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Default My father will probably be having WLS and I could use some advice

My dad struggles with his weight just like I do, perhaps even more so, but he is not on a diet and has not changed his lifestyle. He weighs at least 450 pounds, maybe even 500, but he does not step on a scale for fear of seeing the number. Today he went to the doctor and was put on insulin, until now he had just been taking medication for Type 2 diabetes. I am unsure if the insulin is just meant to complement the medicine or if his Type 2 diabetes has progressed to Type 1, but either way his doctor has referred him to weight loss surgery and he is attending a seminar to get information about it this coming Saturday.

All that said, I'm kind of lost. I don't know anything about the different kinds of weight loss surgery out there or what the complications could be. I'm worried for my dad if he does not lose weight but I am also worried about how the surgery will change his life. Anybody who has gone through surgery, if you could please share with me your experiences and give me any information at all I would greatly appreciate it. I have many medical questions but I know those are best left for a doctor. What I really need to know here is if my dad is going to be okay and what I can do to help him.

I'm sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for the help
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Hi I'm rosey from alaska, im 63 and had gastric bypass 2 yrs ago my highest wgt was over 369# my health took a nose dive and was in hosp for 5 months after back surg and my legs became paralyzed. i was also diabetic. becuz i became house bound and my dh could not get me out of the house i decided to have the surg. it was the best decsion i ever made,ive lost 137# and have kept it off now for 2 yrs. the surg is only a tool,if you dont follow the drs advice it wont work. you still have to watch what you eat and exercise. its a long process to get approved. with lots of tests and exams and their are requirements for insurance. the process took me 6 months befor i got approval. i still have trouble craving carbs and sweets. my rearranged "guts" do not tolerate sugar or to many carbs. i eat mostly lean protein and vegies. i no longer take any diabetic meds,and only blood pressure meds now. i feel great. im out of the wheel chair and more mobile. i have a loving and supportive family. my advice is do lots of research. check out the weight loss surg posts here. there is alot of info and many that have helpful advice. everyone has to decide for themselves if they can live on the diet restrictions after the surg. like i said it just a tool. but it saved my life. i still work at it everyday. i wish you luck. feel free to ask me any questions you might have rosey
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how does your dad feel about the surgery? if he's not interested in changing his lifestyle, he's probably not ready for WLS. we HAVE TO CHANGE after the surgery. but we can do it with a willing heart and a good attitude that this is for our health, or we can do it with a huge grudge and the attitude that we're being punished.

guess which attitude works best!

you're a wonderful daughter for wanting to get more info. Are you planning to go to the seminar with your dad? you'll learn a lot and you'll hear other people's questions.

Also, your dad can absolutely join us HERE. 3fc is NOT just for women.

good luck to you both
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Unfortunately I'll be working during the seminar and it is too late to take off. I work in fast food and as you can imagine, half the time people don't even show up, so taking a day off is difficult even if it's an emergecny. Regarding joining the website, my dad isn't interested in support. He's a typical guy and feels like he has to do everything himself, which is why I'm seeking the support for him. If I'm lucky he sometimes listens to me :P

Thank you both for the information so far, I'm sure the seminar will open his eyes. The unwillingness to go through with a lifestyle change is less stubbornness and more fear, I think. Hopefully if I gather enough info and the seminar educates him he'll be prepared to go through with SOMETHING soon.
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The seminar is in some regards a sales pitch for the surgical team. There are four procedures that are typically done: the lap band, the VSG (often called the sleeve), RNY, and the DS. Many surgeons do not do the sleeve or DS, but at your father's weight, they would be something to consider. The lap band and sleeve are restrictive only procedures, meaning he will not be able to eat as much. The RNY and DS are both restrictive and malabsorptive, although the malabsorption for the RNY ends after about 18 months, whereas with the DS, one always malabsorbs some fat and protein.

Does your father have any health issues that require NSAIDS? If so, he would want to consider the RNY carefully, as you can't take NSAIDS with it. GERD issues usually exclude folks from the sleeve (I would have preferred the sleeve but was not a candidate for it due to GERD.) At his weight, the lap band will probably not be a likely choice. And the DS, being the most complicated of the four surgeries is not performed by many surgeons, yet is considered the best procedure for the severely morbidly obese, especially those with Diabetes.

Anyway, my point is that if the seminar peaks his interest, make sure to look into all four procedures, as often you won't hear about all four at a typical seminar, as not many surgeons do all four.
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