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I had WLS in 10/2010. I am at a point in my journey where I have gained weight. I am having trouble getting back on track. I avoid the things that make me hurl.....rice, noodles, MEAT....problem is getting in protein. And I have started craving sugar. What can I do about that? Why all of a sudden do I want sugar? Can you help a sister out?

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Happy New Year MsBear! there's nothing like a bit of moderator magic to start a new year I moved part of your profile into a new post so that you'd get a bit more attention.

we ALL have to be vigilant forever, but we knew that. And even without the surgery we'd have to be vigilant forever [check out the maintainers forum - they say that maintaining looks a lot like losing].

But we have to figure it out a little differently. So, you're not getting enough protein? what forms of protein can you tolerate? what's working? what's not? I've found that if I'm getting enough protein, I don't need or want as much of the carby stuff. and sugar. that can be a problem, too. If i eat at least one piece of fruit a day, i don't crave the sugar as much.

BUT i also allow myself two small pieces of dark chocolate a day. But that's just me.

Where in NC are you? I was in Goldsboro for Christmas - nephew [with his family] is stationed at Seymour Johnson. It's a beautiful state, but SO BIG!!!!

glad to have you here!
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My suggestions would be to go back to basics. I am in roughly the same place as you (although I have only gained 3lbs, it is mostly due to the same issues you have mentioned).

Measuring meals and recording them for accountability. I had used MFP religiously the first 9 months; I intend to start back up again.

Protein first, then veggies.

Reducing carbs. I am going to try and aim for 60g or less a day.

Exercise. Ugh. I got out of this habit as I have had a really stressful school year. Time to get back into the movement groove.

Scheduled meals. I do best with eating small meals every 2-3 hours. So, an egg for breakfast, protein drink snack, salad for lunch, cheese stick or dried edamame for snack, chicken/veggie dinner, yogurt snack, is what I am going to follow (in essence).

Those are my tips for getting back on track. As for protein sources, I can't meet my protein needs without supplements, so I drink a protein shake a day. I actually like them most of the time and there are bariatric recipe websites that help a lot with ideas. I've also been eating a lot of canned oysters, clams, and tuna; it is a protein source that is soft and doesn't make me feel ill. Greek yogurt, as a meal or as a dressing for chicken/meats, is also high in protein. Do you like tofu? It is a soft protein source, but an acquired taste.
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I think Jen has hit the nail on the head with her recommendations. I got off track over the holidays and this is exactly what I am doing. Today was rough, I was so hungry all freaking day and it was all I could do to come home and not eat like there was no tomorrow. I had a protein shake for breakfast, a protein shake at lunch, an orange for a snack and 2 small turkey sausages for supper. I will probably have some carrot sticks or an apple for a snack soonish with a small glass of skim milk. I feel so much better about myself today than I have probably in the past 2 months where I've been eating Halloween candy and baking Xmas cookies!
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