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Default Fashion Suggestions Please!

Hello to all my svelte and skinny pals!

Here's the question of the day: As you've shrunk (shrinked, shrank?) inquiring minds want to know - what are your fashion must haves? What item in your closet gets the most wear? What makes you feel like an absolute diva?

This whole clothes buying thing is exciting, but also a little intimidating. What I want to know is what items of clothing can you not live without? What makes up the skeleton of your wardrobe? I'm wondering because for years I've lived in stretchy, comfy things and am looking at all the alternatives out there. I still have a long way to go, and don't want to spend tons of money yet, but find I am more interested in fashion than I was. I pretty much live in jeans, but recently have been thinking that I probably could upgrade my image and still be comfortable. I bought a suede-like fabric shirt Sunday (in the regular size department ) that is pretty spiffy, but I still wore it with black jeans.

If you guys don't give me suggestions I'm afraid my friends and family are going to send me in to "What Not to Wear"!

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How awesome that you are buying in the regular department. I bet that shirt went well the black jeans. I wish that I could give you some fashion ideas, but I'm not at the place that you are yet. I just bought some clothes for my daughter though. One of the things that I wish that I could wear right now is the knit paunchos that are in style right now. I'm still too overweight to look good in something like that, but If I could that would be the first thing I would buy. Hip hugger jeans are great, too. Oh, and some of those stretchy boots, those are soooooo cute. The one thing I'm going to get for myself when I get to my goal weight is a leather jacket, that has a tie around the waist. I wish that I were there now. It makes me excited to think about it though.
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fashion advice from MOI???? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! she who can get her pants off without undoing them and thinks that they FIT????

what can't i live without? shirts that are 2 sizes too big. scarves. pins earrings.

jammies that are 4 sizes too big.

shoes that fit.

yeah.. my suggestion is that you let your family put you on 'what not to wear.' i'm willing to go with you!!!!!!

keep us posted [as you can see, i need some help here too!!!!]
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For anyone losing weight, go with clothing that shows your neckline well Off the sholder is sexy and not revealing. I remember wearing alot of this sort of top/dress when I lost 150 lbs. They have really CUTE tops out now, babydoll style, they are pretty and can last while your on your way down. Just don't get a bigger size than you really are now. Black jeans/skirt/pants goes nices with them for any kind of look, casual, sporty or dressy.

I think no matter what you wear, you can always doll it up with the right costume jewlery.

Also whats nice now is poncho's are in style, you can get the superduper thin ones and that will make any outfit really cute.

Suede boots/shoes is my favorite for the cold season. They are so sharp and sexy and can be worn with jeans or a dress.

Lastly, handbags, a girl can never have to many
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Once upon a time, many many years ago, I had a friend who had WLS and lost a huge amount of weight. After her weight loss, she continued to wear stretchy/baggy clothing. What a waste!

I am all for comfort. I love low rise stretch flare jeans, but recently got some mid rise straight legs that are good, too. Stretch jeans simply fit me better, they cling where they should, which is always a good thing. The comfort factor is a nice bonus.

Because my weight loss, even after plastics, left me with an upper tummy roll, I prefer looser shirts, but often shorter than I would have worn before (okay, like a foot shorter!) or tucked in, which would have been disgusting before my weight loss. I love sweaters (I still get cold a lot).

I love boots, but that is just my preference.

I love short skirts. I look matronly in a longer skirt, because I am short.

Something I forced myself to do toward the end of my weight loss was to go into stores and try on one thing that I had not worn before. It is hard to imagine what we will look like in something if we haven't tried it.

I am all for dressing up my dressed-down look, I understand the concept and agree with it. I often will choose jeans and a sweater, etc, for my after-work casual times. They really look so much nicer than sweats, and are just as comfortable.

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I'm totally living in jeans with cute little tight t shirts.

I also rather like my denim mini, but I think my legs are still a bit pudgy! They do a lot of work in my kickboxing class so I think they're allowed an airing once in a while! I also like fitted roll neck/turtle neck ribbed sweaters which look great and slim you down even more!

I'm still trying to get out of wearing jeans every day, but there's nothing else really practical whilst riding the motorbike! Never mind, I'll be lady one day!
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