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Default Checking in

I haven't been around for a while, I've had a really rough couple of months. I started my new "old" job on Monday July 11. That Saturday I got a call that my mother had gotten sick at work (she worked part time at Kohl's department store) and needed me to come drive her home. She said she was just tired, and because she had been going non stop for the past couple of weeks we didn't think much about it. Sunday at church she said she still didn't feel good, and hearing her talk to someone else she said she had fallen a couple of times. I tried to talk her into letting me take her to the ER, but again she convinced me that she was just tired. The next day Monday 7/18 my sister went by to check on her and found she was still feeling bad and in fact couldn't walk well because her left side was not functioning well. We took her to the ER thinking she may have had a stroke. It turned out that she had 4 tumors in her brain and one of them was pressing on the part of the brain that controlled the movement of her left side. Further testing showed she also had tumors in her right kidney, her thryoid, her lungs and all the lymph nodes in her mid-line chest. The prognosis was about 6 months. They kept her in the hospital until Friday, and she responded really well to the medication they gave her. She came on on Friday, went to my nephew's Eagle scout ceremony on Saturday, out to eat that night, and said she felt fine. The following Wednesday she started radiation treatments on her brain. She had 15 treatments and ended them on a Tuesday. on Wed. we met with the oncologist and he said since she was doing so well, we would start chemo the next week. By doing well, she did not slow down for anything, she continued to do her normal things, go to church go shopping, etc she just was not allowed to drive, and she drove us crazy wanting to do that. The Friday after we were at the doctors on Wed, she went to play games with her friends from chuch and got home about 7:30 that night. The next day I ran into my sister and she was suprised that mom wasn't with me. Se said she had been trying to call her all morning and just assumed I had taken her to the grocery store. About noon, after I finished my errands I tried calling her and couldn't get her, so I went to her house and found her passed out in her chair. She had been there since she got home Friday night, because her half eatten sandwich was in her lap. We got her to the ER and after spending the afternoon there they said she had had a seizure and gave her a large dose of anti-seziure medication and sent us home. I spent the night with her and we had a rough night. Sunday after church my husband went and got dinner and brought over to her house and my sister and her family came to eat. When they got there she was in the middle of what we thought was another siezure, and we ended up back in the ER. This time they kept her. She had at least 2 more seizures while we were in the ER. She finally went to sleep just before she was moved to a regular room. She did not wake up for almost a week, then she was barely awake, and her speech was slurred, but we know she knew us and was trying to communicate with us. We were able to understand her enough to know what she was saying. On Thursday Sept 1, she left us to be with the Lord. Her funeral was last Saturday and this has been the hardest week of my life.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still with them in spirit, and will be back to reading regulary soon. Pookie, have you had your hernia surgery?
Jiff, how's your job? Your mom? Has Peachie and Deb-Kay fallen off the fact of the earth? Chickadee-dee-dee how' the band holding? I've missed all of you and hopefuly I'll catch up soon!!!

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oh barb. you poor dear. many prayers and warm thoughts for you and your family. it's so sad to lose a loved one....

things around joisy are fine.. honest! mom's daycare center sent out an SOS for STUFF. the center is run by the visiting nurses, and they'd been in touch with a similar facility in louisiana. apparently, they know of 3000 alzheimer's patients with NOTHING, so i've been cleaning out closets [mom DOES NOT NEED 15 PINK T SHIRTS!!!!!] and organizing a bunch of friends... i'm so glad to be able to do something in the middle of this awful situation, and to know that whatever little bit of help i'm giving will actually get to someone who needs it.

otherwise, work is weird. it's not bad, just strange... oh well..

more later, i hope. i'm so glad you're with us, barb...
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Barb - I am so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. You are in my prayers and comforting vibes are being send you and your families way.

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