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Default How many vits and supplements do you take?

Hi All,

Well, I'm doing a little better - started fish this week and so far so good. Haven't dumped or vomited but I have gotten stuff "stuck". Man, that is horrible. I switched to sports vits, capsules, over the chewable ones I had - they go down well and I think they're better than the chewable ones I've been taking. I feel better but I still haven't really driven and I get dizzy.

Not sure if it's dehydration, vits, or just the surg. recovery. Not even a month out. Problem is, every site or group I belong to..even the nutritionist that the doc sent me to tells me something different. It's frustrating! I worry a lot about being malnurished and I want to get my energy back but some of these sites suggest something like 30 vits a day on top of a multivitamin. That, and they claim that the only protein I should count is the shakes regardless of what I eat.


But other than that, I'm doing okay . Hope everyone is doing well

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