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Wink I got my surgery date!!!

Hi All,

Well after much research and talking back and forth with the company that works with you to make connections with the surgeons in Mexico...I have a date!!

Even though I could have done it on my own...I prefer having the Patient Advocate helping me out. She is very detailed in everything. She gives me all the answers, she has showed me pictures of the hospital and where you stay and the transportation you get. I have seen pictures of the surgeons and the medical team and have even seen all the credentials with the doctors. He has performed over 10,000 laprascopic VSG's in his lifetime so he has lots of experience and he has written several books and papers for the Universities and it looks all good to me.. My husband will be accompanying me..yay!

So my date for surgery is for October 8th, 2013!!!

The thing that is just crazy is the Pre-Op and Post-Op diet...

The 2 week Pre-OP diet is easy...14 days of breakfast and lunch protein shakes..plus a salad and lean protein for dinner with a little fat free dressing and a cup of low sugar fruit...Then 3 days prior to surgery I have to take a laxative in the morning of the first day and then I have to follow a sugar free clear fluid diet.

Its the Post-OP diet thats crazy.. It breaks it down week by week...but its like wow! Fluids for a week with nothing else???

I guess the part that freaks me out, is the idea of the stitches being internal..I have never had a surgery before..so I dont know what to expect..

But Im excited...now..how to pass the time? besides schooling that is.
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Exciting! I can't wait to have a date set haha. My suggestion for passing the time is to use it learning as much as you can! Find blogs of people who have had the procedure you're intending to do and read back from the beginning. Same with vlogs on youtube. Bonus points if they started around the same weight as you, but I've found reading/watching other people's experiences with even other forms of WLS has been very beneficial to me. That coupled with talking to the lovely ladies here & all of the information given to me by the surgeon/psychiatrist/dietitian has made me feel very comfortable with the whole process ahead. Congrats on setting a date!
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Congrats!! I got my date today as well. Mine is May 6th! Im oddly very calm about it... If you've read anything Ive posted in the past, you would see I worry about EVERYTHING.
Theres a great site called Verticle Sleeve Talk (theres also an app for it), and its wonderful. Its only people who have had the sleeve.
Ive heard from real life friends that the post op diet isnt hard at all. I think it sounds crazy for us now because we know how we would feel if we had to do an all liquid diet while having our regular stomachs. Ive been told that its not hard at all, and one of my friends had to set an alarm reminding herself that she HAD to eat.
Anyway, Im so excited for us!
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congrats!!! one of the reasons for the clear liquids for a week is because your stomach is HEALING from the surgery. it'd be the same thing if you'd had - i dunno - an ulcer removed or something like that.

will add more later - not much time right now.
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