Forbidden foods

  • I keep hearing horror stories about if you eat certain foods after your surgery your body goes crazy, you smell, you are sick, etc. What are these foods? Is this really true? I know it's a complete diet change but the things I'm hearing are scary
  • it depends. you know how some people - even without surgery - have sensitive tummies that react to certain foods? think of it like that.

    With the roux en y, because your tummy is now about the size of an egg, things can get STUCK. it's not pretty when that happens. that's one aspect. so, you have to chew everything to the consistency of oatmeal and not drink with your meal. it takes some getting used to, but once you do, it's no big deal. another issue is that sometimes - especially in the beginning, while you're healing - some things just don't sit right. it passes. But the biggest issue is that too many carbs and/or too much fat will lead to dumping - a very very very very uncomfortable physiological reaction. It keeps us on the straight and narrow.

    with the duodenal switch, some people experience issues with their digestion. Some people say they pass huge amounts of smelly gas, but others say that it's not a big deal.

    this is yet another reason it's important to talk to your surgeon about these issues.
  • Thank you. I've been to the surgical weight loss seminar and met the surgeon but I'm waiting on insurance approval and an appointment. Hopefully I will be able to get a lot more answers soon
  • I had the VSG in Nov. I heard stories about lots of gas but have not experienced it myself. The people who mentioned it had had the RYN. Since my surgery I have problems with fat, grease just makes me nauseous . Which is a good thing I suppose. Not sure why having less of a stomach would make a difference but I suppose there is less space to digest in.
  • one really important point to keep in mind - if people tell you that there's an issue, please remembert that there's also a way through it. Everyone -docs, surgeons, patients, dieticians, counselors and so on - have worked on figuring out what works to solve these things and what doesn't.

    so, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. and the first three months are the worst. I went into surgery figuring that i could survive three months of ANYTHING [after all, i'd just gotten through a hospitalization and stay in the nursing home that went from mid-August to mid-October - 8 weeks. I figured that i could survive three months of ANYTHING After that!]
  • Im at my fourth month now and I havent had any problems with gas or anything like that. The reacton to some food can be a bit extreme, but mostly its the food we shouldnt be eating anyway sugar, fats, carbs.. I cant tolerate milk or yogurt, cream and such , sugar still doesnt agree with me, potatos, white bread...thats it I think. I just dont eat that and Im good ,