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Question Why the different Pre-Op Diet?

Okay..so Ive been reading through the Pre-Op diet and according to my Dr. he wants me to do : 1 protein shake for breakfast, 1 protein shake for lunch and 1 green salad with 1 serving of lean meat and 1 serving of fat free dressing plus lots of water.

What I am confused about is: How come some people are on a 14 day diet like mine and how come others are on a complete liquid protein diet for 14 days to a month???

Also, I have the beginnings of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and I have read that people who have that should try and lose as much weight as possible before surgery...so how come I am not on a more restricted diet like others???????

So confusing.
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EVERY surgeon is different. EVERY surgeon has different 'rules.' some surgeons want to shrink the liver if there's a fatty liver - and believe me, your preop diet is PLENTY restrictive and should do the trick. Others may just want their patients to lose as much weight as they possibly can before surgery.

My surgeon just said 'don't gain anything' if you were under 500 pounds, but if you weighed more than that, you had to lose some weight because the table could hold only 500 pounds - counting the assorted equipment that goes onto the table with you [i have no idea what that is - i was mercifully OUT at that point].

wouldn't it be nice to hear that the doc told you to X Y Z because your blood work, your liver, your whatever made it a good idea??? not gonna happen. wish it were different!
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I have to drink 5 protein shakes a day plus a lean protein and vegetable. for 2 weeks.
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Default Pre-Op Diet

Some other sergeons in BC make you do a full liquid diet, Dr. Sampath and Dr. Nguyen, together with Nooshin (the Dietician) at Garret Wellness create a pre-op diet for you, mine looks like this and is for 14 days:

1/3c Oatmeal (150cals)
1 Glucerna (230cals?)

1 Source Greek Yogurt (50cals)
10 grapes (99cals)

Pre-Made Safeway Salad (Safeway Farms, Mediteranian, 180 cals)

1 Small Apple

3c of Low Sodium Chicken Broth
1c Onions, Carrots, Celery
4oz Chicken

Jello Sugar Free Butterscotch pudding cup (60cals)
3tbsp Light Cool Whip (30 Cals)

Because the Garrett Wellness program is a process that helps you make life changes well in advance of surgery, many of these items are standard for me. As a matter of fact, the only change is my dinner which is usually slightly bigger and I do not have a glucerna at all right now. As a matter of fact, my dietician stuggled to make me eat more :| This is about 1150 calories and I've been consistantly eating 1200-1300 calories a day right now for the past 2 months
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Here everyone is told to get as close as you can to BMI 40 before surgery. No diet is given..but they do check the weight. They also dont want us to starve 14 days before surgery...as it's not good for the body. The waiting period for the surgery is about 1,5y so we are told to lose weight during that period. Which I think is the best way..to gradually change the habits.
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So Im coming up on day 4 on my pre-op diet. Im not gonna lie... its harder than I thought it would be. Most times I feel fine. But late night, I wish I had actual food to snack on. Since Im allowed one meal, Im gonna save a bit and eat it at night. My 1st-2nd day was just awful. I had a major migraine! I puked a few times, and luckily I had a Drs appt that day so they were able to give me an injection to stop the pain... Then I puked again while I was there so they gave me a 2nd injection to stop that. Ive been doing a lot of sleeping. Tomorrow I go back to work, so Im a little scared about how im going to feel :/
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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my doc just said, "don't gain anything." but every dr. is different.

It sounds like you are having a hard time...it gets better I promise! Hang in there!

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