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Tiffany123 05-19-2003 12:19 AM

After surgery nutritional guide?
Hi again! I am looking for either a website, or simply information on what to expect after surgery, food-wise. I realize there must be supplements, but what generally happens after surgery and what will I be eliminating completely?

Any help would be appreciated. Just getting started in the whole procedure and trying to learn all I can!



jiffypop 05-19-2003 01:41 PM

congratulations on doing the research!!! first, your doctor will tell you what he expects you to eat/not eat after surgery. unfortunately, some docs do not know what's really best.

check out obesityhelp.com and spotlighthealth.com. there's lots of information but a person has to dig it out sometimes.

here's what my doc has us on [and i'm thinking of making this a sticky!!!!]

for the first week.. clear liquids and protein shakes. 80-100 grams of protein

for the next 3-4 weeks, advance the diet to soft foods, and thinly sliced deli meats as tolerated. 80-100 grams of protein, including 1-2 20-gram protein shakes a day.

for the next 6 months, 80-100 grams of protein, small amounts of veggies if there's room. if there's no room after the protein, don't bother forcing it.

don't drink 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after eating.

minimum of 64 oz non-caffeine, nonbubbling water/liquids.

no fruit juice.

very minimal fruit. no peel

almost no potatoes, rice, bread, crackers, no crunchy snacks. no nuts [ good source of protein, too high in fat]

carnation instant breakfast is not a food source.

this covers the basics. and i hope others will chime in with their experience as well.

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