Pre-surgery Shopping List for WLS

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  • This is goign to be an odd Q but Would it be better to get the single servings of cottage cheese or the bigger container. How much of it can you actually eat at a time? I'm peapodding my Groceries and was just curious
    Babyfood Can you get one that's like chicken or something all of the smoother ones i saw werre veggies with not alot of protien
    Thanks for the input
  • KO: i think that's up to you. i did very well with a 1-pound container of cottage cheese. it lasted more than a week. about 2 tablespoons at a time.

    as for the baby food, i managed to NOT eat any of it. it was just such a disgusting thought that i couldn't do it. i pureed high-protein soups after draining off all the liquid.
  • Hey Pookie, there is a little list in the Lapband FAQ thread....
  • You Go Leenie !
    Hey Leenie

    Thanks so much for the Link and for the list.

    I am sorry I missed that list.

    I should have known it was here somewhere--you are really on the Ball !

    Thanks, Pookie
  • Pookie congrats on getting into ONEderland again how are things working out for you?
  • Ty
    [B]Thanks for the list. I plan go go shopping this weekend and stock up. My surgery is March 7th. @ noon !
  • Good Luck Dizzy
    Hi Dizzy1

    We are glad the Shopping List was a help to you!

    Please keep us posted how things are going --before and AFTER your surgery.

  • Thanks Pookie!
    Thank you for this plain and simple shopping list. I am the type to be prepared, so this is very helpful to me. I am hoping to have my surgery in the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Keep us posted....
    You are very welcome "d" (JustMom)

    I am glad the Shopping List is useful to you. It is a very good idea to be prepared before you go into the hospital. Keep us posted how your surgery goes!


  • I really appreciate the lists you all are giving. Making notes like crazy. Hopefully, I will have my surgery in May. I just have one more test to complete and that's my nuclear stress test (April 30) and then I should begin (hopefully) my three weeks of liquids in preparation for the surgery. Anything else you can think of will be appreciated.
  • Hi LoLow
    We are glad the Lists are useful to you ! --Pookie
  • Yes, they are helpful. I'm printing them off so I can go shopping this weekend. Go tomorrow for my pre-op and chest x-ray plus pre-register at the hospital for my very important date of June 20th! 7 days to go and I'm getting excited. I had asked in another column what to buy and forgotten I had been to this one before. I was told to look for it and there it was. Duh.
    My memory isn't what it use to be.

  • [B]Thanks for the list Pookie. I truly appreciate you bumping it up for me. Today is my pre-op and pre-register day. I can hardly believe the time is flying by. Six days until my RNY. YEA.
  • The liquid adult tylenol is wonderful for me. I have arthritis in both knees and am finally scheduled for my knee replacements (Jan 2008) YEA due to my weight loss. I take the tylenol every night before going to bed. Haven't seen the PM tylenol that is liquid yet. I'd love that! Where did you find it and also the vanilla flavored.
    I lived on refried beans with melted cheese. Saw that right after surgery posted here and tried it. It was my saving grace. Whenever everything else failed, the beans and cheese worked. I also read about getting protein through the one inch chunks of cheese. I eat those during the day to add to my protein count.
  • I was wondering about that very thing. I will have surgery on Oct 15th and I was thinking would i ever be able to take advil or excedrin for headaches or menstral pains? How about pepto bismal for stomach aches?