shift in the abdominal area these adhesions can begin to tug differently. Your entire posture has changed. The very nature of your soft tissue within has changed. When you say its worse standing etc., that makes me wonder. Sometimes, when a twist happens you can feel an overwhelming feeling of gasiness.

The main things to watch for aside from pain are not being able to pass gas or have a bowel movement. If you have a combination of any of these with pain go directly to the hospital or your doctor but go right away.
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If you hadn't said weight loss surgery or the fact that you've already been to the doc, I would have said "umm.....GAS?" I have it so bad at times it is debilitating. I mean I literally can't stand up, but once I do and walk around I feel better. Doubt this is your problem, but I thought it was humerous. Don't kill me if it is not.
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