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Default Surgery is it worth it?

I have been debating about this for 2 years and I am not sure if it is worth it to do it.
I am nervous that I may not make it
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I have not has the surgery but one of my friends had it, and i am not sure if it would work the same for all people, but my friend really did benefit from it a lot. Her quality of life and confidence really improved a lot after getting it done.

Not sure if this helps at all
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Is there a specific surgery that you are thinking about getting?

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One of my good friends was in very poor health and her doctors urged her to get a gastric sleeve surgery. She took the matter seriously and committed to following the doctor's orders on food, quantities, everything. She has lost 110 pounds and looks much better but more importantly. her health has improved dramatically. I went to an bariatric surgery info session and felt that the drawbacks of the surgery were daunting for me. Also the regimen you need to follow was pretty much the same diet I had lost 100 pounds on (I gained 60 back) so if I was going to have to be on it forever anyway I owed it to myself to try it on my own again before resorting to surgery. I committed 100% and in one year I am down 60 pounds, work out 5 x a week, and I look way better and an in much better health. The bottom line is I chose the course best for me, but my friend knew she could never do it on her own and for a number of reasons the surgery was a better option for her. No matter what route you take, the key is to not assume you can go back to your old ways. Everything about how you eat, move, exercise, thing about food -- all of it --has to change if you are going to lose and make the loss permanent.
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Thanks for sharing this
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