Hit 199 pounds today!

  • YES! Today I hit 199! 🦋🌱🐣🎉✨

    From my highest weight of 275 pounds, to my November 21st surgery weight of 250, in just a little over 4 months, I have lost 50 pounds AND gone from 50.4% body fat to 40.9% body fat. This VSG weight loss surgery has been such a life-changer! 😁

    Metric: Highest weight of 124.7 kg, surgery weight of 113.4 kg, to today, 90.3 kg!
  • that is life changing and amazing. all the hard work and struggle is paying off and now you can look forward to getting even more healthy.

    Massive well done!
  • Great job!
  • Congratulations!! That is AWESOME....good for you.

  • Thank you very much, Bigpants, PandaCupcake and Wisertime!

    Today I also hit 196.6 which is 29.9 BMI -- so I am officially just Overweight now instead of my many years of Obese! Inching down!
  • Congratulations!!! Getting below that obese marker is huge!

    I had VSG on 1/17/18 and I'm down 41 since then!

    I'll be just overweight in 5lbs time - cannot wait!
  • Wow. Wonderful and job well done! That Segway tour is just around the corner
  • Thank you, ubergirl, Bigpants and Nightowlrn!

    ubergirl, 41 pounds in under 3 months is FANTASTIC! Doesn't it feel awesome?! Great job!!

    Bigpants, I hope you are moving on down to Overweight soon (or already hit that marker!) Best wishes!

    Nightownrn, yes, I need to get some knee and elbow pads in preparation to biff off the Segway, haha!