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Question Presurgery Stock Up

Can anyone give me some hints on what I should stock up on before surgery, since I won't be leaving the house for a while after surgery?

Also, was anyone on medication prior to surgery? I take several BP meds, as well as insulin, lupus medicine, etc. I'm wondering if your surgeons had you stop the meds prior to surgery.

I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row so when the big day comes, I'll be ready and my husband won't be so freaked out!

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Hey Lorrie! when is your big day?

I am still pre op, but I was told to make sure that I had picked out a protein drink that I would like. Also some cans of chicken and beef broth.

I am sure that the other post ops will come along when they can and add to this!

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The big day is March 12th. I'm battling a cold right now and I'm praying it will be gone by then. The day will be here before I know it.

When are you scheduled?
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here's my list.. sanitary pads to use instead of gauze over the draining incisions.

SF ice pops. protein drinks. chicken and beef broth. tomato soup. american cheese to melt into the tomato soup. things like crystal light, which means any no-calorie, no caffeine liquid you like. chewable vitamins [flintstones, centrum; don't be a hero and try to swallow the pills!]. a calcium supplement that's not a horse pill and that doesn't make you gag. and you can' t take calcium carbonate because you won't absorb it very well. there are some liquid calciums that don't taste TOO terrible, and i've found a crystalline calcium that i mix into my protein drinks

[note to self: buy peachie some before her surgery].

SF chocolate pudding [hey!!! it's one way to get milk and protein in!]
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