Lose Weight Fast

  • The results from the study were pretty incredible participants lost 0.5 to 1kg every week if done correctly! But here’s the best part, after 6 weeks the study showed that each individual also reduced their, • Dangerous visceral fat by 14% • Cholesterol • Blood pressure • Had a 5cm reduction in their waistline And this is all without any extra exercise just by using a very simple portion sizing technique. PART TWO OF THIS VIDEO: As explained this is going to be a two part video this episode will be focusing on dietary advice, the second episode will be focusing on exercises and can be found at the following link: (This will be updated when the video is live) BMI CALCULATOR: Before beginning any diet it’s definitely worth checking if you actually need to lose weight as you may already be at a healthy weight and the easiest way to do this is to check your BMI at the MHRA DIET PILLS VIDEO: In this video I had teamed up with The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) who regulate all medicines in the UK. Our aim in this video, was to warn people about the dangers of buying potentially life threatening diet pills from illegal online suppliers. Almost 2 in 3 people suffered unpleasant side effects after taking dangerous online slimming pills, these included bleeding that wouldn’t stop, heart attacks, strokes and hallucinations!
  • Foremost, losing more then about 6 lbs/month is pretty unhealthy. So if your goal is to look better then don't try to rush it. If you do you may lose the weight but you may not look better. I would set up a plan that meets your target weight. This won't be a diet(ie: temporary) but Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin rather a lifestyle change.
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